Die Talent-Lüge

warum wir (fast) alles erreichen können
Author: Daniel Coyle
ISBN: 9783431037852
Category: Begabung - Ratgeber
Page: 252
View: 4866

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Force & Fear

Robbery in Canada
Author: Frederick John Desroches
Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN: 9781551302188
Category: Social Science
Page: 297
View: 4074

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Eighty convicted bank robbers, the Canadian penitentiary service, and police departments across the country have all actively contributed to Desroches' quest to uncover why an individual embarks on a crime for which the proceeds are minimal, the arrest rate high and the jail sentence long. The first book of its kind, Force and Fear: Robbery in Canada examines robbery not just as a crime, but as a criminal event. The author looks at offender motivation and social background, responses to robberies by the criminal justice system, and interaction between robber and victim.


(8th Ed.)
Author: DeVere D. Woods
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398088462
Category: Social Science
Page: 620
View: 8430

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Charles and Gregory O’Hara’s Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation has served as the “Bible” of criminal investigation for many years. The author of this new edition has prepared this text for a new generation of criminal investigators in such a way that they will learn what is meant by a complete investigation and acquaint themselves with the proofs of the most important crimes. In addition, they will become familiar with the employment of technical methods and services that are available. The tools of the investigator are referred to as the three “I’s,” namely, “Information,” “Interrogation,” and “Instru-mentation.” In view of this factor, the technological advancements in forensic science, practices of criminalistics, computerization, electronic databases, and the Internet are presented, including the time honored methods of collecting information that are still effective and utilized. Among the changes in this new edition include crime analysis, criminal profiling, theories of investigation, ethics of investigation, the “CSI” effect, cold case investigation, digital photography, computer crime and digital crime scenes, and the Internet as an investigative tool. The book presents an overview of criminal investigation, the investigative notebook and report, crime scene procedures and physical evidence, obtaining information through surveillance and informants, selected property offenses, violent crimes, drugs and gangs, and the investigator in court. The “Additional Reading” sections, at the end of each chapter and the glossary of useful criminal investigation terms have been updated. The presentation of material in this book is directed to the beginning student of investigation, but experienced investigators and supervisors will find this text an excellent resource.

Robbing Banks

An American History 1831-1999
Author: L. R. Kirchner
Publisher: Castle
ISBN: 9780785817093
Category: History
Page: 235
View: 5351

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Big Stick-Up at Brink's!

The Inside Story of the Gang Who Pulled Off Boston's Greatest Robbery
Author: Noel Behn
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504036646
Category: True Crime
Page: 384
View: 8190

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A riveting and frequently hilarious insider account of one of the twentieth century’s most outrageous capers. On the evening of January 17, 1950, armed robbers wearing Captain Marvel masks entered the Brink’s Armored Car building in Boston, Massachusetts. They walked out less than an hour later with more than $2.7 million in cash and securities. It was a brazen and expertly executed theft that captured the imaginations of millions of Americans and baffled the FBI and local law enforcement officials. But what appeared on the surface to be the perfect crime was, in fact, the end result of a mind-boggling series of mistakes, miscalculations, and missteps. The men behind the masks were not expert bank robbers but a motley crew of small-time crooks who bumbled their way into a record-breaking payday and managed to elude the long arm of the law for six years. New York Times–bestselling author Noel Behn tape-recorded nearly one thousand hours of interviews with the surviving robbers, including motormouthed mastermind Tony Pino, a character so colorful he might have been dreamed up by a Hollywood screenwriter, to tell the uncensored story of the heist forever known as “the Great Brink’s Robbery.” Fun and suspenseful from first page to last, Behn’s true-crime classic was the basis for The Brink’s Job (1978), the Academy Award–nominated film directed by William Friedkin and starring Peter Falk and Peter Boyle.

Film Noir

Author: Alain Silver,James Ursini
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783822822685
Category: USA - Film noir - Geschichte 1940-1960
Page: 191
View: 2963

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Mit "Film Noir" bezeichneten die Filmkritiker einen ganz bestimmten Typus des amerikanischen Kriminal- und Detektivfilms der 40er und 50er-Jahre - die Bilder dieser Filme wurden geprägt durch tiefe Schatten und düstere Kulissen. Die Epigonen dieser Kunstform waren unter anderem Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder und Robert Siodmak. Literarische Vorlagen stammten von Hammett, Chandler & Co.. Das Buch gibt einen ausführlichen Überblick über die wichtigsten Filme dieses Genres und ist reichhaltig illustriert.

