A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations

From the Origins to the Present Day
Author: Abdelwahab Meddeb,Benjamin Stora
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400849136
Category: History
Page: 1152
View: 6112

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This is the first encyclopedic guide to the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world from the birth of Islam to today. Richly illustrated and beautifully produced, the book features more than 150 authoritative and accessible articles by an international team of leading experts in history, politics, literature, anthropology, and philosophy. Organized thematically and chronologically, this indispensable reference provides critical facts and balanced context for greater historical understanding and a more informed dialogue between Jews and Muslims. Part I covers the medieval period; Part II, the early modern period through the nineteenth century, in the Ottoman Empire, Africa, Asia, and Europe; Part III, the twentieth century, including the exile of Jews from the Muslim world, Jews and Muslims in Israel, and Jewish-Muslim politics; and Part IV, intersections between Jewish and Muslim origins, philosophy, scholarship, art, ritual, and beliefs. The main articles address major topics such as the Jews of Arabia at the origin of Islam; special profiles cover important individuals and places; and excerpts from primary sources provide contemporary views on historical events. Contributors include Mark R. Cohen, Alain Dieckhoff, Michael Laskier, Vera Moreen, Gordon D. Newby, Marina Rustow, Daniel Schroeter, Kirsten Schulze, Mark Tessler, John Tolan, Gilles Veinstein, and many more. Covers the history of relations between Jews and Muslims around the world from the birth of Islam to today Written by an international team of leading scholars Features in-depth articles on social, political, and cultural history Includes profiles of important people (Eliyahu Capsali, Joseph Nasi, Mohammed V, Martin Buber, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, Edward Said, Messali Hadj, Mahmoud Darwish) and places (Jerusalem, Alexandria, Baghdad) Presents passages from essential documents of each historical period, such as the Cairo Geniza, Al-Sira, and Judeo-Persian illuminated manuscripts Richly illustrated with more than 250 images, including maps and color photographs Includes extensive cross-references, bibliographies, and an index

A History of Christian-Muslim Relations

Author: Hugh Goddard
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1566633400
Category: Religion
Page: 212
View: 2044

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The relationship between the Christian and Muslim worlds has been a long and tortuous one. Over the course of the centuries the balance of power has swung in pendulum fashion at times the initiative seems to have lain with the Muslim community, with the Christian world simply being compelled to react to developments outside itself, while at other points the opposite has been true and Muslims have found themselves having to respond to Christian challenges in different forms. Today Christians and Muslims comprise the world's two largest religious communities. Although they can coexist fairly peacefully, at times they still engage in violent confrontation, such as in the recent conflicts in Bosnia and the Sudan. This book investigates the history of the relationships between Christians and Muslims over the centuries, from their initial encounters in the medieval period, when the Muslims were the dominant group, through to the modern period, when the balance of power seems to have been reversed. This much-needed overview of the Christian-Muslim encounter places the emphasis on the context within which perceptions and attitudes were worked out and provides a depth of historical insight to the complexities of current Christian-Muslim interactions on different continents."

In Ishmael's House

A History of Jews in Muslim Lands
Author: Martin Gilbert
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
ISBN: 1551993422
Category: History
Page: 448
View: 7529

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From one of the most popular historians writing today comes a book as fascinating as the bestsellers of Karen Armstrong and Reza Aslan. In this captivating chronicle, Martin Gilbert shines new light on a controversial dilemma in the modern world: the troubled relationship between Jews and Muslims. Beginning at the dawn of Islam and sweeping from the Atlantic Ocean to the mountains of Afghanistan, Gilbert presents the first popular and authoritative history of Jewish peoples under Muslim rule. He confronts with wisdom and compassion the stormy events in their dramatic story, including anti-Zionist movements and the forced exodus to Israel. He also gives special attention to the twentieth century and to the current political debate about refugee status and restitution. Throughout, Gilbert weaves a compelling narrative of perseverance, struggle, and renewal marked by surprising moments of tolerance and partnership. A monumental and timely book, Jews under Muslim Rule is a crowning achievement that confirms Martin Gilbert as one of the foremost historians of our time. From the Hardcover edition.

