Ancient Guardians: The Hawaiian Legend of Sharktooth and Hawkeye

Author: Kanani Hurley
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1478759240
Category: Fiction
Page: 242
View: 3636

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Adventurous, imaginative, and brave, Kawehi has enjoyed her life on the island of Kaua‘i, and she especially loves the time she spends with Kahoku, her older brother. But when a shocking event unexpectedly turns her world upside down, Kawehi will find herself facing unimaginable truths about her family and the people around her, as she is catapulted headlong into a world of mystery and myth. Although Kawehi’s gentleness and innocence are powerful talismans against the evil she will confront, the strength of her character, and the amazing gifts she never knew she had will allow her to rise to heights of achievement that her family could never have dreamed of. Beautifully written, rich with the culture, surroundings, and native legends of Hawai‘i, Ancient Guardians: The Hawaiian Legend of Sharktooth and Hawkeye introduces a unique heroine and her family, whose adventures you will be excited to follow in this inventive and compelling new series.

Ancient Guardians

The Awakening (Book 3, Ancient Guardians Series)
Author: S. L. Morgan
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780578159195
Category: Earth (Planet)
Page: 568
View: 8982

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"As the new Emperor of Pemdas, Levi begins restoring hope to the grieving lands and the people who lost so much during the battle of Armedias. With the healing initiated, Levi moves quickly to make Reece his wife. Not long after their enchanted wedding, the appearance of an enigmatic man coincides with newfound, supernatural powers in Reece that she and Levi struggle to understand. But nothing could have prepared either of them when the impossible is revealed... Emperor Navarre is alive in another galaxy! Tensions grow and questions abound for Levi, Reece, and the Guardians as they race to embark on their dangerous new quest, but throughout it all, one thing is made more and more clear to Levi: The Guardians have vowed to protect 'The Key,' and now 'The Key' must protect them." --page [4] of cove

Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2, Ancient Guardians Series)

Author: S.L.Morgan
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0615946631
Category: Fiction
Page: 366
View: 9089

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In the second installment of the Ancient Guardians series, readers will find themselves swept back into the enchanting dimension of Pemdas. Travel with the Emperor and his family to new locations, and discover more beauty that this enchanting dimension has to offer. But, not everything will be as it seems. As Reece and Levi begin to move forward with arranging their much anticipated wedding ceremony, strange events begin to occur, leaving the readers guessing as they turn each page who is behind this. Thrilling, enchanting and will keep you on the edge of your seat, The Uninvited is a book of mystery and excitement and will reveal to the readers who the Guardians really are.

The Guardians

The Search for the Golden Praying Mantis
Author: Rick Boyle
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1532053460
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 372
View: 5681

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No matter how good our lives seem to be going, we often long for a little more excitement. Sometimes we don’t realize it though until something unusual is presented to us, and we need to make some big, important decisions. In author Rick Boyle’s The Guardians: The Search for the Golden Praying Mantis, you join three teenagers who undertake an adventure of a lifetime. Seth is the star quarterback for La Jolla High School and his younger brother, Sean, is a genius. For the most part, the brothers are pleased with their lives. Then they meet their new science teacher. Miss Tia, a former college professor from New York University. When she shares a story about the elusive Golden Praying Mantis, the boys are intrigued. With the help of classmate, Amber, they go on a search for this mystical creature. And when they discover a black and white crystal, their lives are changed forever. The Guardians: The Search for the Golden Praying Mantis shows us that things are not always what they seem. Nor are people—even parents. Join Seth and Sean as they begin their journey to become Guardians of the Universe.

The Legacy of the Key Anniversary Edition

Ancient Guardians Book 1
Author: S L Morgan
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780692830451
Page: N.A
View: 7003

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She never knew she was secretly being followed. She had no idea the importance of who she really was. She never once thought there was life outside of earth, and would struggle to realize they existed because of her... The award winning and international best-selling book that started it all is returning with never before read bonus scenes and revised content. A book you don't want to pass up!

The Orb of Darkness The Thirteen Guardians

Author: Liz J. Berni
ISBN: 1291148566
Category: Fiction
Page: 586
View: 6204

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As the story unfolds, the strife for the Orb escalates. A new enemy that has been biding his time in cunning darkness has reared his head. The trauma left in Arden's wake weakens the three, and while the chess pieces move into battle, Ommadon's final weapon comes into play. The renegade Arden; his cause in turmoil, struggles to trust his new family. If he remains in the belief that he is alone he won't find the strength to endure the darkness that is the Orb. The help of the Thirteen Guardians is either a blessing or a curse. Their presence is enigmatic as much as it is sinister. Will they find the answers in time?

The Atlas Array

Author: B. L. Barger
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480953695
Category: Fiction
Page: 412
View: 2975

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The Atlas Array By: B. L. Barger In this follow-up novel to The Sirius Connection, Maxine, the Qatar family, a scholar of antiquities, and three mysterious sisters of the stone travel through time to Egypt 2900 BC, to find ancient Guardians they believe came to Earth and built a planetary weapon array—a weapon they need to reactivate in modern times to defend against a second swarm that threatens to annihilate Earth once and for all. Throughout their quest, Maxine and her companions find themselves in constant conflict with ancient Guardians who now call themselves Osiris, Baal, Poseidon, and Zeus, and who believe themselves to be gods. After escaping repeated attempts on their lives, our heroes discover that a Guardian who calls himself Atlas is the one they must find as he is the engineer who designed the planetary weapon array. To free Atlas from his imprisonment by Zeus, Maxine and company are forced into the aftermath of a civil war, while an active volcano threatens to undo everything. Will they escape from those who would oppose them to bring Atlas through time before the swarm descends?

Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy I

Author: John Peter Anton,George L. Kustas,Anthony Preus
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780873950503
Category: Philosophy
Page: 650
View: 3355

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Papers presented to the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy since its beginnings in the 1950's.


Author: Bella Forrest
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781984078018
Page: 350
View: 7711

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Noch nie waren Vampire so hei�... Die millionenfache Bestseller-Autorin Bella Forrest kehrt mit einer v�llig neuen paranormalen Liebesgeschichte zur�ck. Ein letztes Abenteuer. Das ist alles, was Riley sich w�nscht, bevor f�r sie das College beginnt und sich ihr Weg von dem ihrer zwei besten Freundinnen trennt. Aber ihren letzten Sommer gemeinsam auf einer Farm in Texas mitten im Nirgendwo zu verbringen, ist bei Weitem nicht so aufregend, wie die drei es sich vorgestellt hatten. Zumindest so lange nicht, bis sie �ber Geheimnisse stolpern, die kein Mensch entdecken sollte. M�nner tauchen auf und verschwinden. Ein riesiger Fl�gel, am Ufer versteckt. Schreie mitten in der Nacht. Jede merkw�rdige Beobachtung scheint mit den seltsamen - und beunruhigend attraktiven - neuen Nachbarn zusammenzuh�ngen, allen voran Navan mit dem feurigen Blick. Aus Gr�nden, die Riley sich nicht erkl�ren kann, f�hlt sie sich von ihm und seiner Vergangenheit angezogen. Aber Navan hat eine monstr�se Seite. Eine Seite, die ihm unglaubliche Kr�fte verleiht, die nicht von dieser Welt sind, und die seine Haut fahl aussehen, aber bei Ber�hrung hei� wie Feuer gl�hen lassen. Als die Ereignisse eine gef�hrliche Wendung nehmen, beschlie�t Riley, ihre Freundinnen um jeden Preis zu besch�tzen, doch je mehr sie das Geheimnis l�ftet, desto tiefer wird sie in eine �bernat�rliche Eroberung verstrickt, die weit �ber Texas ... und �ber die Erde hinausreicht. Ein Geheimnis. Eine Liebesgeschichte. Und ein Abenteuer, das das Schicksal der Menschheit ver�ndern k�nnte. Macht euch gefasst auf eine einzigartige Geschichte, wie ihr sie liebt,und auf ein Abenteuer, das packend und �berraschend zugleich ist. Scrollt nach oben und bestellt jetzt euer Exemplar, um gleich mit dem Lesen anzufangen ... *Mehr als 275 weltweite 5-Sterne-Rezensionen dieser Serie* *Achtet auf Spoiler in den untenstehenden Rezensionen, die nicht mit einer Spoilerwarnung versehen sind.*

Ogrino, The Ancient Legacy

Author: J.P. Jentile
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469173379
Category: Fiction
Page: 414
View: 630

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Hunted by the Military Order of Legiferius, which seeks to eliminate all magical creatures, a young Ogre named Ogrino has lost his parents and his memory. He is adopted by the circus people and comes to live as a human boy. Discovered again by the Order, he escapes with help from the Pixie Razenbruck. Ogrino fights off a thousand dangers in order to spread the news of the Order’s threat to the peoples of the Legendary World, including Delphoros, the king of seas; Precelestine, monarch of underground; and Themistomene, sovereign of the forests. Ogrino wakes the dragon Metanor and even meets Felicia Regina, Queen of the Elves, who reveals to him his destiny. But will all this be enough to protect the Gigantum, the tree-father of all life, and preserve the Great Balance from the evil schemes of the Order’s leader, the Magnus Legifer ?

Mysteries and Secrets of the Templars

The Story Behind the Da Vinci Code
Author: Lionel Fanthorpe,Patricia Fanthorpe
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 9781550025576
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 7851

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Explores both the ancient secrets and the modern purposes of the remarkable men known as the Templars.

The Works

Author: Washington Irving
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 9971

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Guardians of Letters

Literacy, Power, and the Transmitters of Early Christian Literature
Author: Kim Haines-Eitzen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195350548
Category: Religion
Page: 224
View: 9945

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Who were the scribes that copied early Christian literature during the second and third centuries? What roles did they play in the reproduction and dissemination of these writings? To answer these questions, this study utilizes evidence from early Christian literature and the earliest Christian papyri--including their form, physical features, and textual characteristics.


Prophet Against Empire
Author: David V. Erdman
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486143902
Category: Art
Page: 608
View: 7473

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DIVDefinitive study of strange symbolism Blake used to attack political tyranny of his time. "For our sense of Blake in his own times we are indebted to David Erdman more than anyone else."—Times Literary Supplement. Third revised edition. 32 black-and-white illus. /div