Biblical Hebrew for Students of Modern Israeli Hebrew

Author: Marc Zvi Brettler
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780300084405
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 355
View: 5381

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This is the first textbook written for the purpose of teaching biblical Hebrew to college-level students who already know some modern, Israeli Hebrew. Marc Brettler provides a clear, comprehensive book with numerous well-constructed exercises to help students either make the transition from modern Israeli Hebrew to biblical Hebrew or deepen their understanding of biblical Hebrew. The book is also ideal for individuals who might like to study independently, and for serious Jewish adult-education programmes. Biblical Hebrew for Students of Modern Israeli Hebrew is unique in its emphasis on phonology, based on the conviction that a strong grounding in phonology makes it possible to learn biblical Hebrew grammar in a much more systematic fashion. This method also allows verbal conjugations to be taught much more quickly and systematically. Although the text is not inductive, it uses authentic biblical texts throughout to illustrate fundamental points, and it contains many biblical texts in the exercises. Students progressing through the book will quickly be encouraged by a sense of accomplishment as they encounter and understand well-known biblical passages.

Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture

Author: Cowley Lecturer in Post-Biblical Hebrew Fellow in Modern Hebrew Literature Oxford Center for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies Glenda Abramson,Glenda Abramson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134428650
Category: Reference
Page: 1200
View: 9250

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The Companion to Jewish Culture - From the Eighteenth Century to the Present was first published in 1989. It is a single-volume encyclopedia containing biographical and topic entries ranging from 200 to 1000 word each.

Judaica Reference Sources

A Selective, Annotated Bibliographic Guide
Author: Charles Cutter
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781591581338
Category: Reference
Page: 365
View: 320

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A recipient of the Outstanding Reference Award from the Association of Jewish Librarians in its earlier edition, this updated edition of "Judaica Reference Sources" maintains its editorial excellence while revising and expanding coverage for the new century. Virtually every aspect of Jewish life, knowledge, history, culture, religion, and contemporary issues is covered in this annotated, bibliographic guide. A critical collection development tool for college, university, public school, and synagogue libraries, "Judaica Reference Sources" provides entries for over 1,000 reference works, as well as a selective list of related Web sites, in English, French, German, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Works published since 1970 are emphasized. Unique in providing expert guidance to Judaica material for the librarian, the layperson, the student, and the researcher, this reference guide is a versatile tool that will fulfill your every need for Judaica material.

The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History, Religion, and Culture

Author: Judith R. Baskin,Kenneth Seeskin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521869609
Category: Religion
Page: 539
View: 1092

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Provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the Jewish experience, from its ancient origins to its impact on contemporary popular culture.

Chanting the Hebrew Bible, Second, Expanded Edition

The Art of Cantillation
Author: Joshua R. Jacobson
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0827612230
Category: Religion
Page: 876
View: 3627

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In this encyclopedic text, completely revised and updated in this second edition, Joshua R. Jacobson presents the history of the ancient Jewish tradition of chanting the Bible and a comprehensive explanation of cantillation practice with its grammatical rules and regional variations. His unique step-by-step system of analysis shows how chanting dramatizes and interprets the meaning of the biblical text. Jacobson also provides complete notation for performing all six musical systems, an extensive guide to pronouncing biblical Hebrew, and pedagogical tips for cantillation teachers. Chanting the Hebrew Bible, Second Edition, will be invaluable to anyone interested in chanting, from beginners to advanced readers—from haftarah readers who want to chant from the Torah, to Bible students seeking greater insight into Masoretic texts, to Torah chanters who wish to fine-tune their skills, fill gaps in their knowledge, and understand the system they have known only intuitively until now. This second edition features a week-by-week guide to Torah, haftarah, and megillot readings for Shabbat and holidays; useful new examples and exercises; a new comprehensive general subject index; a new, easy-to-read, clear Hebrew font; and a link to a new website with audio recordings and video lessons. Chanting the Hebrew Bible will continue to be the definitive work on Torah chanting—the most authoritative guide and reference on the subject. For more information on Chanting the Hebrew Bible visit

Chanting the Hebrew Bible (Student Edition)

Author: Joshua R. Jacobson
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
ISBN: 9780827610484
Category: Religion
Page: 300
View: 7523

