Children of Jihad

A Young American's Travels Among the Youth of the Middle East
Author: Jared Cohen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101216965
Category: Social Science
Page: 288
View: 5635

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Defying foreign government orders and interviewing terrorists face to face, a young American tours hostile lands to learn about Middle Eastern youth? and uncovers a subculture that defies every stereotype. In 2004, Jared Cohen embarked on the first of a series of incredible journeys to the Middle East in an effort to understand the spread of radical Islamist violence among Muslim youth. The result is Children of Jihad, a portrait of paradox that probes much deeper than any journalist or pundit ever could. Chosen as one of Kirkus Review?s Best Books of 2007, Cohen?s account begins in Lebanon, where he interviews Hezbollah members at, of all places, a McDonald?s. In Iran, he defies government threats and sneaks into underground parties, where bootleg liquor, Western music, and the Internet are all easy to access. His risky itinerary also takes him to a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, borderlands in Syria, the insurgency hotbed of Mosul, and other front-line locales. At each turn, he observes a culture at an uncanny crossroads. Gripping and daring, Children of Jihad shows us the future through the eyes of those who are shaping it.

Nur wenn du allein kommst

Eine Reporterin hinter den Fronten des Dschihad
Author: Souad Mekhennet
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406711685
Category: Religion
Page: 384
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Was passiert hinter den Fronten des Jihad? Wie ticken Warlords und jugendliche Attentäter? Spannend wie in einem Krimi berichtet Souad Mekhennet von ihren teils lebensgefährlichen Recherchen in den No-go-Areas des Terrors, allein, ohne Handy, bekleidet mit einer schwarzen Abaya. Die Journalistin Souad Mekhennet verfügt über ungewöhnliche Verbindungen zu den Most Wanted des Jihad – und über ein einzigartiges investigatives Talent. Sie deckte die Entführung und Folterung des Deutsch-Libanesen Khaled al-Masri durch die CIA auf, interviewte den Führer von al-Qaida im Maghreb, obwohl ihr die Geheimdienste auf den Fersen waren, lernte ein ägyptisches Foltergefängnis unfreiwillig von innen kennen, enttarnte den berüchtigten IS-Henker "Jihadi John" und wusste nach den Pariser Anschlägen schon vor der Polizei, wer der in Saint Denis erschossene Attentäter war. Ihre meisterhaften Nahaufnahmen lassen uns die Kämpfe und Wünsche der islamischen Welt besser verstehen und führen uns heilsam vor Augen, dass sich der Clash zwischen Islam und Westen in Wirklichkeit nur in den Köpfen abspielt.

Children of the Jihad

Author: Professor Thomas Alexander
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780995668010
Page: N.A
View: 8658

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No one asks after dead children. That's the long and short of it. No one asks how they're doing at university or whether they've got that job they were going for. No one asks after their partners, or their spouses. No one asks about their children. No one wonders if they call. Baroness Armstrong, a retired High Court judge and member of the House of Lords, is asked by the Home Secretary to interview a young woman who has just returned from Iraq with a view to using her as a poster child for a proposed bill limiting the return of jihadists who have joined the conflict in the Middle East. In an unmarked bunker on the edge of Heathrow the Baroness meets with the woman who is anything but unsympathetic. Bright and articulate, it is the Baroness who finds herself having to defend the position of the state, and her role within it, while trying to extract the young woman's story and burying the memory of her son, killed in Afghanistan many years before. As the night draws on, the Baroness finds herself coerced into becoming a tool for unnamed security forces, eager for information they can use against outside forces. An immediate and timely novel, Thomas Alexander's Children of The Jihad draws from the lives of two women, both of whom want to change the world, and looks at the conflict between the Establishment and Islamic Extremists, the world order they are trying to protect, and their reasons for doing so.