The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations

Author: Josef Meri
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317383214
Category: Religion
Page: 522
View: 8060

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The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations invites readers to deepen their understanding of the historical, social, cultural, and political themes that impact modern-day perceptions of interfaith dialogue. The volume is designed to illuminate positive encounters between Muslims and Jews, as well as points of conflict, within a historical framework. Among other goals, the volume seeks to correct common misperceptions about the history of Muslim-Jewish relations by complicating familiar political narratives to include dynamics such as the cross-influence of literary and intellectual traditions. Reflecting unique and original collaborations between internationally-renowned contributors, the book is intended to spark further collaborative and constructive conversation and scholarship in the academy and beyond.

In the Iberian Peninsula and Beyond

A History of Jews and Muslims (15th-17th Centuries) Vol. 1
Author: José Alberto R. Silva Tavim,Maria Filomena Lopes de Barros,Lúcia Liba Mucznik
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443883085
Category: HISTORY
Page: 375
View: 1907

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This book is the result of two scientific encounters hosted by the University of Évora in 2012, with the theme “Muslims and Jews in Portugal and the Diaspora. Identities and Memories (16th–17th centuries)”, and co-financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, and by FEDER, through “Eixo I” of the “Programa Operacional Fatores de Competitividade” (POFC) of QREN (COMPETE). Beginning with an analysis of the forced conversion of Iberian Jews and Muslims, this volume examines the effects of this on their respective diasporas, focusing on a variety of approaches, from language and culture to identity discourses and interchanges between those communities.

Die Ordensburg des Wüstenplaneten

Author: Frank Herbert
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641139562
Category: Fiction
Page: 656
View: 1035

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Stelle dich deinen Ängsten, sonst machen sie mit dir, was sie wollen. Seit Tausenden von Jahren herrst die Schwesternschaft der Bene Gesserit hinter den Kulissen des Imperiums, kontrolliert die genetischen Verflechtungen der Herrscherhäuser und widmet sich der Zucht besonderer Talente. Doch dem Orden ist in der Zeit der großen Diaspora ein Feind erwachsen: die Geehrten Matres. Von Arrakis, dem Wüstenplaneten, vertrieben, bieten die Bene Gesserit den Geehrten Matres Verhandlungen an – und sinnen gleichzeitig auf ihre Vernichtung. Aber sie treffen auf einen gleichwertigen Gegner. Und schließlich stellt sich heraus, dass dieser Konflikt von langer Hand vorbereitet wurde, um den Grundstein für die Zukunft der menschlichen Zivilisation zu legen.

Kleine jüdische Geschichte

Author: Michael Brenner
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406621244
Page: 374
View: 3707

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Klar, anschaulich und mit Blick für das Wesentliche erzählt Michael Brenner die wechselvolle Geschichte der Juden, die sich über 3000 Jahre und fünf Kontinente erstreckt. Der Holocaust, die Geschichte Israels und das amerikanische Judentum kommen ebenso zur Sprache wie die Anfänge in biblischer Zeit und die reichhaltigen Spuren, die eine über tausendjährige jüdische Präsenz in Europa hinterlassen hat. (Quelle: Homepage des Verlags).

Die Assassinen

zur Tradition des religiösen Mordes im radikalen Islam
Author: Bernard Lewis
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783821847276
Page: 259
View: 681

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Christian-Muslim Relations

A Bibliographical History (600-900)
Author: David Richard Thomas,Barbara Roggema,Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900416975X
Category: Religion
Page: 960
View: 2883

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History 1 (CMR1) is the first part of a general history of relations between the faiths from the seventh century to the present. It covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages. It comprises introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur'an, Qur'an commentaries, biographies of the Prophet, Hadith and Sunni law, and of Muslims in canon law, and the main body of more than two hundred detailed entries on all the works recorded, whether surviving or lost. These entries provide biographical details of the authors where known, descriptions and assessments of the works themselves, and complete accounts of manuscripts, editions, translations and studies. The result of collaboration between leading scholars, CMR1 is intended as a basic tool for research in Christian-Muslim relations.

