Building Contractor's Checklists and Forms

Author: Sidney M. Levy
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071441728
Category: House & Home
Page: 210
View: 2678

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This comprehensive checklist and forms book will improve building contractors' on-site business management techniques and organizational skills. All forms and checklists will also be available in customizable Word and PDF format from a website. Contents: Doing the Demographics* In-House Sales Team * Working With Real Estate Brokers * Plans and Specifications * Marketing Magic * Lot Selection * Finding Financing * Winning More Bids * Employees * Subcontractors * Site Work * Footings and Foundations * Private Sewage Systems * Private Water Systems * Preparing to Build v Framing • Fireplaces and Flues * Siding * Roofing * Windows and Doors * HVAC Systems * Plumbing Systems * Electrical Systems * Insulation * Wall Covering and Ceilings * Interior Doors and Trim • Painting and Staining • Cabinets and Countertops * Flooring * Decks and Porches * Finish Grading and Landscaping * the Punch List

The Encyclopedia of Small Business Forms and Agreements

A Complete Kit of Ready-to-use Business Checklists, Worksheets, Forms, Contracts, and Human Resource Documents with Companion CD-ROM
Author: Martha Maeda
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 1601382480
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 288
View: 9000

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Book & CD-ROM. Those who wish they had a resource in which every possible small business form and agreement they have ever encountered was located can breathe a sigh of relief. This encyclopaedia is the answer, as it will provide small business owners with ready-to-use checklists, worksheets, forms, contracts, and human resource documents. Inside these pages you will find over 250 essential documents for all your hiring, firing, intellectual property, Internet, technology, legal, merger, acquisition, money, fundraising, sales, marketing, and starting a business needs. In essence, this book is a small business survival kit packed with materials you can use for every aspect of your job. This encyclopaedia and companion CD-ROM focuses on the issues, situations, and tasks that you, as a small business owner, face every day when running your business, such as incorporation, board and shareholder resolutions, partnership agreements, business plans, insurance, employee applications, employment policies, termination, job descriptions, employee benefits, sales and service contracts, bills of sale, invoices, press releases, raising capital, venture capital, license agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, term sheets, domain names, e-commerce contracts, release forms, demand letters, litigation, and arbitration. Included in this comprehensive book are hundreds of easy-to-implement tools, contracts, forms, and checklists that will help you organise your business and make it easier to manage while increasing your bottom line. With its professionally organised format, this book takes you step by step through the valuable forms, which may be easily printed out and customised, thanks to the convenient companion CD-ROM.

Construction Checklists

A Guide to Frequently Encountered Construction Issues
Author: Eric A. Berg
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781604421453
Category: Construction contracts
Page: 556
View: 1369

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Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts

A Practical Guide for the Industry Professional
Author: Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr.,Thomas E. Abernathy, IV,Hubert J. Bell, Jr.,Steven L Reed,Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470539763
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 736
View: 6785

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Federal Construction Law for Construction Professionals Any firm intent on benefitting from the boom in federal government construction contracts must navigate an increasingly complicated and demanding set of laws, regulations, and practices that govern these projects and the contractors performing them. To help guide you through this maze, here is the updated edition of the easy-to-understand guide to the practical reality of these special requirements, and how managers and owners of construction industry firms can use them to effectively avoid pitfalls on current projects and compete successfully for new projects. Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition walks the reader through actual federal contracts, highlights critical clauses, and simplifies governmental and legal jargon to provide ease of use by the nonlawyer. Updates to this Second Edition include: Coverage of the newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Specifics of federal government grants to state and local public construction contracts New insights on Design-Build, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), BIM, Green Construction, and Web-based project management techniques used by the federal government A revised look at the increasingly detailed business ethics and compliance program requirements for contractors and subcontractors as mandated by the federal government for its contractors A unique Web site at provides the user with a Table of Acronyms and Terms commonly found in federal government contracts, an extensive list of Web sites of interest to federal government construction contractors, checklists, sample forms, as well as specifications related to innovations in project delivery By making transparent the many rights, risks, and legal responsibilities involved in a federal government construction project, Smith, Currie & Hancock's Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition provides construction industry professionals—from general contractors, subcontractors, and designers to surety bond agents—with the insight and understanding they need to avoid problems and run a successful project from start to finish.

Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures

Author: Andrew Civitello,Sidney Levy
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071593151
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 480
View: 2732

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Smooth the managerial side of running a small- to mid-sized contracting firm with this paperwork slashing, time-saving, business-boosting reference. Readers will find methods, strategies and tactics, forms, checklists, and ready-to-copy letters laid out in a concise easy-to-follow format. The new fourth edition offers 20% more forms and checklists, covers the latest developments in construction management software, along with new material on the Design-Build process. The CD-ROM contains project delivery forms, sample letters, checklists, and more.

Building Contractor's Exam Preparation Guide

Author: John E. Traister,C. Keeler Chapman
Publisher: Craftsman Book Company
ISBN: 9781572180307
Category: Study Aids
Page: 318
View: 1180

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Pass your state, county or city contractor's exam with confidence. This book includes sample questions and the correct answers from actual state, county, and city exams across the country.

Building Construction

Project Management, Construction Administration, Drawings, Specs, Detailing Tips, Schedules, Checklists and Secrets Others Donʹt Tell You ; (architectural Practice Simplified)
Author: Gang Chen
Publisher: ArchiteG, Inc.
ISBN: 0984374140
Category: Architecture
Page: 190
View: 1327

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Learn the Tips, Become One of Those Who Know Building Construction and Architectural Practice, and Thrive! For architectural practice and building design and construction industry, there are two kinds of people: those who know, and those who don't. The tips of building design and construction and project management have been undercover-until now. Most of the existing books on building construction and architectural practice are too expensive, too complicated, and too long to be practical and helpful. This book simplifies the process to make it easier to understand and uncovers the tips of building design and construction and project management. It sets up a solid foundation and fundamental framework for this field. It covers every aspect of building construction and architectural practice in plain and concise language and introduces it to all people. Through practical case studies, it demonstrates the efficient and proper ways to handle various issues and problems in architectural practice and building design and construction industry. It is for ordinary people and aspiring young architects as well as seasoned professionals in the construction industry. For ordinary people, it uncovers the tips of building construction; for aspiring architects, it works as a construction industry survival guide and a guidebook to shorten the process in mastering architectural practice and climbing up the professional ladder; for seasoned architects, it has many checklists to refresh their memory. It is an indispensable reference book for ordinary people, architectural students, interns, drafters, designers, seasoned architects, engineers, construction administrators, superintendents, construction managers, contractors, and developers. You will learn: 1.How to develop your business and work with your client. 2.The entire process of building design and construction, including programming, entitlement, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. 3.How to coordinate with governing agencies, including a county's health department and a city's planning, building, fire, public works departments, etc. 4.How to coordinate with your consultants, including soils, civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing engineers, landscape architects, etc. 5.How to create and use your own checklists to do quality control of your construction documents. 6.How to use various logs (i.e., RFI log, submittal log, field visit log, etc.) and lists (contact list, document control list, distribution list, etc.) to organize and simplify your work. 7.How to respond to RFI, issue CCDs, review change orders, submittals, etc. 8.How to make your architectural practice a profitable and successful business. About the author Gang Chen holds a master's degree from the School of Architecture, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, and a bachelor's degree from the School of Architecture, South China University of Technology. He has over 20 years of professional experience. Many of the projects he was in charge of or participated in have been published extensively in Architecture, Architectural Record, The Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, etc. He has worked on a variety of unusual projects, including well-known, large-scale healthcare and hospitality projects with over one billion dollars in construction costs, award-winning school designs, highly-acclaimed urban design and streetscape projects, multifamily housing, high-end custom homes, and regional and neighborhood shopping centers. Gang Chen is a LEED AP and a licensed architect in California. He is also the internationally acclaimed author for other fascinating books, including Planting Design Illustrated and LEED Exam Guides Series, which include one guidebook for each of the LEED exams.