In the Words of Our Enemies

Author: Jed Babbin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1596981431
Category: Political Science
Page: 274
View: 4055

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"Death to America!" Years before September 11, our enemy warned us--and we weren't listening. We are being warned today-by enemies like Iran, North Korea, and radicals and terrorists across the globe--but we are still not listening. Sounding the alarm is bestselling author Jed Babbin (former deputy undersecretary of defense) with a foreword from Newt Gringrich. Babbin exposes the demagogues, dictators, and death squads openly threatening America--with potentially devastating consequences, if we aren't alert to the danger.

Children of Abraham

United We Prevail, Divided We Fail
Author: Tallal Alie Turfe
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475990456
Category: Religion
Page: 282
View: 3112

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have similar traditions and are deeply connected. The prevailing belief and practice of each is monotheistic, and all believe that God revealed Himself to Prophet Abraham, the cornerstone of the three faiths. In Children of Abraham, author Tallal Alie Turfe, a champion for religious tolerance, explores the Scriptures, common histories, traditions, and similarities among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He is a strong advocate of interfaith dialogue that offers the chance for better understanding, collaboration, and partnership toward a safer and peaceful world. Children of Abraham offers solutions toward fostering a deeper sense of unity by bringing the followers of the three faiths together to bridge the gap and build connections across religious and cultural differences. "The author has compiled a wonderful collection of data driven facts as well as thoughtful religious views to help 21st Century followers of Abrahamic religions understand and respect each other...." Rabbi Emeritus Allen S. Maller, Temple Akiba "A must read by those who are in a position of influence such as Rabbis, Pastors, Imams, and other religious leaders. Children of Abraham provides a period of dialogue without imposition or conversion...." Father Dr. George H. Shalhoub, St. Mary Orthodox Church "Professor Tallal Turfe has eloquently written and thoroughly portrayed the commonalities between the Abrahamic religions. Children of Abraham will inspire followers of these faiths toward the common cause of peace, tolerance, ethics, and mutual respect...." Imam Abdul Latif Berry, Islamic Institute of Knowledge

Children of Abraham

An Introduction to Islam for Jews
Author: Khalid Duran,Abdelwahab Hechiche
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
ISBN: 9780881257243
Category: Religion
Page: 326
View: 3586

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This groundbreaking book, developed with a grant from the Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn Institute for Interreligious Understanding of the American Jewish Committee, is a stepping stone to dialogue. Descended from a common ancestor, Jews and Muslims share a special relationship and practice religions that exhibit remarkable moral and theological resemblance. But most Jews know little about Islam. Professor Khalid Duran presents the majesty of Islam, its history and culture, but neither ignores nor rationalizes its more problematic aspects. His book offers an insightful and forthright treatment of the varieties of Muslim fundamentalism, Islamism and Jihadism. It offers a candid analysis of the status of women in Muslim belief and practice, as well as an unsentimental assessment of the historical treatment of minorities in Islamic societies. A publication of the Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn Institute for International Interreligious Understanding of the American Jewish Committee.

A Portrait of Egypt

A Journey Through the World of Militant Islam
Author: Mary Anne Weaver
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 9781429998727
Category: Political Science
Page: 288
View: 6342

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For centuries Egypt has been a citadel of Islamic learning and thought, and since the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty in 1979, it has been of immense strategic importance to American interests in the Middle East. But Egypt is also a country in crisis, torn between the old and the new, between unsettled religious revival and secular politics. President Hosni Mubarak favors a secular society. But Mubarak's government faces constant conflict with militant clerics such as Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. In A Portrait of Egypt, Mary Anne Weaver argues that an Islamist victory in Egypt is almost inevitable, and, unlike that of Shi'ite Iran, its impact on the Islamic world will be truly profound. Based on exclusive interviews with militants and front men, generals and presidents, A Portrait of Egypt is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the far-reaching consequences of the growing impact of Islamist politics and policies on the West.