Uniform Decisions

My Life in the LAPD and TheNorth Hollywood Shootout
Author: John Caprarelli
Publisher: End of Watch
Category: True Crime
Page: N.A
View: 8305

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End of Watch Publishing presents "Uniform Decisions: My Life in the LAPD and the North Hollywood Shootout," by Retired LAPD Officer John Caprarelli.After a botched robbery at a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, two robbers armed with fully automatic assault rifles and wearing full body armor fired more than 1,100 rounds as they battled police.Eleven officers and two civilians were wounded. The two robbers, Emil Matasareanu and Larry Eugene Phillips Jr., were killed by gunfire.Officer John Caprarelli was one of the first officers at the scene. Before a national TV audience, he confronted one of the robbers, provoking a gun battle and exchanging numerous shots before the gunman fell.Officer Caprarelli was awarded the LAPD's highest honor, the Medal of Valor, as well as a National Top Cops Award. In this memoir, John gives the reader a rare glimpse into his private life along with vivid recollections of events during his 27 year career with the LAPD culminating with a detailed breakdown of his thoughts and actions during the infamous bank robbery.

The American Past: A Survey of American History, Volume II: Since 1865

Author: Joseph Conlin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495572896
Category: History
Page: 534
View: 1844

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Author Joseph R. Conlin’s award-winning teaching and writing styles are reflected in this colorful and engaging look at the individuals, events, and ideas that have shaped our nation’s past. Organized into short chapters and updated with new insights into recently published research, this text sets the story in a political context, weaving in social, cultural, economic, intellectual, constitutional, diplomatic, and military events along the way. Conlin’s popular sidebars and How They Lived vignettes-many of which are new in this edition-bring historical stories to life and emphasize the human and social dimensions of history. With its literary prose style and its unifying voice, THE AMERICAN PAST, Ninth Edition will capture and hold your students’ interest as it guides them on a fascinating, eye-opening walk through the years gone by. Conlin’s text is available in the following volume options: THE AMERICAN PAST: A SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY, Comprehensive, (Chapters 1-52), ISBN: 049557287X; VOLUME I: TO 1877, (Chapters 1-24), ISBN: 0495572888; VOLUME II: SINCE 1865, (Chapters 24-52), ISBN: 0495572896. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


An Annotated Guide to Novels in Series
Author: Janet Husband,Jonathan F. Husband
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838909671
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 782
View: 4636

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A guide to series fiction lists popular series, identifies novels by character, and offers guidance on the order in which to read unnumbered series.

Behind the Bars

Experiences in Crime
Author: Frederick John Desroches
Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN: 9781551300894
Category: Social Science
Page: 260
View: 4244

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Bank robbers. Who are they? Where do they come from? What motivates individuals to commit these crimes? Behind the Bars: Experiences in Crime examines these questions in this intriguing study of the life situations, relationships, and value systems of people who commit serious crimes. Based on eight years of research with law enforcement officials, the media, and interviews with more than eighty Canadian and American bank robbers, Behind the Bars goes behind the facelessness of the crime itself and into the hearts and minds of the offenders. Meet an ex-police officer, drug addicts, compulsive gamblers, a senior citizen, two con-authors, an exotic dancer, family men, informants, and career criminals. Their strikingly candid stories will inspire a great range of emotions, but most of all they will provide greater understanding of criminal behaviour. Frederick J. Desroches humanizes the offender by shedding signficant light on the social and economic conditions of offenders; on the dynamics of criminal partnerships; and on the problems many of these men experience and bring on themselves. Desroches balances the passion of criminals' stories with thematic and theoretical overviews of specific issues to create an exciting account that will capture the attention and imagination of any reader who has ever wondered why criminals commit crimes.

United States Code Service, Lawyers Edition

All Federal Laws of a General and Permanent Nature Arranged in Accordance with the Section Numbering of the United States Code and the Supplements Thereto
Author: United States
Publisher: N.A
Category: Law
Page: N.A
View: 9342

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Running Outta Time

Author: Scott Curtis
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1607918331
Category: Fiction
Page: 436
View: 2132

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After introducing time travel into the world of Inspirational Fiction with his novel Life Could be a Dream, award winning author Scott Curtis returns with three more stories of adventure, suspense, and yes, even another exciting tale of time travel! Running Outta Time brings you the stories of three separate people who indeed are running out of time. In the first story One Crazy Summer, three teens have just discovered proof that there may be a bag of one million dollars hidden somewhere inside the store where they work. With only a journal and some old newspaper clippings documenting a past bank robbery, they set out to find this money before someone gets hurt or killed. In Brooksie, Eddie discovers a door in his basement that leads directly to a 1928 amusement park. It's the stuff dreams are made of, but dreams can also turn out to be nightmares if you don't follow the rules. In Daylight in Blossom, Autumn Rees is haunted by whispering voices and creeping shadows that try to attack her at night. The only one who can save her is a superhero she has known all her life - the one who was there to rescue her seven years ago. Unfortunately, he doesn't hear those voices or see the shadows... yet. Scott Curtis is the pen name of the author of Life Could Be a Dream and the award winning novel Mommy's Choice (2008 Christian Choice Book Award). He is currently a Sunday school teacher at Bethel Church of Tallmadge. The best moments of his life are spent with his wife of fourteen years and two sons in Munroe Falls, Ohio. Scott can be contacted directly at [email protected]

Die versunkene Stadt Z

Expedition ohne Wiederkehr - das Geheimnis des Amazonas
Author: David Grann
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442156665
Page: 413
View: 8160

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