Manchester United

The Biography, from Newton Heath to Moscow, the Complete Story of the World's Greatest Football Club
Author: Jim White
Publisher: Little Brown Uk
ISBN: 9781847441126
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 438
View: 3063

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Manchester United The Biography will do for the football team what Peter Ackroyd did for London in his huge biog of the same name. The book will follow the club's extraordinary journey from its birth in the railway works of Newton Heath to its current status as the biggest club in world football. The key stages in United's history will, of course, be covered: the Munich Air Crash of 1958, which saw the best part of an entire team (the Busby Babes) being killed; becoming the first English team to win the European Cup in 1968 (with Bobby Charlton and George Best); the dominance of the club in the Premiership; the controversial sale to American tycoon Malcolm Glazer, and much more. But by drawing on the recollections of everyone from players and managers to fans and backroom staff, Jim will unearth enough new material to interest die-hard fans and casual supporters alike. This will be a fascinating history of a remarkable football club, by one of Britain's best-known and most popular sports writers.

The Official Illustrated History of Manchester United

All New: the Full Story and Complete Record 1878-2006
Author: Alex Murphy
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 9780752876030
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 320
View: 4673

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The definitive history of the world's most popular football club, including a complete statistical record

Manchester United: The Biography

The Complete Story of the World's Greatest Football Club
Author: Jim White
Publisher: Sphere
ISBN: 0748123326
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 464
View: 8792

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75 MILLION FANS. AN ANNUAL INCOME OF MORE THAN £200 MILLION. AND A STORY THAT HAS NEVER FULLY BEEN TOLD - UNTIL NOW. 'A wonderfully entertaining history' Sunday Telegraph 'When historians 1,000 years from now try to fathom the cult of Manchester United Football Club, White will be a good place to start' Financial Times MANCHESTER UNITED: THE BIOGRAPHY contains everything a football fan needs to know about the club, from its birth in the smog-bound mud of Newton Heath to the Theatre of Dreams. From the solid yeomanry of Lancelot Holliday Richardson, through the gilded days of Law, Best and Charlton, to the dazzling artistry of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Averio and the pursuit of a record-equaling 18th League title. Award-winning journalist and lifelong red Jim White brings the history of this extraordinary club to life - unofficial and unbiased, it is written with the passion of a true fan.

Manchester City

The Secret History of a Club That Has No History
Author: Steve Dickens
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
ISBN: 1445648113
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 168
View: 9274

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How did the inflatable banana save football? Did you know Pope John-Paul II was a follower? How MCFC almost started World War III. 'You have no history' is a familiar chant heard by Manchester City fans, who are used to being tormented for years of apparent underachievement. From the very first match on 13 November 1880, through to the present day and beyond, read and learn about the history of a great club. Documenting all the club's ups and downs, Mike Devlin tries to convince you that the club that has no history really does have one after all.

The Official Illustrated History of Manchester United 1878-2012

The Full Story and Complete Record
Author: MUFC
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN: 9781471102622
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 368
View: 9337

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When the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company formed the Newton Heath L and YR Cricket and Football Club in 1878, they could have had no idea what it was they were starting. Renamed Manchester United in 1902 after financial problems, the new club would soon go on to win the league title and the FA Cup. It was just the beginning of one of the most remarkable and gripping stories in sport. This masterful account explains how United rose to success, and how the club recovered in the bomb-damaged aftermath of the Second World War under the brilliant guidance of Matt Busby. The loss of the core of the side in the Munich Air Disaster of February 1958 stunned a nation, and football fans around the world. But Busby recovered to build a new side around the talents of Best, Law and Charlton, becoming the first English side to win the European Cup in 1968. More recently, United have dominated English football under manager Sir Alex Ferguson, winning an incredible 19 Premier League titles, including a unique Treble in 1999. The incredible story of the Reds' success, the great stars from Billy Meredith over 100 years ago to Ferdinand, Giggs and Rooney today, are all featured in this essential volume. Packed with stunning photographs and all the facts and figures you could ever want to know, this is a book no United fan can afford to be without.


