Animal Encyclopedia

2,500 Animals with Photos, Maps, and More!
Author: Lucy H. Spelman,National Geographic Society (U.S.)
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426310226
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 304
View: 2788

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Presents a photographic reference with facts about twenty-five hundred animal species that detail animal habitats, life cycles, and conservation efforts.

Lions: Kings of the Jungle (Wildlife Big Cats)

Big Cats Encyclopedia
Author: Baby Professor
Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1682809056
Category: Science
Page: 32
View: 6555

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Let's explore the jungle and virtually play with the wild cats. This educational book uses the unique combination of texts and images to deliver eye-awakening information pertaining to jungle animals. Through early introduction, a child has a better chance of truly understanding what these animals can do for the environment and why we need them. Secure a copy today!

The Photo Ark

One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals
Author: Joel Sartore
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426217773
Category: Nature
Page: 400
View: 803

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This lush book of photography represents National Geographic's Photo Ark, a major cross-platform initiative and lifelong project by photographer Joel Sartore to make portraits of the world's animals-especially those that are endangered. His powerful message, conveyed with humor, compassion, and art- to know these animals is to save them.Sartore intends to photograph every animal in captivity in the world. He is circling the globe, visiting zoos and wildlife rescue centers to create studio portraits of 12,000 species, with an emphasis on those facing extinction. He has photographed more than 6,000 already and now, thanks to a multi-year partnership with National Geographic, he may reach his goal. This book showcases his animal portraits- from tiny to mammoth, from the Florida grasshopper sparrow to the greater one-horned rhinoceros. Paired with the eloquent prose of veteran wildlife writer Douglas Chadwick, this book presents a thought-provoking argument for saving all the species of our planet.

Encyclopedia of Animals

Author: Karen McGhee,George McKay
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9780792259367
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 192
View: 6525

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A comprehensive volume of more than one thousand animals introduces the entire animal kingdom, touring every corner of the planet and covering such topics as scientific and common names, conservation data, habitat, and behavior.


Author: DK Publishing
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1465449566
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 360
View: 2249

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A mini-encyclopedia on every page! 10,000 stunning photographs and illustrations catalog the wonders of history, space, the natural world, and more in Picturepedia. Bringing together an amazing array of images to explain every topic under the sun--and beyond!--Picturepedia is the ultimate resource for kids ages 9-12. Chapters on science and technology, nature, geography, culture, sports, hobbies, and history cover insects, musical instruments, spacecraft, world maps, famous discoveries, prehistoric life, and more. Every double-page spread contains a wealth of information on a given topic, with galleries, lists, sequences, facts, timelines, and much more. Every topic is illustrated with up to 100 photos, graphics, and illustrations. Perfect for gift-giving or adding to any home or school library, Picturepedia is a stimulating quick reference that kids will come back to time and time again.

First Big Book of the Ocean

Author: Catherine D. Hughes
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN: 1426313683
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 128
View: 7199

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Introduces several of the ocean's species, provides profiles of creatures, from dolphins and sharks to sea otters and penguins, while sharing facts about their characteristics, diets, and habitats.

Tiger Cubs

Author: Ruth Owen
Publisher: Bearport Publishing
ISBN: 1617721581
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 24
View: 6810

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Describes how tiger cubs learn all about hunting and living on their own.

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #1: The Discovery of America

Author: Geronimo Stilton
Publisher: Papercutz
ISBN: 1597074667
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 56
View: 819

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The popular children's story appears in graphic novel form for the first time in the U.S., with stories never seen in America. Geronimo Stilton is a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island with his friends and relatives. He works at The Rodent's Gazette, the most famous newspaper in New Mouse City. In this series of comics, Geronimo Stilton travels through time in order to defend history from his arch nemeses, the Pirate Cats. These devious felines plan to travel back in time in order to change history to make them supreme rulers of Mouse Island! In his first time-traveling adventure, Geronimo and co. join Christopher Columbus on his voyage from Italy to America in 1492 in order to stop the Pirate cats and save all of the mice on Mouse Island.

The Amazing Animal Atlas

Author: Nick Crumpton
Publisher: Nobrow Press
ISBN: 9781909263116
Page: 52
View: 6974

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Open up this super-sized atlas and prepare to be immersed in the beauty of our natural world!

