A Fine Night for Tanks

The Road to Falaise
Author: Ken Tout
Publisher: Haynes Publications
ISBN: 9780750931892
Category: Transportation
Page: 236
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Operation 'Totalize I' was arguably the finest feat of Allied armored action in two world wars; at the same time it is arguably the least studied and publicized. On 7 August 1944, the Canadian Army, reinforced with British Army units, sent four armored columns south of Caen to close the Falaise gap. Driving through the night, the British tanks reached their objectives behind German lines and linked up with their Canadian compatriots. In the German counter-attack that followed, the British smashed the elite Tiger-equipped Wittman Troop. Operation 'Totalize I' was a complete success and sealed the fate of the German forces now trapped in the Falaise Pocket. Using eyewitness accounts from tank crews and infantry, Ken Tout reveals how 'Totalize' was the finest feat of Allied armored action.Paperback - 7-3/4" x 5" - 192 pages - 50 b/w


The Real Story
Author: Shelagh Whitaker,Dennis Whitaker
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307538974
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 1890

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“It was the [allied armies’] valor, their endurance, and their ability to adapt that won the battle of Normandy and launched the liberation of Western Europe.” —from Normandy: The Real Story For decades, it’s been the conventional wisdom that “brute force” alone beat the German army at Normandy. Now a definitive new history, coauthored by a highly decorated field commander, proves otherwise. Using archival data, oral histories, and exclusive new interviews, Normandy: The Real Story takes the reader deep into the minds, hearts, and souls of the allied armies to show how—despite the shortcomings of their superiors and the inferiority of their weaponry—they destroyed two well-equipped German armies and won the war. Here is the crucial summer of 1944 as seen by both sides, from the British spy, code-named “Garbo,” who successfully misled the Nazis about the time and place of the D-day landings, to the poor planning for action after the assault that forced the allies to fight for nine weeks “field to field, hedgerow to hedgerow.” Here too are the questionable command decisions of Montgomery, Eisenhower, and Bradley, the insatiable ego of Patton. Yet, fighting in some of the most miserable conditions of the war, the allied soldiers used ingenuity, resilience, and raw courage to drive the enemy from France in what John Keegan describes as “the biggest disaster to hit the German army in the course of the war.” Normandy is an inspiring tribute to the common fighting men of five nations who won the pivotal campaign that lead to peace and freedom. From the Trade Paperback edition.

No Holding Back

Operation Totalize, Normandy, August 1944
Author: Brian A. Reid
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 146175139X
Category: History
Page: 528
View: 2506

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Landmark study of the Canadians' first major operation in Normandy New revelations on the death of German panzer ace Michael Wittmann Handsomely illustrated with maps, photos, and diagrams On August 8, 1944, the Canadian Army launched Operation Totalize, a massive armored and mechanized infantry attack that aimed to break through enemy defenses south of Caen and trap the German Army in Normandy by linking up with Patton's Third Army.

Monty's Men

The British Army and the Liberation of Europe
Author: John Buckley
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300134495
Category: History
Page: 370
View: 1591

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Historian John Buckley offers a radical reappraisal of Great Britain’s fighting forces during World War Two, challenging the common belief that the British Army was no match for the forces of Hitler’s Germany. Following Britain’s military commanders and troops across the battlefields of Europe, from D-Day to VE-Day, from the Normandy beaches to Arnhem and the Rhine, and, ultimately, to the Baltic, Buckley’s provocative history demonstrates that the British Army was more than a match for the vaunted Nazi war machine. This fascinating revisionist study of the campaign to liberate Northern Europe in the war’s final years features a large cast of colorful unknowns and grand historical personages alike, including Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery and the prime minister, Sir Winston Churchill. By integrating detailed military history with personal accounts, it evokes the vivid reality of men at war while putting long-held misconceptions finally to rest.

Fields of Fire

The Canadians in Normandy
Author: Terry Copp
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802037800
Category: History
Page: 344
View: 4200

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Copp challenges the conventional view that the Canadian contribution to the Battle of Normandy was a 'failure': that the allies won only through the use of 'brute force,' and that the Canadian soldiers and commanding officers were essentially incompetent.


Author: Ken Tout
Publisher: Robert Hale
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 208
View: 2071

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Invasionen 1944. Bogen beretter om forberedelser, ikke blot tekniske og forsyningsmæssige forarbejder, men også om de psykiske, samt om en kampvognsbesætnings oplevelser under operationen. Bogen findes tillige på dansk: "Kampvogn i krig".