Partnering in the Construction Industry

Author: John Bennett,Sarah Peace
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136374760
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 288
View: 2981

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Partnering is the most effective way of tackling construction projects. This book explains how clients and construction firms using partnering can achieve ever higher levels of efficiency and certainty to provide world class buildings and infrastructure of all kinds. Detailed guidance about the actions that clients and professionals new to partnering need to take is given followed by advice about the actions individual firms can take to get the maximum benefits from partnering. Finally the book describes how highly developed forms of partnering are developing into strategic collaborative working that turns construction into a genuinely modern industry able to meet all customers’ needs. The book is designed to be used flexibly by a variety of readers, with coloured sections and executive summaries built into the body of the text to enable senior managers to get a quick overview of the guidance provided. The detailed guidance provides those at the workface with the ammunition needed to cooperate with those around them in doing their best work. The guidance is supported by check lists that help ensure everyone involved knows what they need to do to match and then exceed today’s best practice. Construction clients will learn how to get high quality, reliable and fast completion and a firm price that represents best value for money. This book helps everyone in the construction industry be fairly rewarded for delivering best practice. The expert guidance also gives the construction industry the time and resources needed to give proper attention to all aspects of quality including sustainability and total life cycle costs. to match and then exceed today’s best practice.

Home Builder Contracts and Construction Management Forms

Author: National Association of Home Builders (U.S.)
Publisher: Builderbooks
ISBN: 9780867186161
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 288
View: 1610

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The National Association of Home Builders puts the 95 most useful business forms and contracts for builders in your hands with Home Builder Contracts & Construction Management Forms. Easy to use: Simply browse the book for the contracts and forms you need, download documents from the CD, and customize them to meet your business needs, with your address, logo specification, and more!

Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day

Author: Matt Stevens
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 007163147X
Category: Architecture
Page: 406
View: 7531

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This detailed overview of the construction contracting business delivers an invaluable collection of best practices, forms, templates, and checklists designed to reduce risks and increase profits. Contractors will learn everything they need to know about the make-or-break areas of estimating, pricing, bidding, project management, and financial management. The author is well-known in the industry, with a weekly newsletter, website, online digest, regular column for Contractor magazine, and 70-plus seminar bookings for 2006 Extensive examples and illustrations help readers apply the insights offered

The Project Manager's Checklist for Building Projects

Delivery Strategies & Processes
Author: Mark Urizar
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483662950
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 295
View: 9032

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As todays building projects are becoming increasingly more complex, having an ever increasing number of requirements, it has become essential to comprehensively plan building projects upfront and determine how these can be effectively progressed and efficiently delivered. To do so, project managers must not only know and understand the different lifecycle phases and many processes involved, but must also be able to determine what the most appropriate delivery strategy for their particular project is. Establishing a project roadmap and having a comprehensive checklist of what to do has therefore, become essential, as these not only provide quick access to the necessary prompters that should be considered, but also enables the most appropriate decisions to be made. This book sets how building projects can be effectively delivered, it sets out the essential project management delivery processes through a roadmap of checklists that covers both the project and design management processes and lists their many associated activities, applicable to any building project. These not only provide a valuable insight as to how building projects should be progressed and managed, but also outlines what should be considered and actioned at any particular point on the project delivery path to ensure the successful delivery of viable built outcomes.

Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development

Author: CIOB (The Chartered Institute of Building)
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118378180
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 360
View: 5803

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The first edition of the Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development, published in 1992, was groundbreaking in many ways. Now in its fifth edition, prepared by a multi-institute task force coordinated by the CIOB and including representatives from RICS, RIBA, ICE, APM and CIC, it continues to be the authoritative guide and reference to the principles and practice of project management in construction and development. Good project management in construction relies on balancing the key constraints of time, quality and cost in the context of building functionality and the requirements for sustainability within the built environment. Thoroughly updated and restructured to reflect the challenges that the industry faces today, this edition continues to drive forward the practice of construction project management. The principles of strategic planning, detailed programming and monitoring, resource allocation and effective risk management, widely used on projects of all sizes and complexity, are all fully covered. The integration of Building Information Modelling at each stage of the project life is a feature of this edition. In addition, the impact of trends and developments such as the internationalisation of construction projects and the drive for sustainability are discussed in context. Code of Practice will be of particular value to clients, project management professionals and students of construction, as well as to the wider construction and development industries. Much of the information will also be relevant to project management professionals operating in other commercial spheres.

Getting your money's worth from home contractors

Author: Michael McClintock
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 9780517543535
Category: House & Home
Page: 179
View: 3482

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Advice on how to deal with home repair and improvement contractors includes discussions of the evaluation of professional qualifications and services of carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, and other contractors