Clearance & Copyright

Everything the Independent Filmmaker Needs to Know
Author: Michael C. Donaldson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781879505308
Category: Law
Page: 276
View: 3203

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This well written, legalese-free guide provides film makers with essential advice on almost every conceivable rights issue they might encounter -- from the initial acquisition of material to the situations encountered in reproduction, production, post-production and final release. Armed with this book, film makers can protect themselves and their work from disastrous legal actions and save thousands of pounds in legal fees. The first book devoted to the clearance and copyright issues that affect the film and video community, Clearance and Copyright is a must read for all film makers -- especially producers, directors, and screenwriters -- whether they make features, shorts, documentaries, or music videos.

Clearance and Copyright

Everything the Independent Filmmaker Needs to Know
Author: Michael C. Donaldson
Publisher: N.A
Category: Law
Page: 398
View: 4056

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This well-written legalese-free guide provides filmmakers with essential advice on almost every conceivable rights issues they might encounter -- from the initial acquisition of material through the situations encountered in pre-production, production, post production, and final release. Armed with this book, filmmakers can protect themselves and their work from disastrous legal actions and save thousands of dollars in legal fees. This is the first book devoted to the clearance and copyright issues that affect the film and video community, is a must read for all filmmakers -- especially producers, directors, and screenwriters -- whether they make features, shorts, documentaries, or music videos.

Television Production

Author: Gerald Millerson,Jim Owens
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136044582
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 424
View: 1458

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Television Production offers you a very practical guide to professional TV and video production techniques. You will find straightforward description and explanations of the equipment you will use, and discover the best ways to use it. You will also learn how to anticipate and quickly overcome typical everyday problems. You will explore in detail all the major features of television production, learning the secrets of top-grade camerawork, persuasive lighting techniques, effective sound treatment, as well as the subtle processes of scenic design and the art of video editing. Successful program-making is about communication and persuasion. It is not merely a matter of knowing which buttons to press, but how to influence and persuade your audience, hold their attention, develop their interest, and arouse their emotions. This book tells you how to do all this - and much more. The fourteenth edition has been completely revamped: * New: Coauthor Jim Owens brings his wealth of teaching and international broadcasting experience * New: In brilliant full color for the first time, hundreds of new photos and illustrations demonstrate the techniques presented in the book * New: Thoroughly overhauled with the latest developments in tools and technology * New: Focus on the latest equipment, delivery methods, and convergence of digital technology

Television Production

Author: Jim Owens
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 131755373X
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 450
View: 5107

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Gain the skills you need to succeed in the television industry and master the production process, from shooting and producing, to editing and distribution. This new and updated 16th edition of Television Production offers a thorough and practical guide to professional TV and video production techniques. You will learn how to anticipate and quickly overcome commonly-encountered problems in television production, as Jim Owens details all the major features of television production, including the secrets of top-grade camerawork, persuasive lighting techniques, effective sound treatment, as well as the subtle processes of scenic design, and the art of video editing. The 16th edition of this classic text now explores the changing television landscape, the effects of the "second screen" on viewer experience, 4K and 8K shooting and the real implications it has for your production, and much more. This new edition also includes: Discussions on the changing definition of "television" and how new technology effects veiwers and their viewing habits Updated interviews with professionals in the industry, such as noted documentary filmmaker, Sarah Leckie, about the challenges they face during the production process and the advice they would give to those trying to break in to the production and television industries Thorough definitions of television and production terminology as well as information on LED lighting and other technologies used on set A comprehensive resource page for instructors, containing slides and testing materials to aid in the learning process can be found at

Licensing in Libraries

Practical and Ethical Aspects
Author: Karen Rupp-Serrano
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136438718
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 230
View: 2077

