Ancient India

Land of Mystery
Author: Time-Life Books
Publisher: Time Life Education
ISBN: 0809490374
Category: History
Page: 168
View: 978

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Discusses the archaeology and civilizations of the Indus Valley, the Indo-Aryans of the Vedic era, the first Buddhists, and the Gupta empire

The Land of Osiris

An Introduction to Khemitology
Author: Stephen S. Mehler
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813589
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 9347

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"Was there a advanced prehistoric civilization in ancient Egypt? Who were the people who built the great pyramids and carved the Great Sphinx? Did the pyramids serve as energy devices and not as tombs for kings? Independent Egyptologist Stephen S. Mehler has spent over 30 years researching the answers to these questions and believes the answers are "Yes!" An indigenous oral tradition still exists in Egypt, and Mehler has been able to uncover and study it with the help of a living master of this tradition, Abd1El Hakim Awyan. He has also been given permission to share these teachings—presented heretofore in fragments by other researchers—to the Western World, teachings that unfold a whole new understanding of ancient Egypt"--Publisher's description.

The Lost Lemuria - The Story of the Lost Civilization (Ancient Mysteries Series)

Author: William Scott-Elliot
Publisher: e-artnow
ISBN: 8026848608
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 360
View: 559

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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Lost Lemuria - The Story of the Lost Civilization (Ancient Mysteries Series)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The object of this study about the lost continent of Lemuria and its inhabitants is to establish by the evidence obtainable from geology and from the study of the relative distribution of living and extinct animals and plants, as well as from the observed processes of physical evolution in the lower kingdoms, the facts stated in the "Secret Doctrine" and in other works with reference to these now submerged lands. William Scott-Elliot (1849-1919) was a theosophist and anthropologist.

Literature Connections to World History, 7-12

Resources to Enhance and Entice
Author: Lynda G. Adamson
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563085055
Category: Education
Page: 511
View: 9061

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Provides annotated entries for historical fiction titles, biographies, and multimedia items

Predictions for a New Millennium

Author: Noel Tyl
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited
ISBN: 9781567187373
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 277
View: 1063

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Uses the techniques of astrology to predict the events of the upcoming century

Mysteries of Ancient South America

Author: Harold T. Wilkins
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813268
Category: Social Science
Page: 236
View: 2965

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The reprint of Wilkin's classic book on the megaliths and mysteries of South America. This book predates Wilkin's book Secret Cities of Old South America published in 1952. Mysteries of Ancient South America was first published in 1947 and is considered a classic book of its kind. With diagrams, photographs and maps, Wilkins digs into old manuscripts and books to bring us some truly amazing stories of South America: a bizarre subterranean tunnel system; lost cities in the remote border jungles of Brazil; legends of Atlantis in South America; cataclysmic changes that shaped South America; and other strange stories from one of the world's greatest researchers.

Die Stadt des Affengottes

Eine unbekannte Zivilisation, ein mysteriöser Fluch, eine wahre Geschichte
Author: Douglas Preston
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 3641203929
Category: History
Page: 368
View: 1406

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Eine wahre Indiana-Jones-Geschichte - eine archäologische Sensation Schon seit dem 16. Jahrhundert gab es Gerüchte über eine Provinz im Regenwald von Honduras, deren Städte reich und prachtvoll seien, ganz besonders die Weiße Stadt, auch Stadt des Affengottes genannt. Immer wieder machten sich Abenteurer und Archäologen auf die Suche nach den Zeugnissen dieser Zivilisation, die offenbar nicht zu den Mayas gehörte. Manchmal stießen sie tatsächlich auf Ruinen, aber eine wirkliche Erforschung war in dem von giftigen Schlangen und tödlichen Krankheitserregern verseuchten und vom Dschungel überwucherten Gelände unmöglich. Erst die moderne Lasertechnik, mit deren Hilfe das Gelände aus der Luft gescannt wird, ermöglichte genauere Hinweise, wo sich größere Ansiedlungen befinden. Um sie vor Ort zu untersuchen muss man sich allerdings auch heute noch auf den beschwerlichen Weg durch den Dschungel machen. Der Schriftsteller und Journalist Douglas Preston schloss sich kürzlich einer archäologischen Expedition an. Sie fand tatsächlich die eindrucksvollen Ruinen einer untergegangenen Stadt, aber sie zahlte am Ende auch einen hohen Preis.

Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of Africa & Arabia

Author: David Hatcher Childress
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813060
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 414
View: 4714

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Join Childress as he discovers forbidden cities in the Empty Quarter of Arabia, 'Atlantean' ruins in Egypt and the Kalahari desert; a mysterious, ancient empire in the Sahara; and more. This is an extraordinary life on the road: across war torn countries Childress searches for King Solomon's Mines, living dinosaurs, the Ark of the Covenant and the solutions to the fantastic mysteries of the past.

Lost Cities of Atlantis, Ancient Europe & the Mediterranean

Author: David Hatcher Childress
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813251
Category: Social Science
Page: 488
View: 6875

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Atlantis! The legendary lost continent comes under the close scrutiny of archaeologist David Hatcher Childress. From Ireland to Turkey, Morocco to Eastern Europe, or remote islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Childress takes the reader on an astonishing quest for mankind's past. Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilisations, and devastating wars of the past are all explored in this amazing book. Childress challenges the sceptics and proves that great civilisations not only existed in the past but that the modern world and its problems are reflections of the ancient world of Atlantis.

The Lost Continent of Mu

Author: James Churchward
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9781931882729
Category: History
Page: 335
View: 9818

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This classic book on the theory of a lost continent in the Pacific imparts the fascinating travel stories and theories of James Churchward.

Forthcoming Books

Author: R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 2808

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Tayos Gold

The Archives of Atlantis
Author: Stan Hall
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9781931882675
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 229
View: 9977

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In 1976, Scottish engineer Stan Hall organised a landmark expedition to the caves of the Tayos Indians in Ecuador, involving a dozen institutions, joint Special Forces, and astronaut professor Neil Armstrong as Honorary President and participant. Hall was driven by curiosity about Erich von Daniken's report of a Metal Library allegedly found in the caves by investigator Juan Moricz in the mid-1960s (published in von Daniken's 1972 blockbuster Gold of the Gods). This idea was considered unorthodox in the absence of any ancient written script in South America. In Hall's odyssey into the heart of global enigmas he researches: the origins of mankind; Atlantis; Ptolemy's lost city of Cattigara; and, the sudden rise and fall of wonder civilisations. This journey ended with his identification of Atlantis and Cattigara, and the entrance to the Metal Library along the Pastaza River in Ecuador. Imagination, action and danger combine explosively in the story of this spectacular British-Ecuadorian expedition to the Tayos Caves of Ecuador.

Self-Mastery (the Way of the Heaven Born)

the way of the heaven born
Author: W George Bryant Phd
Publisher: Google Books,CREATE SPACE(Amazon).
ISBN: 1419626477
Category: Fiction
Page: 482
View: 5376

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Self-Mastery is An Inspirational work that assists young adults in the development of self knowledge. As such it is a book to be studied and and not just read. The format in analogous to the course materials for the organization "A course in Mircales."

Video Sourcebook

A Guide to Programs Currently Available on Video in the Areas Of: Movies/entertainment, General Interest/education, Sports/recreation, Fine Arts, Heal
Author: Thomson Gale
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9781414400990
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 4000
View: 353

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From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

Mysteries of Lost Civilizations

Author: Anne Millard
Publisher: Copper Beach Books
ISBN: 9780761305347
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 40
View: 3420

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Describes the cultures, cities, people, and objects of ancient civilizations based on evidence from archaeological findings.

Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the Pacific

Author: David Hatcher Childress
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: 367
View: 9546

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Was there once a continent in the Pacific called Lemuria or Pacifica by ecologists, and Mu or Pan by the mystics? There is now ample mythological, geological and archaeological evidence to 'prove' that an advanced and ancient civilisation once lived in the central Pacific. Childress combs the Indian Ocean, Australia and the Pacific in search of the astonishing truth about mankind's past. Contains photos of the underwater city on Pompeii, explains how statues were levitated around Easter Island in a clockwise vortex movement; disappearing islands; Egyptians in Australia; and more.

Technology of the Gods

The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients
Author: David Hatcher Childress
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813732
Category: History
Page: 343
View: 773

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Explores natural and man-made mysteries of the past in the light of the latest technology. Includes the Egyptian pyramids, the dinosaurs, and lost civilizations.