The Kid's Book of Simple Everyday Science

Author: Kelly Doudna
Publisher: Mighty Media, Inc.
ISBN: 193806335X
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 112
View: 2113

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These 40 simple science activities will have young kids searching the house for everyday items to learn about temperature, pressure, water, air, heat, and plants! Each easy and fun activity includes how-to photos, simple instructions, short explanations, and introduces beginning math principles. With tips and extra information to extend the scientific experience, this book will get kids thinking like scientists in no time at all! The book includes: supply & tool lists, visual and text-based explanations, step-by-step instructions and photos, and safety information.

Wild Cats of the World

Author: Luke Hunter
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472922859
Category: Nature
Page: 240
View: 8280

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Ranging from the largest - the Tiger to the smallest species - the Rusty-spotted Cat and Black-footed Cat, the world's wild cats are some of the most beautiful, ferocious and feared carnivores in the world. Wild Cats of the World provides a detailed account of each species of wild cat, examining their importance throughout history and the future of some of the most endangered breeds. Using stunning photography and magnificent colour plates by top wildlife artist Priscilla Barrett to depict each cat in detail, Wild Cats of the World examines the characteristics of all 38 species, as well as their history, distribution and current IUCN status.

Tigers Forever

Saving the World's Most Endangered Big Cat
Author: Steve Winter,Sharon Guynup
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426212402
Category: Nature
Page: 223
View: 3306

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A National Geographic photographer embarks on a one-man mission to address the plight of the tiger before it's too late.

National Geographic Readers: Cheetahs

Author: Laura Marsh
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 1426311702
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 9999

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Adorably cute and amazingly fast, the cheetah is a perennial favorite among kids. This National Geographic Reader will delight kids with beautiful photographs and mind-boggling facts about this majestic and mysterious cat. Did you know a cheetah can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds? True to the National Geographic Kids’ style and trusted reputation, snack size bites of information provide easily digestible learning that fulfills both the reader’s curiosity and sense of achievement. National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources. Visit for more information.

A Cool Drink of Water

Author: Barbara Kerley
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 9780792254898
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 5021

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Depicts people around the world collecting, chilling, and drinking water.

Big Cats

Pictures to Purr about and Info to Make You Roar!
Author: Elizabeth Carney
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426308051
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 2033

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Photographs and easy-to-follow text introduce students to different types of big cats, including tigers, lions, and leopards.

Ocean Animals (Animal Planet Animal Bites)

Author: Animal Planet,Laaren Brown
Publisher: Animal Planet
ISBN: 9781618931627
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 80
View: 9416

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With more than 200 gorgeous animal photos of sharks, whales, clown fish, jelly fish, dolphins, and others, Animal Planet Ocean Animals is a fun, habitat-by-habitat guide that provides kids in the first years of schooling with the perfect bite-sized view of their favorite ocean-dwelling animals. Arranged thematically with focus on animal behavior and family relationships, young readers will explore sections about animal bodies, baby animals, food, play time, conservation and more. Special book features designed for this age group include Quick Bites sidebars with cool animal facts, simple infographics, and illustrated maps of Earth's watery environments. For more Animal Bites books, check out Animal Planet Polar Animals! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Animal Planet's R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.) project which partners with leading animal organization to make the world a better place for domestic and wild animals.

The Doublecross

(And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy)
Author: Jackson Pearce
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1619634147
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 304
View: 3307

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Part "Spy Kids" and all fun, "The Doublecross" is the first in a fresh middle grade action-adventure series with a healthy dose of humor.

How to Speak Cat

A Guide to Decoding Cat Language
Author: Aline Alexander Newman,Gary Weitzman
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426318634
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 176
View: 8122

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Draws on the expertise of a Humane Society veterinarian and a National Geographic writer to reveal what cats are communicating with their body language and behavior, sharing educational scenarios and numerous photos of classic cat poses. Simultaneous.

Baby Lions

Author: K. C. Kelley
Publisher: Spot (Library)
ISBN: 9781681513201
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 16
View: 5062

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This search-and-find book invites emergent readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about baby orangutans, including information about their life in the trees.