Strengths and Flaws of Tiger Tank Battalions in World War II
Author: Christopher W. Wilbeck
Publisher: Aegis Consulting Group
Category: History
Page: 262
View: 8371

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"Although much is available about Tiger tanks' technical details and some of the most famous soldiers and units that employed them, until now, there has been little concerning the organization and tactical use of heavy tank battalions across the theaters in which they were employed. [Wilbeck] provides an in-depth look at heavy tank battalions' organizations and tactics, including the tactical doctrine by which these elite units were supposed to fight and case studies to illustrate how they were actually employed on the battlefield"--Page 4 of cover.

The Price of Command

A Biography of General Guy Simonds
Author: Dominick Graham
Publisher: Stoddart Pub
Category: Generals
Page: 345
View: 6969

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The Flawed Victory : the Destruction of Panzergruppe West, August 1944
Author: Anthony Tucker-Jones
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Category: History
Page: 246
View: 7270

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"The destruction of the trapped German forces in the Falaise pocket in August 1944 is one of the most famous episodes of the Normandy campaign ... In this perceptive study Anthony Tucker-Jones dispels misconceptions about the battle, describes the combat in graphic detail and reassesses the outcome in the context of the campaign to liberate Europe. Although the Falaise battle is often portrayed as a total Allied triumph, the Panzer divisions caught there were reconstituted rapidly; just four months later they launched the last extraordinary German offensive of the war, the Ardennes. The author takes a broad view tracing the course of the campaign mainly from the German viewpoint"--Dust jacket.

The Americans at Normandy

The Summer of 1944--The American War from the Normandy Beaches to Falaise
Author: John C. McManus
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 1466845805
Category: History
Page: 496
View: 1627

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In The Americans at D-Day, the first volume of this series, John C. McManus showed us the American experience in Operation Overlord. Now, in this succeeding volume, he does the same for the Battle of Normandy as a whole. Never before has the American involvement in Normandy been examined so thoroughly or exclusively as in The Americans at Normandy. For D-Day was only one part of the battle, and victory came from weeks of sustained effort and sacrifices made by Allied soldiers. Presented here is the American experience during that summer of 1944, from the aftermath of D-Day to the slaughter of the Falaise Gap, from the courageous, famed figures of Bradley, Patton, and Lightnin' Joe Collins to the lesser-known privates who toiled in torturous conditions for their country. What was this battle really like for these men? What drove them to fight against all sense and despite all obstacles? How and why did they triumph? Reminiscent of Cornelius Ryan's The Longest Day, The Americans at Normandy takes readers into the minds of the best American strategists, into the hearts of the infantry, into hell on earth. Engrossing, lightning-quick, and filled with real human sorrow and elation, The Americans at Normandy honors those Americans who lost their lives in foreign fields and those who survived. Here is their story, finally told with the depth, pathos, and historical perspective it deserves. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Verlorene Ehre Verratene Treue - Zeitzeugenbericht eines Soldaten

Author: Herbert Maeger
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 3475541769
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 400
View: 3531

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Als Achtzehnjähriger wächst Herbert Maeger in den Zweiten Weltkrieg hinein und erlebt ihn als unentrinnbares Schicksal. Ohne Pathos und mit großer Eindringlichkeit beschreibt er die Not des Hungers, des schrecklichen russischen Winters, die Aussichtslosigkeit der gnadenlosen Kämpfe und das ständige Bewusstsein, vom Tode bedroht zu sein. Die Einsicht, dass eine gewissenlose Führung die Soldaten gleichzeitig zu Vollstreckern und Opfern eines skrupellosen Vernichtungsprogramms macht, stiegert die Verzweiflung. Der ungeschönte Bericht eines Zeitzeugen über den Zweiten Weltkrieg, der mit den geschilderten Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse belegt: Ich war dabei.

The builder

a journal for the architect & constructor
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 7400

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36 Strategeme für Manager

Author: Harro von Senger
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446450904
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 240
View: 8045

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Harro von Senger gilt als DER Experte für chinesische Planungskunst - insbesondere für die "36 Strategeme", die er im Westen bekannt gemacht hat. Die 36 Strategeme sind "Techniken der List" in Gestalt von Sprachformeln wie "Das Schaf mit leichter Hand wegführen" oder "Den dürren Baum mit Blüten schmücken". So gut wie jeder Chinese kennt sie und wendet sie an, während ihre Bedeutung hierzulande unterschätzt oder gar ignoriert wird. "In unserem europäischen Kulturkreis müssen wir lernen, listensensibler zu sein und die List nicht von vornherein zu verteufeln, sondern sie als etwas zum Alltag Gehörendes anzuerkennen. ... Im Chinesischen wird übrigens für die Worte List und Weisheit dasselbe Schriftzeichen benutzt." Harro von Senger

The Ridge

Author: David Baldwin Clark
Publisher: GeneralStore PublishingHouse
ISBN: 9780919431706
Category: Guerre, 1939-1945 (Mondiale, 2e) - Campagnes et batailles - France - Normandie
Page: 263
View: 8416

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