Antología de autores españoles: Antiguos

Author: Antonio Sánchez Romeralo,Fernando Ibarra,Alberto Machado da Rosa
Publisher: Pearson College Division
ISBN: 9780130338389
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 395
View: 2208

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For courses in Spanish Literature.

Spanish Literature: Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Author: Oxford University Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199809257
Category: History
Page: 50
View: 7928

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This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of Islamic studies find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated related. This ebook is a static version of an article from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Renaissance and Reformation, a dynamic, continuously updated, online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through scholarship and other materials relevant to the study of European history and culture between the 14th and 17th centuries. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit

Antigus y Modernos

Author: Machado,Fernando Ibarra
Publisher: Pearson College Division
ISBN: 9780133870855
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 595
View: 6629

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revista de la Universidad del Norte
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 5913

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Catalog of Copyright Entries, Third Series

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Publisher: N.A
Category: Copyright
Page: N.A
View: 4338

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The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copyright date, the copyright registration number, etc.).

Literatura y diferencia

escritoras colombianas del siglo XX
Author: María Mercedes Jaramillo,Betty Osorio de Negret,Angela Inés Robledo
Publisher: N.A
Category: Colombian literature
Page: 405
View: 1743

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Spanish Society, 1348–1700

Author: Teofilo F Ruiz
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351720910
Category: History
Page: 344
View: 3552

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Beginning with the Black Death in 1348 and extending through to the demise of Habsburg rule in 1700, this second edition of Spanish Society, 1348–1700 has been expanded to provide a wide and compelling exploration of Spain’s transition from the Middle Ages to modernity. Each chapter builds on the first edition by offering new evidence of the changes in Spain’s social structure between the fourteenth and seventeenth century. Every part of society is examined, culminating in a final section that is entirely new to the second edition and presents the changing social practices of the period, particularly in response to the growing crises facing Spain as it moved into the seventeenth century. Also new to this edition is a consideration of the social meaning of culture, specifically the presence of Hermetic themes and of magical elements in Golden Age literature and Cervantes’ Don Quijote. Through the extensive use of case studies, historical examples and literary extracts, Spanish Society is an ideal way for students to gain direct access to this captivating period.

Medical Interpreting and Cross-cultural Communication

Author: Claudia V. Angelelli
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139453950
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: N.A
View: 4747

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When healthcare providers and patients do not speak the same language, medical interpreters are called in to help. In this book - the first ever ethnographic study of a bilingual hospital - Claudia Angelelli explores the role of medical interpreters, drawing on data from over 300 medical encounters and interviewing the interpreters themselves about the people for whom they interpret, their challenges, and how they characterize their role. Traditionally the interpreter has been viewed as a language conduit, with little power over the medical encounter or the relationship between patient and provider. This book presents an alternative view, considering the interpreter's agency and contextualizing the practice within an institution that is part of a larger society. Bringing together literature from social theory, social psychology and linguistic anthropology, this book will be welcomed by anyone who wants to discover the intricacies of medical interpreting firsthand; particularly researchers, communication specialists, policy makers and practitioners.

Account of the Martyrs in the Provinces of La Florida

Author: Luis Jerónimo de Oré
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
ISBN: 0826357997
Category: History
Page: 192
View: 699

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This edition of Luis Jerónimo de Oré’s work presents readers with a new introduction and an annotated translation that place the text in the broader context of international politics.

The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote

Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820324302
Category: Fiction
Page: 942
View: 1646

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"Smollett's Don Quixote first appeared in 1755 and was for many years the most popular English-language version of Cervantes's masterpiece. However, soon after the start of the nineteenth century, its reputation began to suffer. Rival translators, literary hucksters, and careless scholars initiated or fed a variety of charges against Smollett - even plagiarism. For almost 130 years no publisher risked reprinting it.".

Dangerous Visions

Author: Harlan Ellison
Publisher: Gateway
ISBN: 0575108037
Category: Fiction
Page: 688
View: 5101

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Anthologies seldom make history, but Dangerous Visions is a grand exception. Harlan Ellison's 1967 collection of science fiction stories set an almost impossibly high standard, as more than a half dozen of its stories won major awards - not surpising with a contributor list that reads like a who's who of 20th-century SF: Samuel R. Delany, Philip K. Dick, Brian Aldiss, Roger Zelazny, Philip José Farmer, Fritz Leiber, Larry Niven and Robert Silverberg. Unavailable for 15 years, this huge anthology now returns to print, as relevant now as when it was first published.