An Introduction to the Composition and Analysis of Greek Prose

Author: Eleanor Dickey
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521184250
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 312
View: 1320

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Why learn to write in a dead language? Because a really good understanding of a language can only be attained by using it actively. Unlike earlier textbooks aimed at schoolboys, this work addresses modern adults who want to understand concepts fully as they learn. Drawing on recent scholarship where appropriate and assuming no prior background except some reading knowledge of Greek, the course combines a structured review of paradigms and vocabulary with clear and comprehensive explanations of the rules of Greek syntax. Large numbers of exercises are provided, both with and without key: a complete set of cumulative exercises and another set of non-cumulative exercises for those who prefer to dip into specific sections. The exercises include, as well as English sentences and paragraphs for translation, Greek sentences and passages for translation, analysis, and manipulation. A full English-Greek vocabulary and list of principal parts are included.

Writing Greek

An Introduction to Writing in the Language of Classical Athens
Author: Stephen Anderson,John Taylor
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 147250285X
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 192
View: 874

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Planned as a companion volume to Writing Latin by Richard Ashdowne and James Morwood, this accessible guide to writing Greek is useful for anyone starting Greek prose composition. Part 1 deals with the constituent elements of the simple sentence, and in Part 2 all major constructions are covered, each with thorough explanations and clear examples. Each chapter has either two or three exercises of practice sentences, further supplemented throughout Part 2 by passages for continuous composition. 100 important irregular verbs with their principal parts are listed at the back of the book, and there is a complete vocabulary for all the exercises, a useful learning and revision resource in itself.

Greek Prose Composition

Author: M. A. North,A. E. Hillard
Publisher: Focus
ISBN: 9780941051897
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 272
View: 3890

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In addition to numerous exercises, this text includes all common words and constructions, special vocabularies, a general vocabulary, irregular verbs, a list of prepositional phrases, and more tools for Greek prose composition.

Vox Graeca

The Pronunciation of Classical Greek
Author: William Sidney Allen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521335553
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 179
View: 3631

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This edition of Professor Allen's highly successful book is on the pronunciation of Attic Greek in classical times. In this third edition, Allen has revised the section on stress in classical Greek, the chapter on quantity has been recast, and the author has added an appendix on the names and letters of the Greek alphabet, to provide a parallel and historical background to the similar appendix in the second edition of his Vox Latina. The total amount of revision since the first edition has made it necessary to reset the whole book, so in addition to the new material, the supplementary notes of the second edition are now incorporated into the main text making this book much more convenient to use.

Attica: Intermediate Classical Greek

Readings, Review, and Exercises
Author: Cynthia L. Claxton
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 030017876X
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 369
View: 4618

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Effective as either a primary or secondary textbook, Attica: Intermediate Classical Greek fills a gap in the available materials by simultaneously providing a much-needed grammar review and an introduction to primary texts that students will be working with in the second and third year of study. Through comprehensive exercises, extensive explanatory notes, and an ancillary website with additional materials, this text gives students the skills they need to become comfortable with advanced second-year literary material.

Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition

Author: Thomas Kerchever Arnold
Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
ISBN: 0865165955
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 450
View: 2532

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A newly revised and typeset edition of one of the most popular textbooks used for review of grammar and for writing Latin composition. The main justification for composing Latin prose is that it is an invaluable means of acquiring a real mastery of the language. Progress is made as the language is used as a medium of expression. This book is appropriate for those who already have a basic command of the Latin language.

Greek Prose Style

Author: John Dewar Denniston
Publisher: Duckbacks
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 139
View: 5321

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First published in 1952, this study discusses the development of Greek prose during the fifth century and analyzes its use of abstract forms of expression, word-order, sentence structure, use of repetition, asyndeton and assonance.

New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greek

Author: Philomen Probert
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press
ISBN: 9781853995996
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 160
View: 6557

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The original aim of this book was to provide an updated reprint of J.P. Postgate's "Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greek" (1924). It has developed considerably during the preparation, still including what was most useful in Postgate but now incorporating much additional material and information based on the latest scholarship. It is intended for those who have already learned some Greek but who wish to acquaint themselves with the workings of the accent system, either for the first time or by way of revision. An introductory part outlines clearly the evidence for our knowledge of Greek accentuation and quotes some of our ancient sources for the sound of the accent. The remainder of the book is designed to facilitate the learning of the accents themselves. Exercises are included throughout.

Learn Latin from the Romans

A Complete Introductory Course Using Textbooks from the Roman Empire
Author: Eleanor Dickey
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107140846
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 570
View: 4243

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The only introductory Latin textbook to use texts written by ancient Romans for Latin learners, presented in one volume.

An anthology of Greek prose

Author: Donald Andrew Russell
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 289
View: 7753

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A wide-ranging and readable volume, this anthology includes over fifty short extracts from all the major Greek prose writers from the fifth century B.C. through to the fourth century A.D. It encompasses works by Herodotus, Thucydides, and other historians; orators such as Lysias and Isocrates; philosophers such as Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle; and writers from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. An essential guide for both scholars and students of Greek literary appreciation and composition, the volume presents a broad range of stylistic and syntactical techniques with accompanying notes, full references to grammars, and useful general introductions to each text.