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Seasoned professionals examine essential licensing issues Licensing in Libraries: Practical and Ethical Aspects is designed to help librarians, publishers, students, and professionals in library licensing stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field. Experienced professionals present state-of-the-art information on licensing issues, including interlibrary loan contract management, end-user education, pricing models for electronic materials, copyright, public domain issues, e-books, consortial licensing, licensing software, and legal aspects of licensing, as well as an important historical perspective on the development of the field. Licensing in Libraries provides publishers with important considerations that impact their roles as vendors of licensed products. Licensing professionals can update their knowledge with a close look at the controversial issues surrounding licensing special collections, digital rights management, and producers’ concerns about content. The book also looks at the role of the Copyright Clearance Center regarding compliance in the electronic environment. Licensing in Libraries examines: licensing from both a vendor and consumer perspective software to help manage licenses factors for vendors to consider when deciding on pricing models current information on the more complex levels of licensing the developing world of e-book licensing licensing laws of concern to librarians the impact that licensing has on library services educating patrons about products they will use

Commonsense Copyright

A Guide for Educators and Librarians, 2d ed.
Author: R.S. Talab
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786484411
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 304
View: 6667

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This second edition presents information updated as of the end of 1998 regarding the Copyright Act as currently amended. Applicable to both general and specialized audiences, the book covers copyright as it applies to a variety of settings, with numerous usage examples and guideline charts, all presented in an easy-to-read format with the “legalese” reserved for the footnotes. Featured are sections on the use of copyrighted materials, libraries and copyrighted materials, permissions policies, and new technology issues such as computer software, electronic publishing, the Internet, multimedia and distance learning. Resource guides—to services such as the Library of Congress Copyright Office information hotline, circulars, and mailings, as well as the Television Licensing Center, and the Copyright Clearance Center—and to Internet resources, print bibliographies, and other applicable documents and laws, are provided.

Blackstone's Guide to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

The Law of Copyright and Related Rights
Author: Gerald Dworkin,Richard D. Taylor
Publisher: Blackstone Press
ISBN: 1854310232
Category: Copyright
Page: 454
View: 1239

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Including a copy of the act, the culmination of 15 years of consideration of reforms to the law of copyright, this book provides a legal framework for the advances in technology in recent years and aims to explain the detail of the act as well as describe the existing law which underpins it.

Canadian Copyright Law

Author: Lesley Ellen Harris
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118083555
Category: Law
Page: 368
View: 7659

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An updated guide to Canadian copyright law for an age ofreckless infringement This fourth edition of Canadian Copyright Law brings youthe latest updates according to new Canadian legislation andinternational agreements. Copyright infringement has always been aninvisible crime. Now with near-constant access to the Internet andthe mainstream explosion of digital formats, copyright is one ofthe most important issues for creative professionals, consumers ofthat media, and those who work in related industries. The linebetween what is protected and what is "free" is blurring further,and the copyright issues are more complex than ever. Provides a complete update on copyright issues relating todigital media. Takes the convoluted legal jargon of the Canadian Copyright Actand sets it out in everyday language. Provides concrete examples to offer further clarification ofcomplicated matters. Whether you are a creator or user of copyright material,Canadian Copyright Law will keep you current on copyrightlaw in Canada and its applications to your situation—toprotect your creations, content, and products in these rapidlychanging markets.

International Survey of Library & Museum Digitization Projects

Author: Primary Research Group
Publisher: Primary Research Group Inc
ISBN: 157440105X
Category: Art
Page: 108
View: 2057

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The International Survey of Library & Museum Digitization Projects presents detailed data about the management and development of a broad range of library special collection and museum digitization projects. Data is broken out by type of digitization project (ie text, photograph, film, audio, etc) size and type of institution, annual spending on digitization and other variables. The report presents data and narrative on staffing, training, funding, technology selection, outsourcing, permissions and copyright clearance, cataloging, digital asset management, software and applications selection, marketing and many other issues of interest to libraries and museums that are digitizing aspects of their collections.

