Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones

Author: Eric Cheng
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0134122836
Category: Photography
Page: 288
View: 9542

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Inexpensive consumer drones that offer ease of flight and high-quality photography and videography have exploded on the market recently, creating what can only be described as drone mania amongst a diverse range of potential users. Because camera-carrying drones still really only exist on the edge between hobby and the mainstream, there is still a lot of confusion about what these small drones are capable of doing. The decision to purchase one is just the first in a long stream of things a new owner must think about. Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones is designed to help you make the most of the opportunities these nimble, affordable, and accessible flying machines have created for aerial photography and videography. Within this definitive guide, you’ll learn about the following: • the current state of camera drone equipment • how to become a competent drone operator • tips for getting the best aerial still images and videos • stories from aerial photographers and videographers from around the world • the current regulatory state for drone usage in the U.S. • techniques demonstrated in several videos you can download from, along with pre-flight checklists and worksheets for flight training.

Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones Learn by Video

Author: Eric Cheng,Jeff Foster
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 9780134121949
Category: Photography
Page: N.A
View: 8481

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Inexpensive, capable, consumer drones have hit the market recently, creating what can only be described as drone mania amongst a diverse range of potential users. Because camera-carrying drones still really only exist on the edge between hobby and the mainstream, there is still a lot of confusion about what these small drones are capable of doing. This video is for anyone who wants to learn how to capture photos or videos from the new perspectives unlocked by freedom of camera movement in the vertical dimension. After watching the video, users will know how to safely operate a drone and will be guided in the training necessary to become an accomplished operator. They will have a head start in ideas for potential first projects with a flying camera. They will also have a good idea of how to work with the captured media in post to generate something they can present to their intended audience. The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique Watch & Work mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside as you view the video. A pre-flight checklist and worksheets for flight training are included on the disc and at the end of every lesson, you can test your knowledge by taking interactive quizzes. Duration: 2-3 Hours User Level: Beginning/Intermediate Closed-Captioning in English System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6, Microsoft Windows XP, or higher 2 GHz processor or higher 4 GB RAM or higher 1 GB free HD space (does not include lesson files) Please Note: • This DVD-ROM can be viewed only on your computer. It will not play in a DVD-Video player software or a DVD set-top player

Drones and Warfare

Author: Jeff Mapua
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1508173370
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 1512

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Throughout the history of warfare, combatants have sought out higher ground. With the development of military drones, the United States and other powers now have access to the highest ground: the sky itself. The incredible and sobering power of drones as weapons—both as tools of surveillance and as delivery systems for missiles—is explored in this book. Readers will be fascinated by the history of drones, their current usage in hot spots around the globe, and their possible future incarnations. The coverage of the very controversial ethical and moral issues surrounding drone use also makes this book a valuable resource.

Drones in the Classroom

Author: Katherine Yaun
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 150817346X
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 2082

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As drones become more sophisticated and inexpensive, technology experts and educators alike expect their use to proliferate within classrooms and around school environments generally. As a tool for research, newsgathering, and multimedia instruction, the potential to leverage drones for learning is vast. This book guides readers through some of the endless possibilities available to students hoping to use drones in school projects, teachers employing them in their lessons, and even their use by administrators and other members of the school community, like school security specialists, physical education teachers, and student and faculty organizers of extracurricular activities and performances.

Mach, was Du willst

Design Thinking fürs Leben
Author: Bill Burnett,Dave Evans
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843713634
Category: Self-Help
Page: 288
View: 3833

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Design Thinking hilft, kreative Lösungen für komplexe Probleme zu finden. Die Autoren übertragen dieses Prinzip auf das Leben und die Berufswahl. Denke wie ein Designer: Stelle Fragen, suche Verbündete, mache Fehler, baue Prototypen, denke interdisziplinär – und werde zum Designer deines eigenen Lebens! Diese Ideen präsentieren die beiden Professoren seit sieben Jahren an der Stanford University,was zu chronisch überbuchten Kursen führt.

Norman Foster

Author: Daniel Treiber
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783764325510
Category: Science
Page: 143
View: 7985

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Unterwegs auf legendären Wegen
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783899559118
Page: 254
View: 6741

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first workshop
Author: Indiana State University,Society of American Foresters. Remote Sensing Working Group
Publisher: Asprs Pubns
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 270
View: 6308

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Die Muster der Erde

Author: Bernhard Edmaier,Angelika Jung-Hüttl
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780714897196
Page: 240
View: 7205

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[digital] Visual Effects and Compositing

Author: Jon Gress
Publisher: New Riders
ISBN: 013380724X
Category: Computers
Page: 552
View: 2971

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In this latest book in the critically-acclaimed [digital] series from New Riders you’ll learn all of the techniques and skills that will take you from beginner to visual effects (VFX) professional in just one book. Seasoned visual effects producer Jon Gress has refined the teaching of the skills and techniques presented in this book for over a decade to distill them down to the most effective methodology, delivered in a way that’s both fun and easy to understand while being state-of-the-art for industry professionals. You’ll start with a solid understanding of the basics of visual effects and compositing, the fundamentals of bluescreen and greenscreen keying, 3D texturing, cloning, wire & rig removal, rotoscoping, 2D and 3D motion tracking, and matchmoving. And then experiment with a wide range of 2D, 2.5D & 3D visual effects, including 3D CGI, crowd replication, face replacements, faking shadows, reflections and Z depth, atmospheric, smoke, cloud & heat FX, sky replacements, day-for-night and digital 3D HUD FX. Building on this strong foundation of compositing and visual effects, you’ll be prepared for the advanced section of the book which teach skills, such as 2D, 2.5D & 3D digital matte painting and projections, film colorization, particle systems, fluid and rigid body dynamics, full digital environments, digital destruction, advanced lighting and rendering techniques, stereoscopic 3D, 2D to 3D conversions, and expert 3D and Photoshop extraction and modeling techniques that can only be described as magic! Throughout the lessons, you’ll glean insider advice on cutting edge methods that even experienced professionals will find amazing. You’ll learn everything you need to know to begin working in the world of visual effects as an industry professional. • All the info you need to go from beginner to professional in one book • Easily accessible teaching style from an instructor who has helped launch the careers of some of the best-known Hollywood visual effects specialists • Includes companion graphics files and videos to follow along with the lessons