The Internet and Politics in Iran
Author: A. Sreberny,G. Khiabany
Publisher: I.B. Tauris
ISBN: 1845116070
Category: Computers
Page: 211
View: 3150

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In this work, the authors give a flavour of contemporary Internet culture in Iran, and analyse how this new form of communication is affecting the social and political life of the country.

Dispatches from Blogistan

A travel guide for the modern blogger
Author: Suzanne Stefanac
Publisher: New Riders
ISBN: 9780132704816
Category: Computers
Page: 240
View: 3552

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The term "blog" wasn't coined until 1999 and yet by 2004, it had become Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year. Globally, the number of blogs is doubling every six months, with more than 50 million blogs online today. Here to offer a unique overview of the emerging phenomenon that even armchair observers will find curiosity-satisfying is Dispatches from Blogistan: A Travel Guide for the Modern Blogger. Filled with practical, easy-to-implement advice for making blogging more enjoyable, useful, and profitable, this book covers everything from blogging and how it fits into the history of journalism to practical tips for planning and managing a blog, attracting and retaining an active readership. Written by noted technology journalist and interactive media veteran Su zanne Stefanac, the book features a fresh and succinct approach; quotes and commentary from noted and celebrity bloggers (author/futurist Bruce Sterling, NPR commentator Farai Chideya, Craig Newmark of, and Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing editor and science fiction author, among others); an accompanying blog site (; and more. Stefanac explores issues of trust, influence, privacy, discovery, and the power of collaborative discourse, making this is a blog book like no other!

The Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang

Author: Grant Barrett
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195304473
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 302
View: 8911

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A collection of more than six hundred slang terms of American political speech encompasses informative entries on such words as "boondoggle," "juice bill," and "Joe Citizen," including both the definition of the word and its historical background.

The Middle East

A Guide to Politics, Economics, Society and Culture
Author: Barry Rubin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317455770
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 700
View: 2201

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Provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the field of Organizational Behavior. This book covers the foundations of the scientific method, theory development, and the accrual of scientific knowledge in the field. It introduces the ideas of pioneers whose work pre-dates the emergence of Organizational Behavior.


From Theocracy to the Green Movement
Author: N. Nabavi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137112166
Category: Social Science
Page: 186
View: 2254

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Negin Nabavi brings together essays written by experts and scholars that shed light on the many transformations that Iran has experienced in the thirty years under the Islamic Republic and speculate on the import of the developments of 2009 and beyond.

Digital Anthropology

Author: Heather A. Horst,Daniel Miller
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0857852930
Category: Social Science
Page: 328
View: 4733

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Anthropology has two main tasks: to understand what it is to be human and to examine how humanity is manifested differently in the diversity of culture. These tasks have gained new impetus from the extraordinary rise of the digital. This book brings together several key anthropologists working with digital culture to demonstrate just how productive an anthropological approach to the digital has already become. Through a range of case studies from Facebook to Second Life to Google Earth, Digital Anthropology explores how human and digital can be defined in relation to one another, from avatars and disability; cultural differences in how we use social networking sites or practise religion; the practical consequences of the digital for politics, museums, design, space and development to new online world and gaming communities. The book also explores the moral universe of the digital, from new anxieties to open-source ideals. Digital Anthropology reveals how only the intense scrutiny of ethnography can overturn assumptions about the impact of digital culture and reveal its profound consequences for everyday life. Combining the clarity of a textbook with an engaging style which conveys a passion for these new frontiers of enquiry, this book is essential reading for students and scholars of anthropology, media studies, communication studies, cultural studies and sociology.

Unburied Memories: The Politics of Bodies of Sacred Defense Martyrs in Iran

Author: Pedram Khosronejad
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135711674
Category: Social Science
Page: 174
View: 8391

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Today, almost a generation has passed since the Iran–Iraq war and the memory of it is set to diminish with each passing generation. The following questions emerge. Can we say that the gradual disappearance of war’s memory means that, increasingly, Iranians will see the Iran–Iraq war solely as an historical event? How can we defend or reject this idea? Today, with which elements and values should we look at the Iran–Iraq war memorials and ceremonies? To what extent will war museums and materials culture be influenced by these new values? In the period during and immediately after the Iran–Iraq war (1980-88), national bereavement and commemoration of martyrs was neither apparent in common state policy nor a social need. Even at the turn of the 21st century, anyone walking through Iranian cities, many of which had been the main scene of the bloody massacre and direct targets of the Iraqi Republican Guard, will have found traces of the terrible, almost unimaginable, human losses. However, today’s Iranians can see modern war memorials and monuments in many parts of the urban and rural landscape. Yet, at the same time, the changing landscape has separated Iranians from such remnants of the violence. It can be argued that many people, in their wish to look forward to a more hopeful future, do not wish to be reminded of this period in Iranian history. This book was originally published as a special issue of Visual Anthropology.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Web Page & Blog, 6E

Author: Paul McFedries
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440696276
Category: Computers
Page: 416
View: 8482

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Spin your own web! Free CD-ROM included. More people are overcoming their digital fears and producing Internet content rather than just absorbing it. Whether their product is a collection of essays, stories, reviews, jokes, or shopping lists, they want to share it with everyone-from family and friends to strangers across the globe. How do they do it? By starting right here. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Creating a Web Page and Blog-the only book of its kind- will help anyone build and maintain an Internet website or blog. Coverage includes: *Step-by-step instructions for building a site from the ground up *Important HTML tags *Tips on using fonts, colors, and images *Incorporating tables, forms, style sheets, and JavaScripts *The new blog technology *Plus! A "Webmaster's Toolkit" on a companion CD-ROM, providing files used in this book.