Buying and Clearing Rights

Print, Broadcast and Multimedia
Author: Madeleine Gilbart,Richard McCracken
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134210582
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 188
View: 2376

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Buying and Clearing Rights is the first work to consider the difficulties of rights clearances in all forms of media. It offers practical advice on how to plan, clear and pay for rights. Covering such areas as co-production and the co-financing of contracts, multimedia, text, pictures, footage, software, moral rights and production paperwork, this book will be of use to producers, directors, suppliers of creative material and distributors as well as academics and media studies students.

Copyright’s Highway

From Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox, Revised Edition
Author: Paul Goldstein
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804779201
Category: Law
Page: 256
View: 5006

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From eighteenth-century copyright law, to current-day copyright issues on the internet, to tomorrow's "celestial jukebox"—a digital repository of books, movies, and music available on demand—Paul Goldstein presents a thorough examination of the challenges facing copyright owners and users. One of the nation's leading authorities on intellectual property law, Goldstein offers an engaging, readable, and intelligent analysis of the effect of copyright on American politics, economy, and culture. Goldstein presents and analyzes key legal battles, including Supreme Court decisions on home taping and 2 Live Crew's contested sampling of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman." In this revised edition, the author expands the discussion to cover electronic media, including an examination of recent Napster litigation, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the vexed Secure Digital Music Initiative, under which record companies attempted to develop effective encryption standards for their products. Praise for the first edition: "A clever and vibrant book that traces copyright history from the invention of the printing press through current challenges to copyright from new technologies . . . . Most compelling [on] multimedia technologies." —Sabra Chartrand, The New York Times "This eminent authority writes with clarity, lucidity and a wry sense of humor about a subject whose complexities can be daunting." —Jonathan Kirsch, Los Angeles Times "A wonderfully American tale of how law, literature, politics and megabucks intersect." —William Petrocelli, San Francisco Chronicle

Using Technology in Teaching and Learning

Author: Barnett, Liz,Brunne, David,Maier, Pal,Warren, Adam
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136356606
Category: Education
Page: 132
View: 442

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First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Complete Guide to Low-Budget Feature Filmmaking

Author: Josh Becker,Bruce Campbell
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 0809556901
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 220
View: 5057

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Most books about film production assume that you have an idea and a script to shoot. Most screenwriting books are geared to how to write a script that you can sell to Hollywood (as though the authors of these books had the slightest clue) and do not take into consideration that you might be shooting the script yourself, possibly with your own money. This book is about how to write a script properly that you can rationally shoot, how to shoot it, how to finish it, how to sell it, and also how to get it shown.

A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections, Third Edition

Author: Marie C. Malaro,Ildiko DeAngelis
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution
ISBN: 1588343235
Category: Art
Page: 540
View: 2578

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Hailed when it was first published in 1985 as the bible of U.S. collections management, A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections offers the only comprehensive discussion of the legal questions faced by museums regarding collections. This revised and expanded third edition addresses the many legal developments—including a comprehensive discussion of stolen art and the international movement of cultural property, recent developments in copyright, and the effects of burgeoning electronic uses—that have occurred during the past twenty-five years. An authorative, go-to book for any museum professional, Legal Primer offers detailed explanations of the law, suggestions for preventing legal problems, and numerous case studies of lawsuits involving museum collections.

Human Resource Management

Critical Perspectives on Business and Management
Author: Michael Poole
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415193375
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 312
View: 1621

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Hispanic New York

A Sourcebook
Author: Claudio Iván Remeseira
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 023151977X
Category: Social Science
Page: 576
View: 9990