Sufism and Jewish-Muslim Relations

The Derekh Avraham Order in Israel
Author: Yafia Katherine Randall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317428935
Category: Religion
Page: 258
View: 9626

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In Israel there are Jews and Muslims who practice Sufism together. The Sufi’ activities that they take part in together create pathways of engagement between two faith traditions in a geographical area beset by conflict. Sufism and Jewish Muslim Relations investigates this practice of Sufism among Jews and Muslims in Israel and examines their potential to contribute to peace in the area. It is an original approach to the study of reconciliation, situating the activities of groups that are not explicitly acting for peace within the wider context of grass-roots peace initiatives. The author conducted in-depth interviews with those practicing Sufism in Israel, and these are both collected in an appendix and used throughout the work to analyse the approaches of individuals to Sufism and the challenges they face. It finds that participants understand encounters between Muslim and Jewish mystics in the medieval Middle East as a common heritage to Jews and Muslims practising Sufism together today, and it explores how those of different faiths see no dissonance in the adoption of Sufi practices to pursue a path of spiritual progression. The first examination of the Derekh Avraham Jewish-Sūfī Order, this is a valuable resource for students and scholars of Sufi studies, as well as those interested in Jewish-Muslim relations.


The History and How Jews, Christians and Muslims Can Achieve Peace
Author: Muhammad Abbas
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595426190
Category: Religion
Page: 152
View: 9980

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The value of peace in universal, the Arab-Israel conflict deserves peace as well. The killings of innocent civilians in Israel and its Arab neighbors must now stop. To every problem there is a solution and this problem is no exception. If all countries of the world will comply with all resolutions passed by United Nations Organization, it will not only solve the problem of Israel, but many other problems as well. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all religions of peace. They are all based on the same fundamentals. They are also collectively known as Abrahamic religions. All of them strive for the establishment of peace in the world. In this book is contained the ancient and modern history of Israel. An analysis of the beliefs of these religions reveals to us that a solution to the problem of Israel is certainly possible. Islam is also a religion of peace just like Judaism and Christianity and is in no way against the settlement of Jews in Israel in the present time.

Jews in Islamic Countries in the Middle Ages

Author: Moše Gîl
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004138827
Category: History
Page: 828
View: 7380

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This book contains studies on the Jews in Muslim countries in the early Middle Ages, and is based on an extensive use of both Jewish and Muslim mediaeval sources. "Jews in Islamic Countries in the Middle Ages" has been selected by "Choice" as Outstanding Academic Title (2005).

The Jews of Islam

Author: Bernard Lewis
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0691008078
Category: History
Page: 245
View: 3120

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Examines the Judaeo-Islamic tradition, traces the history of Islam, and describes the reasons for the breakdown in relations between the Jews and the Islamic world

Die islamische Aufklärung

Der Konflikt zwischen Glaube und Vernunft
Author: Christopher de Bellaigue
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104906467
Category: Religion
Page: 544
View: 9353