Children of Abraham

Jesus and Mohammed
Author: Michael S. Pendergast
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477205276
Category: Religion
Page: 280
View: 8574

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It all began with Abraham, and with his son Isaac and his older brother Ishmael. The question in dispute today is where it all ends – or should end. Does history lead us to a particular descendent of Ishmael, Mohammed of Mecca and the religion he founded? Or does it lead instead to a descendent of Isaac, Jesus of Nazareth and a competing religion – Christianity? Is there any hope of discovering which of the alternatives is the true path that we should embrace and follow? There is! For the Holy Book of one religion sets out a test – consistency – and then fails to pass it in a spectacular fashion. The Scriptures of the other religion, however, sets out a different test – meeting prophecy – and then stuns us by flawlessly passing not only it, but other book's test as well. Step inside this short manuscript and we will journey through history, examining the lives of Abraham, Mohammed, and Jesus, and the religion each was intimately associated with. As we do so, we will make some amazing discoveries that may perhaps change forever your ideas about who Jesus and Mohammed were and what Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all about.

Wie Spreu im Wind

Roman. Der Segu-Zyklus (2)
Author: Maryse Condé
Publisher: Unionsverlag
ISBN: 3293308465
Category: Fiction
Page: 576
View: 3659

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Im Jahr 1861 nimmt die muslimische Armee von El-Hadj Omar die Stadt Segu ein. Die Bewohner müssen nun dem "einzigen wahren Gott" huldigen, die animistischen Traditionen werden unterdrückt. Zur gleichen Zeit dringt von Westen die Kolonialmacht Frankreich mit einem Söldnerheer immer weiter ins Innere Afrikas vor, die Christianisierung beginnt. Wie schon ihre Väter werden die Traorés Opfer der Machtkämpfe ihrer Zeit, geraten sie und ihre Frauen in verschiedene religiöse und politische Lager. Mit der alten Ordnung zerbricht auch die Familie. In ihrem historischen Roman erzählt Maryse Condé von Segu, der einst mächtigen Stadt der Bambara am Niger, und vom Schicksal der Familie Traoré. Noch einmal beschwört sie jene prächtige, geheimnisvolle Welt herauf, die in Afrika untergegangen ist.


Wie ich das Rekrutierungsnetzwerk des Islamischen Staats ausspionierte
Author: Anna Erelle
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 342643637X
Category: Political Science
Page: 272
View: 6502

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Die Journalistin Anna Erelle recherchiert in den sozialen Netzwerken, mit welchen Methoden radikale islamistische Organisationen in Europa Jugendliche für den Krieg in Syrien und dem Irak anwerben. Unter dem Deckmantel der jungen Konvertitin Melodie nimmt sie auf Facebook Kontakt mit einem Kommandanten im Islamischen Staat auf, dem gerissenen Rekrutierer Abu Bilel. Er ermuntert sie, nach Syrien zu reisen, und malt ihr ein verlockendes Leben an seiner Seite aus. Über vier Wochen korrespondiert Melodie mit Abu Bilel und entlockt ihm Informationen über Strategien des Islamischen Staats und das Söldnerleben in der Kampfzone. Dabei wird ihr erst allmählich klar, in welche Gefahr sie sich begibt. Ein brisanter Aufdecker, der unter die Haut geht.

Al Qaeda’s Global Crisis

The Islamic State, Takfir and the Genocide of Muslims
Author: V. G. Julie Rajan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317645375
Category: Political Science
Page: 354
View: 5514

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This book focuses on the crises facing Al Qaeda and how the mass killing of Muslims is challenging its credibility as a leader among Islamist jihadist organizations. The book argues that these crises are directly related to Al Qaeda’s affiliation with the extreme violence employed against Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the decade since 9/11. Al Qaeda’s public and private responses to this violence differ greatly. While in public Al Qaeda has justified those attacks declaring that, for the establishment of a state of ‘true believers’, they are a necessary evil, in private Al Qaeda has been advising its local affiliates to refrain from killing Muslims. To better understand the crises facing Al Qaeda, the book explores the development of Central Al Qaeda’s complex relationship with radical (mis)appropriations and manifestations of takfir, which allows one Muslim to declare another an unbeliever, and its unique relationship with each of its affiliates in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The author then goes on to consider how the prominence of takfir is contributing to the deteriorating security in those countries and how this is affecting Al Qaeda’s credibility as an Islamist terror organization. The book concludes by considering the long-term viability of Al Qaeda and how its demise could allow the rise of the even more radical, violent Islamic State and the implications this has for the future security of the Middle East, North Africa and Central/South Asia. This book will be of much interest to students of political violence and terrorism, Islamism, global security and IR.