The English is Coming!

How One Language is Sweeping the World
Author: Leslie Dunton-Downer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439176726
Category: Reference
Page: 352
View: 6896

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English has fast become the number one language for everything from business and science, diplomacy and education, entertainment and environmentalism to socializing and beyond—virtually any human activity unfolding on a global scale. Worldwide, nonnative speakers of English now outnumber natives three to one; and in China alone, more people use English than in the United States—a remarkable feat for a language that got its start as a mongrel tongue on an island fifteen hundred years ago. Through the fascinating stories of thirty English words used and understood in nearly all corners of the globe, The English Is Coming! takes readers on an eye-opening journey across culture and commerce, war and peace, and time and space. These mini-histories shed new light on everyday words: the strange turns of fate by which their meanings evolved and their new roles as the building blocks of the first language ever to forge a global community. Exploring such familiar terms as shampoo (from a Hindi word for scalp and body hygiene long practiced in India); robot (coined by Czech painter Josef Capek for his brother Karel’s 1921 play about man-made creatures); credit (rooted in a prehistoric phrase of sacred significance: "to put heart into"); and dozens of others, Dunton-Downer reveals with clarity and humor how these linguistic artifacts embody the resilience, appeal, adoptability, and wild inclusiveness that English, through a series of historical accidents, gained on its road to worldwide reach. These words explain not only how English has managed to link our distant and often disparate pasts but also how it is propelling humankind to a future that we can, for the first time, talk about and shape in a language that now belongs to all of us: Global English. Perfect for culture buffs, armchair travelers, and language lovers alike, The English Is Coming! is sure to inspire truly global conversations for decades to come.

Ästhetik, Politik und schiitische Repräsentation im zeitgenössischen Iran

Author: Christian Funke
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004347348
Category: Political Science
Page: 423
View: 5028

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In Ästhetik, Politik und schiitische Repräsentation im zeitgenössischen Iran zeigt Christian Funke die Verflechtungen von Politik, Protest und schiitischer Materialität auf und legt vielschichtig dar, wie die Grüne Bewegung mit umfassenderen Diskursen über Demokratie, Identität, Geschichte und Gegenwart sowie Religion und Politik verknüpft war. In Aesthetics, Politics, and Shiʿi Representation in Contemporary Iran Christian Funke explores the entangled relationship betweem politics, protest and Shiʿi materiality and shows how the ‘Green Movement’ was part of larger discourses on democracy, identity, the present and the past, and religion and politics.

Wir sind die Medien

Internet und politischer Wandel in Iran
Author: Marcus Michaelsen
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839423112
Category: Social Science
Page: 352
View: 1531

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Ob »Twitter-Revolution« oder »Cyberdemokratie« - häufig prägen Schlagworte die Debatte zum politischen Potenzial des Internets. Jenseits von Mythisierungen untersucht Marcus Michaelsen die Nutzung neuer Medien durch Opposition und Zivilgesellschaft im Iran - angefangen von den ersten Reformwebseiten über die Blogs von Journalisten und Frauenrechtlerinnen bis hin zu den sozialen Medien der Grünen Bewegung. Durch die Verknüpfung präziser Landeskenntnis mit Theorien der Politik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft entsteht eine ebenso fundierte wie anschauliche Analyse der Leistungen und Grenzen von Internetanwendungen in Prozessen des politischen Wandels.

Tove Jansson

Die Biografie
Author: Tuula Karjalainen
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783825179007
Page: 352
View: 4731

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Digital Offroad

Erfolgsstrategien für die digitale Transformation
Author: Ulf Bosch,Stefan Hentschel,Steffen Kramer
Publisher: Haufe-Lexware
ISBN: 3648109332
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 230
View: 8679

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!-- Generated by XStandard version on 2018-05-14T10:43:44 -- Die digitale Transformation ist weniger eine Frage der Technologie, sie ist eine Frage der Führung. Die Unternehmenskultur wird zu dem entscheidenden Wettbewerbsvorteil bei der Digitalisierung: Der Wandel gelingt nur, wenn alle Mitarbeiter vom Einkauf bis zum Vertrieb gemeinsam auf die digitale Expedition gehen. Das neue Offroad-Konzept startet hierzu mit 12 Erfolgsstrategien durch: Mutige Thesen wie „Forget the valley", „Gesunde Paranoia", „Mach dich schmutzig", „Need for speed" und „Fehler sind famos" bieten Inspiration für eine digitale Neuausrichtung von Unternehmen. Die Offroad-Strategie ermöglicht eine erfolgreiche Transformation des Unternehmens über einen innovativen Change-Ansatz. Sie basiert auf dem Expertenwissen von Google- und PwC-Mitarbeitern. Die Autoren zeigen an konkreten Fallbeispielen, wie Sie die Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens (mit-)gestalten können. Let's go Offroad! „Digital Offroad verändert Ihr Denken und Handeln. Der innovative Inhalt und der hohe Praxisbezug helfen Ihnen, die digitale Transformation umzusetzen - absolut lesenswert." Gisbert Rühl, CEO Klöckner & Co SE „Die Autoren bieten mit diesem Buch einen klugen Ratgeber für Manager, die ihr Unternehmen für die digitale Reise rüsten wollen." Prof. Dr. Sabine Kuester, Lehrstuhl für Marketing & Innovation, Universität Mannheim „Unternehmenskultur, Kundenorientierung und Flexibilität als Erfolgsfaktoren der digitalen Transformation - Digital Offroad zeigt inspirierend, spannend und praxisnah, wie Unternehmen die Herausforderung der digitalen Transformation meistern können." Dr. Carsten Voigtländer, CEO der Vaillant Group