A woman alone & other plays

Author: Franca Rame,Dario Fo
Publisher: A&C Black
Category: Drama
Page: 206
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"The pieces are comic, grotesque, on purpose.First of all because we women have been crying for two thousand years. So let's laugh now, even at ourselves."-Franca Rame."Escaping domestic servitude to enjoy free love; the assault on body and spirit of a gang rape; the joys and vicissitudes of a day and a night on the razzle: in the skillful hands of Gillian Hanna, who also translates Franca Rame and Daria Fo's sparkling plays, this becomes the dramatic stuff of women's lives."-Ann McFerran, Time Out.Edited by Stuart Hood and translated by: Gillian Hanna, who performed a selection of pieces to great critical acclaim at the Half Moon Theatre, London in 1989; Ed Emery, political activist and translator of Fo's Mistero Buffo; and Christopher Cairns, Italianist and Reader in Italian Drama, at the University College of Wales in Aberystwyth.

Accidental death of an anarchist

Author: Gavin Richards,Dario Fo
Publisher: A&C Black
Category: Drama
Page: 80
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In its first two years of production in Italy, Dario Fo's notorious Accidental Death of an Anarchist was seen by over half a million people. It has since been performed all over the world, and become a classic of twentieth-century drama. A sharp and hilarious satire on police corruption, it concerns the case of an anarchist railway worker who, in 1969, 'fell' to his death from a police headquarters window. This edition has been adapted by Gavin Richards from Gillian Hanna's translation and features an introduction by Stuart Hood and a preface by Dario Fo. Dario Fo (b.1926) is a Nobel Prize winning Italian playwright. In its first two years of production in Italy, Dario Fo's notorious Accidental Death of an Anarchist was seen by over half a million people. It has since been performed all over the world, and become a classic of twentieth-century drama. A sharp and hilarious satire on police corruption, it concerns the case of an anarchist railway worker who, in 1969, "fell" to his death from a police headquarters window. This edition has been adapted by Gavin Richards from Gillian Hanna's translation and features an introduction by Stuart Hood and a preface by Dario Fo. "I ought to warn you that the author of this sick little play, Dario Fo, has the traditional, irrational hatred of the police common to all narrowminded left-wingers and so I shall, no doubt, be the unwilling butt of endless anti-authoritarian jibes."—Inspector Bertozzo, Central Italian Police HQ "A marvellous concept: a zany political farce."—Michael Billington

Dario Fo

People's Court Jester
Author: Tony Mitchell
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408148633
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 532
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The first and only full-length critical study of Dario Fo, the 1997 Nobel Prize for Literature Winner This book, now extensively rewritten and updated, remains the only full-length critical study to cover various phases of Dario Fo's theatrical career. It looks at Fo's political influences and also the influence on his work of various theatrical motifs, including the great clown traditions which stretch back to the middle ages. The political work of Dario Fo and his wife/collaborator Franca Rame is charted from the 1960s up to the present to give the reader clear insight into this playwright/performer's unique literary and theatrical strengths. Each of Fo's plays and productions is discussed at length and the author has included an extensive and updated bibliography which includes full production details, quotes and writings about Fo. Always a popular performer in his native Italy, Fo has been one of the world's most performed dramatists. In the author's words: he is the "people's court jester".

The Tricks of the Trade

Author: Dario Fo
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780878300082
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 217
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Clown, political activist, playwright, actor: Dario Fo is an unclassifiable genius of the modern theatre. In his "mini-manual for actors," Fo lays bare the tools of his craft. With the assistance of his wife, playwright Franca Rame, he explains how text, song, humor, mime and political intelligence can be fused into brilliant "popular theatre."

Fo Plays: 1

Mistero Buffo; Accidental Death...; Trumpets and Raspberries; Virtuous Burglar; One Was Nude...
Author: Dario Fo
Publisher: Methuen Drama
Category: Drama
Page: 382
View: 9057

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Mistero Buffo, or The Comic Mysteries, is based on research into mediaeval mystery plays; The Accidental Death of an Anarchist concerns the "accidental" (or not) death of an anarchist railwork who "fell" (or was pushed) to his death from a police headquarters window in 1969; Trumpets and Raspberries is "A deeply subversive farce" (The Guardian) in which the boss of Italy's biggest car manufacturer FIAT, is mistaken for a left wing terrorist.

Low Pay? Don't Pay!

Author: Dario Fo
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 140813103X
Category: Drama
Page: 98
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"This translation was first performed at Salisbury Playhouse on Wednesday 7 April 2010."

A Study Guide for Dario Fo's "Accidental Death of an Anarchist"

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1410339262
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 34
View: 7037

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A Study Guide for Dario Fo's "Accidental Death of an Anarchist," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Drama For Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Drama For Students for all of your research needs.

Mercury Fur

Author: Philip Ridley
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408141523
Category: Drama
Page: 132
View: 9980

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Challenging new play by the enfant terrible of dark, disturbing drama Elliot is panicking. The party that he and his brother Darren have been planning has been brought forward - to tonight. In a lawless, ravaged city, where memories of the past have been brutally erased, the boys and their team survive by realising their clients' darkest fantasies. But just how far are they prepared to go in trading humanity for information? As the light fades and events spiral out of control it becomes clear that on the success of the evening hangs not just their security, but their existence. The world is at its worst...let the party begin. Mercury Fur is a challenging new work containing some explicit scenes that may cause offence. Published to tie-in with the play's premier at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth and The Chololate Factory, London in February 2005, produced by Paines Plough. "Philip Ridley is a singular writer, a prolific polymath, probably a genius, and the creator of some of the most peculiar, grotesque and compelling British plays (and films) of the last several years" Time Out

The Open Couple ; An Ordinary Day

Author: Dario Fo,Franca Rame
Publisher: Methuen Publishing
ISBN: 9780413640505
Category: Italian drama
Page: 79
View: 7573

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Two plays written by the Italian farceur, Dario Fo, in conjunction with his wife and fellow-performer. Both plays start with the breakdown of a relationship and deal with the fate of women in a society in which both the social system in which they live and its dominant ideology are shaped by men.