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The e-book edition does not include the audio CD that's included with the paperback edition. The most authoritative guide on cantillation. Joshua Jacobson?s masterpiece?the comprehensive 1000-page guide to cantillation?is now available in this e-book edition. It is an ideal instructional guide for adult and young-adult students of Torah, for b?nai mitzvah students, and for cantors, rabbis, and Jewish educators of all denominations. Like the original edition, it includes an explanation of the tradition and a description of the practice of chanting, with all its regional variations and grammatical rules. There is detailed instruction, with musical notation, on chanting of Torah, and shorter instructions for chanting the haftarah, the megillot, and readings for the High Holy Days. Joshua Jacobson, professor of music and conductor of the acclaimed Boston-based Zamir Chorale, has been Torah chanting since he was 10 years old. That life-long experience, combined with an unquenchable desire to reconnect the art of cantillation with the most convincing and accurate treatment of the ancient text possible, led him to create this indispensable teaching tool. Using Jacobson?s highly acclaimed approach, the ancient words come alive in a new, deeply emotional and most accurate way.

Elenchus of Biblica

Author: M. Schoenmaeckers
Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876536267
Category: Religion
Page: 336
View: 4477

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Le 23 novembre 1964, jour de la promulgation de Lumen Gentium, la constitution dogmatique sur l'Eglise, marque un evenement: c'est la premiere fois dans l'histoire de l'Eglise qu'une assemblee de la Sainte Eglise s'exprime solennellement sur la vie consacree. Le sixieme chapitre de la constitution traite de la signification et de l'essence de la vie religieuse, la reliant au mystere de l'Eglise, peuple de Dieu. Ce texte conciliaire presente la vie religieuse comme un etat canonique, celui du chretien qui tend, dans un institut de perfection, a la charite parfaite et consacre sa vie a Dieu et aux hommes ppar la profession des conseils evangeliques de chastete, pauvrete et obeissance. De toute evidence, cette declaration doctrinale est importante pour l'Eglise et pour le developpement de la vie consacree dans l'Eglise. En lisant Lumen Gentium, on est assez vite frappe par le debut abrupt du sixieme chapitre sur les religieux; car tous les autres chapitres s'ouvrent par une breve introduction. Cepedant on ne peut deracher ce chapitre de ce que a ete dit precedemment sur la vocation universelle a la saintete. En fait, l'histoire du texte fait clairement ressortir le lien qui unit ces chapitres.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion

Author: Adele Berlin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199730040
Category: Reference
Page: 934
View: 9174

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Hailed by Library Journal as the "best ready-reference access point to the Jewish religion," and as "essential" by CHOICE in its First Edition, The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion has been the go-to resource for students, scholars, and researchers in Judaic Studies since its 1997 publication. Now, The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, Second Edition focuses on recent and changing rituals in the Jewish community that have come to the fore since the 1997 publication of the First Edition, including the growing trend of baby-naming ceremonies and the founding of gay/lesbian synagogues Under the editorship of Adele Berlin, nearly 200 internationally renowned scholars have created a new edition that incorporates updated bibliographies, biographies of 20th-century individuals who have shaped the recent thought and history of Judaism, and an index with alternate spellings of Hebrew terms. Entries from the previous edition have been be revised, new entries commissioned, and cross-references added, all to increase ease of navigation research. The Dictionary covers more than three millennia of Jewish religious thought, custom, law, and practice, from traditional approaches to Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and post-denominational Judaism. Brief definitions and longer essays, all supplemented with bibliographies, enlighten readers about the major figures, folklore, and events in the history of Judaism throughout the world.

The Jewish Study Bible

Second Edition
Author: Adele Berlin,Marc Zvi Brettler
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199393877
Category: Bibles
Page: 2400
View: 7152

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First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It has won acclaim from readers in all religious traditions. The Jewish Study Bible combines the entire Hebrew Bible--in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation--with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by leading biblical scholars on virtually every aspect of the text, the world in which it was written, its interpretation, and its role in Jewish life. The quality of scholarship, easy-to-navigate format, and vibrant supplementary features bring the ancient text to life. This second edition includes revised annotations for nearly the entire Bible, as well as forty new and updated essays on many of the issues in Jewish interpretation, Jewish worship in the biblical and post-biblical periods, and the influence of the Hebrew Bible in the ancient world. The Jewish Study Bible, Second Edition, is an essential resource for anyone interested in the Hebrew Bible.

