The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Social Science

Author: Lee McIntyre,Alex Rosenberg
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315410087
Category: Philosophy
Page: 474
View: 7606

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The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Social Science is an outstanding guide to the major themes, movements, debates, and topics in the philosophy of social science. It includes thirty-seven newly written chapters, by many of the leading scholars in the field, as well as a comprehensive introduction by the editors. Insofar as possible, the material in this volume is presented in accessible language, with an eye toward undergraduate and graduate students who may be coming to some of this material for the first time. Scholars too will appreciate this clarity, along with the chance to read about the latest advances in the discipline. The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Social Science is broken up into four parts. Historical and Philosophical Context Concepts Debates Individual Sciences Edited by two of the leading scholars in the discipline, this volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of social science, and its many areas of connection and overlap with key debates in the philosophy of science.

Experimente in der Politikwissenschaft

Eine methodische Einführung
Author: Ina Kubbe
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658094249
Category: Political Science
Page: 175
View: 2359

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Das Lehrbuch zeigt das Potenzial von Experimenten für die Politikwissenschaft auf, gibt eine erste Orientierung und Übersicht in den Bereich der experimentellen Politikwissenschaft und führt Studierende als auch Lehrende in deren sichere Anwendung ein. Denn die Anwendung experimenteller Methoden in der deutschen Politikwissenschaft wächst stetig. Umso verwunderlicher ist es, dass es zu deren Gebrauch bislang kein einführendes deutschsprachiges Werk gibt. Trotz einer zunehmenden Institutionalisierung und Etablierung eines eigenen experimentellen Forschungsstranges innerhalb der Politikwissenschaft steht eine Einführung und Systematisierung in diesem Methodenfeld noch weitestgehend aus.

Sozialkapital und Wirtschaftswachstum

Ein internationaler Vergleich
Author: Sofie Jedinger
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658144696
Category: Social Science
Page: 333
View: 1788

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Diese international vergleichende Untersuchung zeigt, dass politisch-institutionelle und sozio-kulturelle Variablen wichtige Erklärungsfaktoren für ökonomische Entwicklungsunterschiede sind. Soziales Kapital in Form von Vertrauen, Normen und Netzwerken wird als ein Governance-Modus verstanden, der ökonomische Tauschbeziehungen auch dort effizient steuern kann, wo Markt und Staat an ihre Grenzen stoßen. Mit einer umfassenden empirischen Analyse weist die Autorin nach, dass das Ausmaß generalisierten Vertrauens mit der Verbreitung von Mitgliedschaften in Sport- und Freizeitverbänden zunimmt und dass das gesellschaftliche Vertrauensniveau besonders in Entwicklungsländern ein entscheidender Faktor für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg ist.

The Process of Social Research

Author: Jeffrey C. Dixon,Royce Singleton,Bruce C. Straits
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199946752
Category: Social sciences
Page: 512
View: 2136

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The Process of Social Research successfully meets two major challenges of teaching social science methods: to make the material interesting and accessible to students, and to provide them with the tools necessary to understand, evaluate, and conduct research. Authors Jeffrey C. Dixon, Royce A. Singleton, Jr., and Bruce C. Straits employ a conversational writing style that is engaging and student-friendly. Using everyday examples to introduce chapters and clarify complex concepts, they provide current research examples on such cutting-edge topics as immigration, family composition, prosecutorial misconduct, organized racism, homelessness, social inequality and education, and alcohol consumption and grades. Placing a unique emphasis on the research process, the book helps students understand the logic and mechanics of social research, giving them the tools and the power to evaluate the research of others and to conduct their own research. Beginning with the introduction, every chapter contains flowcharts of research processes. As each diagram is presented, the authors relate the specific method to the overall research process. Then, over the course of the chapter or section, they flesh out each step. This way, they convey information about the "nuts and bolts" of research while ensuring that students do not lose sight of the logic of inquiry. Comprehensive and up-to-date without attempting to be encyclopedic in its coverage, The Process of Social Research provides a balance between qualitative and quantitative research, taking a more integrated approach to describing the relationship between theory and research.

Handbuch der sozialwissenschaftlichen Datenanalyse

Author: Christof Wolf,Henning Best
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531920383
Category: Political Science
Page: 1098
View: 9994

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Das Handbuch der sozialwissenschaftlichen Datenanalyse bietet in über 40 Kapiteln eine umfassende Darstellung multivariater Analyseverfahren. Schwerpunkte des Handbuchs bilden Grundlagen der Datenanalyse, regressionsanalytische Verfahren für Quer- und Längsschnittsdaten sowie Skalierungsverfahren. Behandelt werden u. a. OLS-, logistische und robuste Regression, Strukturgleichungsmodelle, Mehrebenen-, Panel-, Ereignisdaten- und Zeitreihenanalyse, MDS und Rasch-Modelle. Darüber hinaus werden viele neuere Verfahren dargestellt, etwa multiple Imputation, Bootstrappen, Analyse latenter Klassen und propensity score matching. Jedes Kapitel beginnt mit einer allgemein verständlichen Einführung. Es folgt eine Darstellung der mathematisch-statistischen Grundlagen. Anschließend wird jedes Verfahren anhand eines sozialwissenschaftlichen Beispiels vorgestellt. Die Beiträge enden mit Hinweisen auf typische Anwendungsfehler und einer kommentierten Literaturempfehlung.

