Safe Harbor

A Boy's Story
Author: Bill Reed
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781467810210
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 164
View: 5047

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Safe Harbor A Boy's Story is a memoir of a lonely boy growing up in a dysfunctional family during World War II and the struggle to find his way as a teen and young man in the fifties. Set during World War II and the early fifties, Safe Harbor a Boy's Story chromicles my struggle as a lonely boy in a dysfunctional family. It began as a memoir for my children, but when completed, I realized it was much more than that. Its about victory over abuse, not physical, as in "A Child called It" and "This Boy's Life" or an odd family's love in "The Glass Castle." It's about emotional abuse...the worst kind. Children don't choose their parents or status. Some find nurturing parents. Some don't. Some resist or run away. I was trapped. Dad's drunken sprees, constant moving, arguing by parents in a loveless marriage, and mind games played at their children's expense, all seemed normal to me. My story is about surviving in such a family and sharing the examples and results of life lessons learned, hoping to encourage others when all seems lost.

The Tricky Part

A Boy's Story of Sexual Trespass, a Man's Journey to Forgiveness
Author: Martin Moran
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807096369
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 296
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Between the ages of twelve and fifteen, Martin Moran had a sexual relationship with an older man, a counselor he'd met at a Catholic boys' camp. Almost thirty years later, at the age of forty-two, he set out to find and face his abuser. The Tricky Part tells the story of this relationship and its complex effect on the man Moran became. He grew up in an exemplary Irish Catholic family-his great aunt was a cloistered nun; his father, a newspaper reporter. They might have lived in the Denver neighborhood of Virginia Vale, but they belonged to Christ the King, the church and school up the hill. And the lessons Martin absorbed, as a good Catholic boy, were filled with the fraught mysteries of the spirit and the flesh. Into that world came Bob-a Vietnam vet carving a ranch-camp out of the mountain wilderness, showing the boys under his care how to milk cows, mend barbed wire fence, and raft rivers. He drove a six-wheeled International Harvester truck; he could read the stars like a map. He also noticed a young boy who seemed a little unsure of himself, and he introduced that boy to the secret at the center of bodies. Told with startling candor and disarming humor, The Tricky Part carries us to the heart of a paradox-that what we think of as damage may be the very thing that gives rise to transformation, even grace.

Stories for Boys who dare to be different - Vom Mut, anders zu sein

Author: Ben Brooks
Publisher: Loewe Verlag
ISBN: 3732012697
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 208
View: 8596

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Von Beethoven bis Obama – 100 Jungs, die die Welt verändert haben! Jungs brauchen Vorbilder – heute mehr denn je. In diesem aufwändig gestalteten Buch finden sie über 100 ganz persönliche Geschichten von Künstlern, Wissenschaftlern, Umweltaktivisten, Fußballern, Politikern und Entdeckern – von großen und kleinen Helden aus der ganzen Welt und aus allen Epochen, die Grenzen überschritten haben und gegen den Strom geschwommen sind. Sie alle hatten den Mut, ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen und so ihre Träume zu verwirklichen. Nach dem großen Erfolg von Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls gibt es nun endlich auch eine inspirierende Geschichtensammlung für Jungs. Autor Ben Brooks erzählt von Persönlichkeiten, die Erstaunliches erreicht und die Welt auf ihre Art ein Stück besser gemacht haben – jenseits von stereotypen Männlichkeitsbildern und Rollenklischees. Denn: Man muss sich nicht mit großen Kämpfern identifizieren, die Drachen töten und Prinzessinnen retten, um zum Helden zu werden. Dieses Buch zeigt, dass man auch als Querdenker, als sensibler oder introvertierter Junge Außergewöhnliches zu leisten vermag. Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different ist ein unvergleichliches Buch, randvoll gepackt mit Abenteuern, spannenden Geschichten und mancher Überraschung. Am wichtigsten jedoch: es bestärkt kleine und große Jungs darin, ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen. "Dieses Buch kann Leben retten. Dieses Buch kann Leben verändern. Dieses Buch kann dazu beitragen eine neue Generation von Jungs hervorzubringen, die es wagen ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen." - Benjamin Zephaniah Mit spannenden Biografien von großen Persönlichkeiten, wie: Ai Weiwei, Barack Obama, Benjamin Zephaniah, Bill Gates, Christopher Paolini, Confucius, Daniel Radcliffe, Galileo Galilei, Hans Scholl, Harvey Milk, Jamie Oliver, Jesse Eisenberg, Jim Henson, John Green, John Lennon, Lionel Messi, Louis Armstrong, Louis Braille, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mahatma Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tesla, Oscar Wilde, Patch Adams, Ralph Lauren, Roald Dahl, Salvador Dalí, Siddhartha Gautama, Stephen Hawking, Steven Spielberg, Tank Man, Thomas Edison, Vincent van Gogh