שיעורים בעברית

Level 1
Author: Edna Amir Coffin
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472082254
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 518
View: 4205

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A comprehensive introduction to modern Israeli Hebrew, Lessons in Modern Hebrew: Level I and Level II provide English-speaking students and well-motivated individuals with all the basic classroom tools necessary for mastery of the language.

An introduction to classical Hebrew

Author: Donald R. Vance
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub
ISBN: 9780391042001
Category: Architecture
Page: 426
View: 3524

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This useful grammar introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the essentials of classical Hebrew. The author first establishes a foundation for study with descriptions of the basics of the Hebrew writing system, often an initial stumbling block for students, and discusses both historical and modern Israeli pronunciations. He moves on to morphology and syntax, and describes the simple and regular elements of the language and then proceeds to the complex and irregular elements. Through the lessons outlined in the text, the reader will translate the book of Ruth, as well as other biblical and nonbiblical texts, to learn skills in reading both the entire Hebrew Bible and the later sixth-century Hebrew material, such as the Lachish Letter. Study of this later material will provide the student with an introduction to Hebrew poetry and inscriptions. Accomplished students of this text will be prepared to progress to advanced study of Hebrew grammar and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible.

The Cambridge Companion to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Author: Stephen B. Chapman,Marvin A. Sweeney
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521883202
Category: History
Page: 504
View: 5884

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This volume features an impressive array of leading biblical scholars and presents an illuminating and lively cross-section of this traditional field of study. Treating core topics and changing methodologies within twenty-three comprehensive chapters, this Companion provides an outstanding introduction to the historical origins and literary character of the canonical literature.

Teaching Jewish History

Author: Julia Phillips Berger,Sue Parker Gerson
Publisher: Behrman House, Inc
ISBN: 9780867051834
Category: Religion
Page: 243
View: 2638

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Inform your students' lives with the richness of thousands of years of Jewish history, culture, and tradition. Teaching Jewish History tackles separately each of the key Jewish historical periods-Biblical, Rabbinic, Medieval, Early Modern, Enlightenment, and Modern, as well as the North American Jewish experience. The authors shift focus away from rote memorization of dates, names, and places, and instead examine each period through the lens of core historical concepts-the Diaspora, Covenant, acculturation, assimilation, and building community. History comes to life, helping students whether elementary, middle or high school, or adult develop a stronger Jewish identity. Teaching Jewish History gives teachers the tools to: ? Understand and explain the meaning of key concepts, terms, names, places, and events in each period of history. ? Identify and examine primary source documents and objects such as artifacts, diaries, sacred texts, photographs, and artwork. ? Conduct meaningful discussions of how the core concepts of Jewish history recur in and are relevant to each historical period. ? Develop a variety of activities including field trips, mock trials, oral histories, and role-playing activities. ? Place historical events on a timeline. ? Use additional historical and educational resources such as books, articles, videos, and Internet sites. Teaching Jewish History is an invaluable resource for the novice and the expert teacher of religious and day school children and for educators working with adults in synagogues, community centers, and family education programs.

Academic Approaches to Teaching Jewish Studies

Author: Zev Garber
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761815525
Category: Religion
Page: 332
View: 7329

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In this follow-up book to Methodology in the Academic Teaching of Judaism, fourteen scholars and master teachers explore the challenges of teaching Jewish Studies at American schools of higher education both public and private. The essays provoke reflection upon the contents, goals, and methodology of instruction in Jewish Studies and candidly discuss what can and cannot be accomplished in the contemporary teaching of Wissenschaft des Judentums at the college and university level. The seminal ideas presented in Academic Approaches to Teaching Jewish Studies represent the cutting edge of pedagogical issues in Jewish Studies.

Zeh Lo Nora: Reference Book for Students of Hebrew

Second Edition
Author: Rutie Adler
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620324954
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 410
View: 2460

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Ze Lo Nora was designed with two different readerships in mind--newcomers and old pros. Beginning and intermediate Hebrew language students will find in Ze Lo Nora clear, reliable explanations and memorable examples of all points of Hebrew grammar. It is an indispensable supplement to any Hebrew textbook. Rules and comments on style and use are presented in a simple, informative, and non-dogmatic manner, with examples from the language as it is actually spoken. In addition to the usual staple of verbs, nouns, and adjectives, the book covers "little items" such as pronouns, prepositions, prefixes, and discourse ties and "big ones" such as clauses, and sentences. It also touches upon a variety of "how to" questions of use.