Young People's Educational Careers in England and Germany

Integrating Survey and Interview Analysis via Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Author: J. Glaesser
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137355506
Category: Education
Page: 197
View: 5902

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In this comparative study of young people's educational careers in England and Germany, individual factors, social class, school and country characteristics are shown jointly to shape these careers through mutually reinforcing processes. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) is combined with interview analysis to explore generative mechanisms.


Philosophical Theory meets Scientific Practice
Author: Phyllis Illari,Federica Russo
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191639680
Category: Mathematics
Page: 336
View: 2086

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Head hits cause brain damage - but not always. Should we ban sport to protect athletes? Exposure to electromagnetic fields is strongly associated with cancer development - does that mean exposure causes cancer? Should we encourage old fashioned communication instead of mobile phones to reduce cancer rates? According to popular wisdom, the Mediterranean diet keeps you healthy. Is this belief scientifically sound? Should public health bodies encourage consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables? Severe financial constraints on research and public policy, media pressure, and public anxiety make such questions of immense current concern not just to philosophers but to scientists, governments, public bodies, and the general public. In the last decade there has been an explosion of theorizing about causality in philosophy, and also in the sciences. This literature is both fascinating and important, but it is involved and highly technical. This makes it inaccessible to many who would like to use it, philosophers and scientists alike. This book is an introduction to philosophy of causality - one that is highly accessible: to scientists unacquainted with philosophy, to philosophers unacquainted with science, and to anyone else lost in the labyrinth of philosophical theories of causality. It presents key philosophical accounts, concepts and methods, using examples from the sciences to show how to apply philosophical debates to scientific problems.


Author: Jürgen van Koolwijk,Maria Wieken-Mayser
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 348681950X
Category: Social Science
Page: 199
View: 8211

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Seven rules for social research

Author: Glenn Firebaugh
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691135670
Category: Social Science
Page: 257
View: 3092

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Seven Rules for Social Research teaches social scientists how to get the most out of their technical skills and tools, providing a resource that fully describes the strategies and concepts no researcher or student of human behavior can do without. Glenn Firebaugh provides indispensable practical guidance for anyone doing research in the social and health sciences today, whether they are undergraduate or graduate students embarking on their first major research projects or seasoned professionals seeking to incorporate new methods into their research. The rules are the basis for discussions of a broad range of issues, from choosing a research question to inferring causal relationships, and are illustrated with applications and case studies from sociology, economics, political science, and related fields. Though geared toward quantitative methods, the rules also work for qualitative research. Seven Rules for Social Research is ideal for students and researchers who want to take their technical skills to new levels of precision and insight, and for instructors who want a textbook for a second methods course. The Seven Rules There should be the possibility of surprise in social research. Look for differences that make a difference, and report them. Build reality checks into your research. Replicate where possible. Compare like with like. Use panel data to study individual change and repeated cross-section data to study social change. Let method be the servant, not the master.

Mutter und Kind

die erste Beziehung
Author: Daniel N. Stern
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 9783608916850
Page: 172
View: 9169

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Anatomie des Sozialen - Prinzipien der analytischen Soziologie

Author: Peter Hedström
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783531153971
Category: Social Science
Page: 226
View: 7770

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Einer der weltweit führenden Soziologen, Peter Hedström, zeichnet die Grundlagen einer analytischen Soziologie nach. Er argumentiert für eine erklärende Soziologie, die Theorie und Empirie miteinander verbindet.

Handbuch Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung

Author: Nina Baur,Jörg Blasius
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531189395
Category: Social Science
Page: 1086
View: 8070

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Das Handbuch ist das erste im deutschen Sprachraum, in dem qualitative und quantitative Methoden gleichberechtigt dargestellt werden und in dem systematisch nach Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschieden hinsichtlich Problemen, Prinzipien, Vorgehensweisen, Standards und Gütekriterien für beide Forschungstraditionen gefragt wird. Um diese Fragen zu beantworten, diskutieren ausgewiesene Experten in 88 Beiträgen den aktuellen Stand der Forschung und bieten Forschenden, Lehrenden und Studierenden einen detaillierten Überblick über die verschiedenen Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung. Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf der Datenerhebung, also auf standardisierten und offenen Befragungen, aber es werden auch viele weitere aktuell verwendete Datentypen vorgestellt.

Causation in Educational Research

Author: Keith Morrison
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780415496490
Category: Education
Page: 231
View: 4037

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Calls to understand 'what works' in education are being made the world over. This book helps researchers and readers of research understand, plan and investigate causation in education. It guides readers through statistical matters, and shows them how to investigate qualitative causal research in education.

Message, Attitude, Behavior Relationship

Theory, Methodology, and Application
Author: Donald P. Cushman
Publisher: Academic Pr
Category: Psychology
Page: 339
View: 2447

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For many years, there has been a need in the social and behavioral sciences for a single volume providing a precise and careful treatment of axiomatic, causal processes, and sets-of-laws approaches to theory construction. In this volume, we have brought together applications of stochastic, path analytic, and multidimensional scaling research methodologies to advance understanding of one of the behavioral sciences' most troublesome problems: the defining of the relationship between messages, attitudes, and behaviors. Specifically, the material presented here has important implications for ongoing controversies in communication, psychology, social psychology, sociology, and anthropology regarding the relationship of alternative methods of theory construction and mathematical modeling techniques. This volume will advance understanding of alternative conceptualizations of various message strategies, cognitive and information processing models, and their relevance to the study of behavior. Social scientists engaged in behavioral research will find this comparative and integrative approach both interesting and powerful.