The President Is Missing

Roman (dt. Ausgabe)
Author: Bill Clinton,James Patterson
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426452502
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 752

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Das Buchereignis 2018: Bill Clinton und James Pattersons »The President Is Missing« ist ein hochspannender Thriller über Ereignisse, die wirklich so eintreffen können – eine Geschichte am Puls der Zeit, die man sich auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen darf. »The President Is Missing« handelt von einer Bedrohung so gigantischen Ausmaßes, dass sie nicht nur das Weiße Haus und die Wall Street in Aufruhr versetzt, sondern ganz Amerika. Angst und Ungewissheit halten die Nation in ihrem Würgegriff. Gerüchte brodeln – über Cyberterror und Spionage und einen Verräter im Kabinett. Sogar der Präsident selbst gerät unter Verdacht und ist plötzlich von der Bildfläche verschwunden. In der packenden Schilderung dreier atemberaubend dramatischer Tage wirft »The President Is Missing« ein Schlaglicht auf die komplizierten Mechanismen, die für das reibungslose Funktionieren einer hoch entwickelten Industrienation wie Amerika sorgen, und ihre Störanfälligkeit. Gespickt mit Informationen, über die nur ein ehemaliger Oberbefehlshaber verfügt, ist dies wohl der authentischste, beklemmendste Roman jüngerer Zeit, eine Geschichte – von historischer Tragweite und zum richtigen Moment erzählt –, die noch jahrelang für Zündstoff sorgen wird.

Paul of Dune

What happened between Dune Messiah and Children of Dune – the untold story.
Author: Brian Herbert,Kevin J Anderson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848943342
Category: Fiction
Page: 656
View: 8111

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Between the end of Frank Herbert's DUNE and his next novel DUNE MESSIAH lies a mystery: how a hero adored by a planet became a tyrant hated by a universe. PAUL OF DUNE begins the story of those twelve fateful years and the wars of the jihad of Paul Muad'Dib. It is an epic of battle and betrayal; of love and idealism; of ambition and intrigue. Above all, it is the story of how Paul Atreides – who achieved absolute power when scarcely more than a boy – changes from an idealist into a dictator who is the prisoner of the bureaucrats and fanatics who surround him. 'Frank Herbert would surely be delighted and proud of this continuation of his vision.' Dean Koontz

Childhood and Adolescence in Society

Selections From CQ Researcher
Author: CQ Researcher,
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1452236062
Category: Psychology
Page: 336
View: 8650

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About CQ Researcher Readers In the tradition of nonpartisan and current analysis that is the hallmark of CQ Press, CQ Researcher readers investigate important and controversial policy issues. Childhood and Adolescence in Society aims to promote in-depth discussion, facilitate further research, and help readers formulate their own positions on crucial issues in the field, such as child soldiers, teen pregnancy, and violence and bullying. Offer your students the balanced reporting, complete overviews, and engaging writing that CQ Researcher has consistently provided for more than 80 years. Each article gives substantial background and analysis of a particular issue as well as useful pedagogical features to inspire critical thinking and to help students grasp and review key material. Key Features Pro/con boxes that examine two competing sides of a single question Detailed chronologies of key dates and events Annotated bibliographies and web resources Outlook sections that address possible regulation and initiatives from Capitol Hill and the White House over the next 5 to 10 years Photos, charts, graphs, and maps