How to Hold Your Breath

Author: Zinnie Harris
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571324932
Category: Drama
Page: 96
View: 4861

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Because we live in Europe. Because nothing really bad happens. The worst is a bit of an inconvenience. Perhaps not such a good mini break. But really in the grand scheme of life, not so bad. Starting with a seemingly innocent one night stand, this dark, witty and magical play by Zinnie Harris dives into our recent European history. An epic look at the true cost of principles and how we live now, How to Hold Your Breath premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in February 2015.

The Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary British Playwrights

Author: Martin Middeke,Peter Paul Schnierer,Aleks Sierz
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408159678
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 544
View: 9536

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The Methuen Drama Guide to Contemporary British Playwrights is an authoritative guide to the work of twenty-five playwrights who have risen to prominence since the 1980s. Written by an international team of scholars, it will be invaluable to anyone interested in, studying or teaching contemporary drama. Among the many playwrights whose work is examined are Sarah Daniels, Terry Johnson, Martin Crimp, Sarah Kane, Anthony Neilson, Mark Ravenhill, Simon Stephens, Debbie Tucker Green, Tanika Gupta and Richard Bean. Each essay features: A biographical sketch and introduction to the playwright A discussion of their most important plays An analysis of their stylistic and thematic traits, the critical reception and their place in the discourses of British theatre A bibliography of texts and critical material

Contemporary Anarchist Studies

An Introductory Anthology of Anarchy in the Academy
Author: Randall Amster,Abraham DeLeon,Luis Fernandez,Anthony J. Nocella, II,Deric Shannon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134026439
Category: Political Science
Page: 336
View: 8890

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This volume of collected essays by some of the most prominent academics studying anarchism bridges the gap between anarchist activism on the streets and anarchist theory in the academy. Focusing on anarchist theory, pedagogy, methodologies, praxis, and the future, this edition will strike a chord for anyone interested in radical social change. This interdisciplinary work highlights connections between anarchism and other perspectives such as feminism, queer theory, critical race theory, disability studies, post-modernism and post-structuralism, animal liberation, and environmental justice. Featuring original articles, this volume brings together a wide variety of anarchist voices whilst stressing anarchism's tradition of dissent. This book is a must buy for the critical teacher, student, and activist interested in the state of the art of anarchism studies.

Mistero Buffo

The Collected Plays of Dario Fo
Author: Dario Fo
Publisher: Theatre Communications Grou
Category: Drama
Page: 169
View: 5808

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Mistero Buffo is Dario Fo's one-man tour de force, in which he creates his own subversive version of Biblical stories. Infused with the rhythmic drive of a jazz improvisation, the immediacy of a newspaper headline, and the epic scope of a historical novel, Fo and his wife/collaborator Franca Rame have performed Mistero Buffo throughout the world to over 10 million people. One of the major theatrical artists of the twentieth century, Italy's Dario Fo was awarded the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature. Ron Jenkins' translations of Dario Fo have been performed across the country. He is the theater department chair at Wesleyan University.

The Jungle

Author: Joe Robertson,Joe Murphy
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571350194
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 160
View: 2669

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Okot wants nothing more than to get to the UK. Beth wants nothing more than to help him. Join the hopeful, resilient residents of 'The Jungle', the refugees and volunteers from around the globe who gather at the Afghan Café. They're just across the Channel, right on our doorstep. Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson's The Jungle premiered as a coproduction between Young Vic and the National Theatre with Good Chance Theatre, commissioned by the National Theatre, opening at the Young Vic, London, in December 2017. The play transferred to the Playhouse Theatre, London, in June 2018.

100 Poems Without a Country

Author: Erich Fried
Publisher: Oneworld Classics
Category: Poetry
Page: 147
View: 2927

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Always aware that he was living in an alien culture, these poems from Erich Fried (1921–1988) reflect the sensitivities of a Jew who could not accept an Israel that persecuted others; and who was grateful to the country that had given him shelter and protection from the Nazis despite the great number of matters that made him unsettled in England. Although Fried moved between two cultural worlds, he never lost touch with his native tongue and its literature. Collected here are moving and questioning poems about the Holocaust as well as his work on Vietnam and Chile, which illustrates his ability to combine depth of feeling with a strong grasp of political realties.

Once a Catholic

A Comedy
Author: Mary O'Malley
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 9780573613593
Category: Catholic children
Page: 100
View: 4702

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Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940

The Praxis of National Liberation, Internationalism, and Social Revolution
Author: Steven Hirsch,Lucien van der Walt
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004188495
Category: History
Page: 431
View: 4581

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Before communism, anarchism and syndicalism were central to labour and the Left in the colonial and postcolonial world.Using studies from Africa,Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, this groundbreaking volume examines the revolutionary libertarian Left's class politics and anti-colonialism in the first globalization and imperialism(1870/1930).