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Over the past few decades, a wave of immigration has turned New York into a microcosm of the Americas and enhanced its role as the crossroads of the English- and Spanish-speaking worlds. Yet far from being an alien group within a "mainstream" and supposedly pure "Anglo" America, people referred to as Hispanics or Latinos have been part and parcel of New York since the beginning of the city's history. They represent what Walt Whitman once celebrated as "the Spanish element of our nationality." Hispanic New York is the first anthology to offer a comprehensive view of this multifaceted heritage. Combining familiar materials with other selections that are either out of print or not easily accessible, Claudio Iván Remeseira makes a compelling case for New York as a paradigm of the country's Latinoization. His anthology mixes primary sources with scholarly and journalistic essays on history, demography, racial and ethnic studies, music, art history, literature, linguistics, and religion, and the authors range from historical figures, such as José Martí, Bernardo Vega, or Whitman himself, to contemporary writers, such as Paul Berman, Ed Morales, Virginia Sánchez Korrol, Roberto Suro, and Ana Celia Zentella. This unique volume treats the reader to both the New York and the American experience, as reflected and transformed by its Hispanic and Latino components.

Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video

Author: David K. Irving,Peter W. Rea
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1136048340
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 456
View: 2164

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Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video is the definitive book on the subject for beginning filmmakers and students. The book clearly illustrates all of the steps involved in preproduction, production, postproduction, and distribution. Its unique two-fold approach looks at filmmaking from the perspectives of both producer and director, and explains how their separate energies must combine to create a successful short film or video, from script to final product. This guide offers extensive examples from award-winning shorts and includes insightful quotes from the filmmakers themselves describing the problems they encountered and how they solved them. The companion website contains useful forms and information on grants and financing sources, distributors, film and video festivals, film schools, internet sources for short works, and professional associations.

Health Promotion Practice

Author: Maggie Davies,Wendy Macdowall
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335229980
Category: Education
Page: 214
View: 8918

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This book considers the key steps in the practical application of health promotion. It starts by showing how it is first necessary to determine the needs of a population and to review the scientific evidence to justify intervening. The wide range of approaches available are considered, including: Motivational interviewing Theatre Mass media Social marketing Community development Public policy Finally, it discusses how to plan health promotion programmes, how to evaluate them and how to expand their impact by scaling-up the activities to larger populations.

Das Dumme am Leben ist, dass man eines Tages tot ist

Eine Art Anleitung zum Glücklichsein
Author: David Shields
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406615147
Category: Self-Help
Page: 256
View: 7982

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Das Leben ist einfach, tragisch und schön», schreibt David Shields. Der Gedanke, dass alles, was lebt, vergänglich ist, kann auf eine seltsame Weise befreiend sein. Dieses Buch erzählt davon, wie alles auf den Tod zuläuft. Paradox ist, dass der Leser dabei geradezu in eine Leichtigkeit des Seins gerät. Es geht in dem Buch nur scheinbar um den Tod. In Wirklichkeit geht es um das Leben. Was bedeutet der Tod für das Leben? Selten ist über diese Frage so melancholisch-humorvoll und ehrlich meditiert worden wie in diesem Buch. Nüchtern berichtet Shields von den biologischen Fakten unserer körperlichen Existenz, beschreibt die Entwicklung des Embryos im Mutterleib, erklärt, was im Körper passiert, wenn wir altern und warum Männer wie Frauen tiefe Stimmen lieben. Gleichzeitig verwebt er diesen naturwissenschaftlichen Bericht mit kulturgeschichtlichen Betrachtungen, philosophischen Spekulationen und mitunter sehr persönlichen Anekdoten. Und nicht zuletzt erzählt er mit viel Witz die Geschichte seines Vaters Milton, der im Alter von 97 Jahren immer noch von einer überbordenden, ja beunruhigenden Vitalität ist und dessen ganzes Leben im Grunde ein Kampf gegen die eigene Vergänglichkeit war, und von Natalie, seiner kleinen Tochter, die das Drama des Lebens noch vor sich hat. Shields hat ein erstaunliches Buch geschrieben, das uns dazu verführt, die Bedeutung unseres kurzen und rätselhaften Aufenthalts auf dieser Erde auf eine ganz neue und unerwartete Weise zu überdenken. «Ein Juwel von einem Buch.» Thomas Lynch, The Boston Globe