Author: John Updike
Publisher: Rowohlt
ISBN: 9783499244735
Category: Egyptian Americans
Page: 396
View: 6376

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These Radical Children of Abraham

Author: Larry Lovelaw
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 160247575X
Category: Religion
Page: 143
View: 1638

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'WHAT IS IN These Radical Children of Abraham FOR YOU? Do you even know if you could be a child of Abraham? Becoming a spiritual child of Abraham and personally claiming the blessings. 'We Muslims, Christians and Jews can all agree on at least one thing!' The Covenant of Abraham is the Handshake of God God is trying to get our attention! Spiritual Roots of the Tree of Life which tree brings which fruit? Winning the war against spiritual oppressors. Previously hidden Spiritual Principles, Terminology and Symbolism EXPLAINED (See page 81-84) The other voices (see page 96) Resist them! But how? (See page 97) Praying always - Can we delete the darkness? God gave us a formula for healing our land. Believe it! How to receive the GIFT OF REPENTANCE, DISENCHANTING THE ENCHANTED CITIES How to Pray for PERSONAL protection from spiritual counterattacks! The danger of the Religious Fundamentalist name tag CANCELLING the Missions of the dark spirits and asking God to send His angels to enforce such decrees: ' This controversial book, These Radical Children of Abraham . .. . .. . Offers a challenge to face truth rather than tradition; yet adheres to many traditional values. Creates a renewed respect for God and opens doors to things hidden from the beginning. Challenges the apathetic among us and educates the ignorant, if such would even read it. Offers people who are presently Muslims, Christians or Jews a way to triumph over evil. Exposes the effectual threat of fundamentalist lumping. Is what you need to know to win the spiritual battle for our souls, begun centuries ago. Speaks of a battle which must not be lost. Builds shelves of understanding, line upon line, precept upon precept, here alittle, there a little. Offers new and refreshing insight into spi

Beyond Jihad

Critical Voices from Inside Islam
Author: Kim Ezra Shienbaum,Jamal Hasan
Publisher: Academica Press,LLC
ISBN: 1933146192
Category: Political Science
Page: 296
View: 8922

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Non Western Muslim intellectuals discuss nature and purpose of Jihadi terrorism and the battle for Islam's future.

Day of Jihad

Author: Mark Wardlaw
ISBN: 0557134323
Category: Fiction
Page: 232
View: 7796

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In an effort to prevent future terrorist attacks following 911, President Michael McConnell orders CIA agents to infiltrate many of the more prominent mosques in the U.S. Agent Brian Garrett receives a tip that Muslim extremists are planning several terrorists attempts on the U.S., including flying an airplane into a nuclear power plant that could kill millions of people in Pennsylvania. Agent Garrett must work tirelessly to foil the plans of known terrorists Mahmoud Mohammad, and Omar Sayeed, who are hell bent on detonating suitcase nukes in New York City and Washington D.C. Tensions mounts ! Will Garrett stop Mohammad in time? And will the President's plan work? The Day of Jihad is here. This action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page.

The Legacy of Jihad

Author: Andrew G. Bostom, M.D.
Publisher: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 161592017X
Category: Religion
Page: 759
View: 3353

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This book reveals how, for well over a millennium and across three continents - Asia, Africa, and Europe - non-Muslims who were vanquished by jihad wars became forced tributaries (called dhimmi in Arabic) in lieu of being slain. Under the dhimmi religious caste system, non-Muslims were subjected to legal and financial oppression, as well as social isolation. Extensive primary and secondary source materials, many translated here for the first time into English, are presented, making clear that jihad conquests were brutal, imperialist advances, which spurred waves of Muslims to expropriate a vast expanse of lands and subdue millions of indigenous peoples. Finally, the book examines how jihad war, as a permanent and uniquely Islamic institution, ultimately regulates the relations of Muslims with non-Muslims to this day. Scholars, educators, and interested lay readers will find this collection an invaluable resource.