Adrift on the Pacific: A Boy's Story of the Sea and its Perils

Author: Edward Sylvester Ellis
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465613110
Page: N.A
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For the first time Captain Strathmore looked down at the little girl, who was staring around her with the wondering curiosity of childhood. She was apparently about six years of age, and the picture of infantile innocence and loveliness. She was dressed with good taste, her little feet being incased in Cinderella-like slippers, while the pretty stockings and dress set off the figure to perfection. She wore a fashionable straw hat, with a gay ribbon, and indeed looked like a child of wealthy parents, who had let her out for a little jaunt along some shady avenue. When Captain Strathmore looked down upon this sweet child, a great pang went through his heart, for she was the picture of the little girl that once called him father. Her mother died while little Inez was an infant, and, as soon as the cherished one could dispense with the care of a nurse, she joined her father, the captain, and henceforth was not separated from him. She was always on ship or steamer, sharing his room and becoming the pet of every one who met her, no less from her loveliness than from her childish, winning ways. But there came one awful dark day, away out in the Pacific, when the sweet voice was hushed forever, and the rugged old captain was bowed by a grief such as that which smites the mountain-oak to the earth. The little girl who now looked up in the face of Captain Strathmore was the image of Inez, who years before had sunk to the bottom of the sea, carrying with her all the sunshine, music and loveliness that cheered her father’s heart. With an impulse he could not resist, the captain reached out his arms and the little stranger instantly ran into them.

Manliness and the Boys’ Story Paper in Britain: A Cultural History, 1855–1940

Author: K. Boyd
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230597181
Category: History
Page: 274
View: 8198

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In this pioneering work about the precursor to the comic book, Kelly Boyd traces the evolution of the boys' story paper and its impact on the imaginative world of working-class readers. From the penny dreadful and the Boy's Own Paper to the tales of Billy Bunter and Sexton Blake, this cultural form shaped ideas about gender, race, class and empire in response to social change. This study is an important analysis of a neglected part of popular culture.

A Boy's Story

The Revelations and Wild Times of a Young Skin
Author: Martin King
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780573863
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 208
View: 5891

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As the 1960's drew to a close, parents across Britain raised a curious eyebrow as their long-haired children suddenly returned home with shaven heads, sporting Levi's jeans and vicious looking army boots, pleading for three quid to buy a Harrington jacket from the market. The skinhead was born and a youth culture stronger and more widespread than any other, before or since, took Britain by storm. Marting King was one of them. Boys and girls alike embraced this new working-class fashion and music - the West Indian reggae sounds of Blue Beat and the strong sense of identity they fostered. For a couple of summers the media would have it that England was under seige, when the young skins paraded at seaside resorts on bank holidays and later on terraces at nearly every football ground acros the country. With his passion for Chelsea FC and their growing reputation as the skinhead club forming a backdrop, King artfully and humorously describes the heady mix of pleasures which were all part of life as a teenager growing up in working-class south London in the late 60's


Stories and a Novella
Author: David T. Lloyd
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815607977
Category: Fiction
Page: 178
View: 3398

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The novella "Boys Only" is accompanied by twelve additional stories in a fiction collection that explores the brutalities and discoveries of adolescence.

Ramu, an Indian Boy's Story

Author: Henry Scholberg
Publisher: Bibliophile South Asia
ISBN: 9788185002590
Category: India
Page: 247
View: 8944

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Ramu, A Boy Of The Streets Of Delhi, Encounters A Young American Kurt, Anderson Introduces Him To An Anglo-Indian Lady With Whom Kurt Falls In Love, Unknown To Her Kurt Is Committed Toa Young Woman On The Other Side Of The World.