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»Erhellend, großartig geschrieben, ein Buch, das uns hilft, das Verständnis zwischen islamischer Welt und Moderne zu verstehen.« Yuval Noah Harari, Autor von »Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit« Die islamische Aufklärung hat längst stattgefunden. In einer fulminanten Erzählung demontiert Christopher de Bellaigue die oft selbstgefällige westliche Sicht auf die arabische Welt. Auch in Ägypten, im Iran und der Türkei gab es nach 1800 eine breite Bewegung für Freiheit, Gleichheit und Demokratie und für einen weltlichen Staat, für Frauenrechte und Gewerkschaften, freie Presse und die Abschaffung der Sklaverei. In atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit modernisierten sich die arabischen Gesellschaften. Doch die Gegenaufklärung folgte auf dem Fuß, mit autokratischen Regimen und fundamentalistischem Terror. De Bellaigue schildert den Kampf zwischen Glaube und Vernunft und um eine neue muslimische Identität. Eine reiche, überraschende Geschichte, eine radikal neue Sicht auf den modernen Islam. »Eine ausgesprochen originelle und informative Studie über die Zusammenstöße zwischen dem Islam und der Moderne in Istanbul, Kairo und Teheran während der letzten zweihundert Jahre.« Orhan Pamuk »Christopher de Bellaigue gehört seit Langem schon zu den einfallsreichsten und anregendsten Interpreten einiger von Angst und Vorurteil verstellter Realitäten. In ›Die islamische Aufklärung‹ seziert er den selbstgefälligen Gegensatz zwischen Islam und Moderne und enthüllt dabei eine faszinierende Welt: eine Welt, in der Menschen sich unter dem Druck der Geschichte ständig verändern, improvisieren und sich anpassen. Es ist genau das richtige Buch für unsere in Unordnung geratene Welt: zeitgemäß, dringlich und erhellend.« Pankaj Mishra »Zur rechten Zeit, tiefsinnig und provokativ.« Peter Frankopan


A History of the Holiest City as Seen Through the Struggles of Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Author: Thomas A. Idinopulos
Publisher: Ivan R Dee
Category: History
Page: 339
View: 7261

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Here is history in a grand manner--an absorbing saga of prophets, priests, and pilgrims, kings and conquerors, the story of a city besieged, defended, conquered, damaged or destroyed, and rebuilt 40 times in 30 centuries--always in the name of God. Illustrations.

Jews, Visigoths, and Muslims in Medieval Spain

Cooperation and Conflict
Author: Norman Roth
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004099715
Category: History
Page: 367
View: 4911

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This work details relations between Jews and Visigoths, polemic and persecution, and between Jews and Muslims, cooperation and conflict, in medieval Spain, including later Christian Spain. New sources and new insights challenge conventional interpretations.


Jesus von Nazaret und seine Zeit
Author: Reza Aslan
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644039119
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 384
View: 3573

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Das Christentum verehrt Jesus von Nazaret als sanften Hirten, dessen Reich nicht von dieser Welt sei. Aber entspricht dieses Bild der historischen Realität? Kann es den grausamen Kreuzestod plausibel erklären? Der amerikanische Religionswissenschaftler Reza Aslan meint: nein. Sein Buch, das in den USA für einen Skandal sorgte, versucht zu ergründen, wer Jesus war, bevor es das Christentum gab. Es ist das fesselnde, brillant erzählte Porträt eines Mannes voller Widersprüche, einer Epoche voll religiöser Inbrunst und blutiger Kämpfe und einer Weltreligion im Werden.

Jewish-Muslim Relations in Past and Present

A Kaleidoscopic View
Author: Josef Meri
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004345736
Category: Religion
Page: 300
View: 1769

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This multidisciplinary volume explores the Judaeo-Islamic tradition during the Middle Ages and down to the present focusing on such diverse themes as history, law, identity, prayer, language, scriptural exegesis, music, and film.

Das Leben Mohammeds

Author: Mohammed Ibn Ishak
Publisher: SEVERUS Verlag
ISBN: 3863471873
Page: 128
View: 2527

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Das Leben Mohammeds" von Ibn Ishak gilt als die erste Biographie des gro en islamischen Propheten. Der Autor verfasste sie im 8. Jahrhundert - etwa einhundert Jahre nach Mohammeds Tod. Wiederentdeckt und redigiert wurde sie von Ibn Hisham; bersetzt von Gustav Weil. Ibn Ishak gelingt ein menschliches Bild des Propheten, ohne die ihn umwehenden Wunder zu entzaubern. Nebenbei erf hrt der Leser viel Wissenswertes ber die Geburtstunde des islamischen Glaubens und dessen Siegeszug in Arabien. F r diese Ausgabe des Werkes wurde der Text aufw ndig aus Frakturschrift in moderne Schrift bertragen und behutsam lektoriert.