Readings and Exercises in Latin Prose Composition

From Antiquity to the Renaissance
Author: Milena Minkova,Terence Tunberg
Publisher: Focus Pub R Pullins & Company
ISBN: 9781585100903
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 185
View: 3945

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This text offers a number of highly structured composition exercises that introduce a deeper understanding of Latin grammar and prose, and allow greater facility in writing, reading and understanding Latin.

Key to Greek Prose Composition

Author: A.E. Hillard,M.A. North
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press
ISBN: 9780715615270
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 116
View: 9492

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The key to the classic "Greek Prose Composition" which has been in use throughout the world for over 100 years. It features brief lesson overviews followed by English to Greek composition exercises. In the Appendix the student will find useful tables of verb stems, prepositions and particles. The book is suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners.

The Measure of Homer

The Ancient Reception of the Iliad and the Odyssey
Author: Richard Hunter
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 1108428312
Category: History
Page: 264
View: 8584

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Placing homer -- Homer and the divine -- The golden verses -- Homer among the scholars -- The pleasures of song

The Cambridge Grammar of Classical Greek

Author: Evert van Emde Boas,Albert Rijksbaron,Luuk Huitink,Mathieu de Bakker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521198608
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 575
View: 903

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This is the first full-scale reference grammar of Classical Greek in English in a century. The first work of its kind to reflect significant advances in linguistics made in recent decades, it provides students, teachers and academics with a comprehensive yet user-friendly treatment. The chapters on phonology and morphology make full use of insights from comparative and historical linguistics to elucidate complex systems of roots, stems and endings. The syntax offers linguistically up-to-date descriptions of such topics as case usage, tense and aspect, voice, subordinate clauses, infinitives and participles. An innovative section on textual coherence treats particles and word order and discusses several sample passages in detail, demonstrating new ways of approaching Greek texts. Throughout the book numerous original examples are provided, all with translations and often with clarifying notes. Clearly laid-out tables, helpful cross-references and full indexes make this essential resource accessible to users of all levels.

A Companion to the Ancient Greek Language

Author: Egbert J. Bakker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444317404
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 704
View: 2991

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A comprehensive account of the language of Ancient Greek civilization in a single volume, with contributions from leading international scholars covering the historical, geographical, sociolinguistic, and literary perspectives of the language. A collection of 36 original essays by a team of international scholars Treats the survival and transmission of Ancient Greek Includes discussions on phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

The Greek Particles

Author: John Dewar Denniston,Kenneth James Dover
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 9780872202993
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 660
View: 4994

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A reprint of the Oxford University Press edition of 1966. Copublished in the U.K. by Gerald Duckworth and Company, Ltd. In his classic work of scholarship, conceived as a study not just of Greek grammar and etymology but of Greek literature as well, Denniston presents the necessarily encyclopedic material with a lucid and delightful prose. This edition incorporates his additions and corrections to the first edition of 1934, and it includes indexes of combinations and references by K. J. Dover.

Echoing Narratives

Studies of Intertextuality in Greek and Roman Prose Fiction
Author: Konstantin Doulamis
Publisher: Barkhuis
ISBN: 9077922857
Category: History
Page: 210
View: 9103

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Intertextuality has been recognised as an important feature of ancient prose fiction and yet it has only received sporadic attention in modern scholarship, despite the recent explosion of interest in the ancient novels. This volume is intended to make a contribution towards filling this gap by drawing attention to, and throwing fresh light on, the presence in ancient Greek and Roman narratives of earlier literary echoes. While one volume is by no means sufficient to remedy the problem of the relative lack of scholarship on the topic, nevertheless it is hoped that the present collection will create scope for debate and will generate greater scholarly interest in this area. Most of the articles collected here originated in the colloquium 'The Ancient Novel and its Reception of Earlier Literature', which was held at University College Cork in August 2007. They investigate the interconnection between Graeco-Roman narratives and earlier or contemporary works, and consider ways in which intertextual exploration is invited from the readers of these texts. What prompts the reader to associate a passage with an earlier text? What triggers in a text the evocation of motifs from antecedent literature? How might we interpret an identified allusion? In what ways can intertextuality function as a device of characterisation? These are among the questions explored by the chapters in this volume, which concentrate on the 'canonical' Greek romances and the Roman novels but also cover other novel-like works, such as the Alexander Romance and Alexander's Letter to Aristotle About India, and the Story of Apollonius King of Tyre.

Greek Prose Composition

Author: Susan A. Stephens
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781931019101
Page: 154
View: 830

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Bryn Mawr Commentaries provide clear, concise, accurate, and consistent support for students making the transition from introductory and intermediate texts to the direct experience of ancient Greek and Latin literature. They assume that the student will know the basics of grammar and vocabulary and then provide the specific grammatical and lexical notes that a student requires to begin the task of interpretation. Hackett Publishing Company is the exclusive distributor of the Bryn Mawr Commentaries in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.