A Water Boy's Story

Author: Richard Lemke
ISBN: 1411619110
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 148
View: 9583

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A Water Boyâs Story provides unique insight of a boy who grew up in poverty during the depression and war, whose dream one day was to be a football coach. Author Dick Lemke was an extremely motivational football coach with a fine knowledge of what it took to establish an offensive line and a football philosophy that produced so many great years of teaching many young men the game of football. Coach Lemke will always be remembered as a professor of education by day, but ultimately a coach by heart with a lifetime of inspiration! -- Chad Beckman, Assistant Strength Coach, University of Nebraska, and Former Peru State Football Player

Jakub's World

A Boy's Story of Loss and Survival in the Holocaust
Author: Alicia Nitecki,Jack Terry
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791483497
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 164
View: 984

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A boy's world is shattered by the Holocaust.

The spy mystery

a boys' story of Soviet Russia
Author: Thames Williamson
Publisher: N.A
Category: Detective and mystery stories
Page: 351
View: 1786

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Talking Drums

A Boys' Story of the African Gold Coast
Author: Thames Williamson,Waldo Fleming
Publisher: N.A
Category: Africa, West
Page: 307
View: 8838

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TJ's Takedown: A Boy's Wrestling Story

Author: Andre J. Garant
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 9781452022543
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 116
View: 5832

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Eleven-year-old TJ McCall is a wrestling superstar in his northeast Philadelphia neighborhood. Following in the footsteps of his older brother, TJ dreams of making it big in the world of wrestling and achieving a college scholarship. While wrestling in the 82-pound class during his sixth grade year, TJ gets off to a red-hot start, but soon runs into a brick wall when he meets up with the neighborhood bully, Rourke Everson, who is out to stop him. TJ's streak of good luck quickly comes to a grinding halt when Rourke torments him to no end, both physically and emotionally, causing TJ to lose every time he steps on the wrestling mat. A bitter struggle unfolds for TJ as he battles with his own emotions to remain a true winner, both in his own eyes and in everyone else's. TJ's Takedown is an action-packed novel that will be sure to keep any young athlete, and especially those boys who love wrestling, on the edge of their seat for hours on end.

Silvertown Life

A Boy's Story
Author: Stan Dyson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781467885515
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
View: 2123

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A Touch From Heaven

A Little Boy's Story of Surgery, Heaven and Healing
Author: Neal Pylant,Christopher Pylant
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 0768485738
Category: Religion
Page: 224
View: 8167

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AMAZING True story of a young boys fight for life beginning in his mothers womb and his incredible experiences in both heaven and hell Desperation for a miracle has a way of bringing people together—even from different religions! Neal Pylant, along with his son Christopher, shares the incredible true story of how he and his wife, both from different religious backgrounds, embraced Christianity while pursuing a miracle for their terminally ill son. The couple quickly realized that they were dealing with more than physical sickness. They were thrust into a battle where a spiritual enemy launched an all-out assault on their child. Though the boy died, heaven prevailed, life returned to his body, and he received a mandate to fulfill God’s will on earth. In this stirring account, you will see: Glimpses into the afterlife from a near-death experience The supernatural power of faith Perseverance for breakthrough Miracles at every turn Experiencing A Touch from Heaven stirs you to believe for the impossible and reminds you of God’s great faithfulness towards His people.

The Boy's Story

The Legend of Gnat Samson
Author: R. M. Dalton
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499014309
Category: Fiction
Page: 234
View: 9839

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The Boy’s Story is the second book in the Legend Series. It is the story of one of the characters in the first book, how he came to be where he was at the critical time. Samuel’s father went to the border regions after the wars to rebuild. Some years later, Samuel is captured in a raid and taken away to a life of slavery. Armed only with memories of a happy childhood, buoyed only by the hope of finding his home again, Samuel escapes and sets out on an apparently hopeless journey. He passes through many landscapes and cultures. He finds people are much the same, and there are good and bad everywhere. Yet the further he goes, the more he is convinced that what they had back in his old home was fine and special, and he will get it back, or die trying. He makes good friends along the way. He may be tempted to stay more than once, yet homesickness draws him on. And if he gets back, will he find his dream, or not? The Boy’s Story is about integrity, honesty, and respect—and above all, it is about being true to oneself.