Making the Modern City
Author: Emeritus Professor Alan Kidd,Terry Wyke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781846318788
Page: 400
View: 8915

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Every town and city has its story, but few have a history that is essential to understanding how the modern world was made. Manchester was the first industrial city and arguably the first modern city. During the industrial revolution it became the centre of the world's trade in cotton goods, so associated with that product that it was known as 'Cottonopolis'. In the nineteenth century Manchester was recognised across the globe as a symbol of industrialism and modernity. It was one of those iconic cities that came to stand for something more than itself. Its global reach stretched beyond industrialism as such and encompassed the political and economic ideas that the industrial revolution spawned. Manchester was simultaneously the home of the capitalist ideology of Free Trade (famously naming its chief public building in honour of this idea) and the place where Marx and Engels plotted the communist revolution. The history of modern Manchester opens doors to an understanding of how science helped shape the modern world from the discoveries of Dalton and Joule to Rutherford's splitting of the atom, the first stored-programme computer and the invention of graphene. But Manchester has also been home to sporting and cultural achievements from the prowess of its football teams to its media presence in television. The city has been the venue for the expression of numerous voices of protest and affirmation from the Peterloo demonstrators in 1819 to the Suffragettes nearly a century later and the Gay protests of more recent times. It has always been a cosmopolitan city with a lively mix of ethnic groups that has added celebration and tension to its cultural and social life. Over time the population growth in and around Manchester generated an urban sprawl that became a city region. 'Greater Manchester' has been a reality for over a century and along with Greater London is the only metropolitan region to be named after its core city. As the industrial base on which the city and region had depended for two centuries collapsed in the later twentieth century the city had to take a new path. This it has done with remarkable success and twenty-first century Manchester is recognised as the post-industrial city that has been most successful in reinventing itself. Appreciating how this has happened is as much a key to understanding Manchester as is knowledge of its past greatness. Written by leading experts on the history of the city and with numerous insights and unexpected stories, this profusely illustrated book is essential for an understanding of what Manchester has been and what it can become.

The Anatomy of Manchester United

A History in Ten Matches
Author: Jonathan Wilson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409144461
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 368
View: 9055

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Award-winning football writer Jonathan Wilson selects ten landmark matches from Manchester United's history, from the first time they lifted the FA Cup, beating Bristol City in 1909, to the Cup victory of 2016 that proved to be Louis van Gaal's last game in charge. In doing so, he identifies the pivotal moments in the club's rise to being one of the foremost teams of the twentieth century. With his trademark tactical acumen, Wilson goes back to the matches themselves and subjects them to forensic examination, re-evaluating and reassessing, and going beyond the white noise of banal player quotes and instant judgements to discover why what happened happened. It is in this way, as far as possible, a football history of a great club. And because this is Manchester United, there is additional resonance. From the completion of Old Trafford in 1910, United have had a significant financial advantage. Yet their past has not been one of sustained success. As such, their history is also, to an extent, a history of English football, with all of its possibilities and frustrations.

The Unseen Archives

A Photographic History of Manchester United
Author: Lance Bellers,Steve Absalom,Simon Spinks
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780752563039
Category: Soccer teams
Page: 383
View: 6384

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Carlos Tevez

Welcome to Manchester : the Biography of Manchester City's Super Striker
Author: Ian McLeay
Publisher: John Blake
ISBN: 9781844548286
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 296
View: 2932

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Carlos Tevez is one of the Premier League's most lethal finishers, loved by Manchester United and Argentina fans alike, and respected by many more in the world of soccer. After completing a protracted and controversial move to Manchester from West Ham in August 2007, Tevez quickly established himself as a fans' favorite as he developed a deadly partnership with Wayne Rooney up front. During his first season with the club he scored an incredible 19 goals, which were instrumental in sealing the Reds' Premier League and Champions League Double in 2008. In his second season at United he has added the Club World Cup and League Cup to his trophy haul, scoring his first United hat trick in the process against Blackburn Rovers. And it isn't just United fans who hold Tevez in great esteem—he still commands a special place in the hearts of West Ham supporters after he scored an incredible winner against Manchester United on the last day of the 2006/7 season, which ensured West Ham's top-flight survival. Thanks to his stints at Boca juniors and Brazilian side Corinthians at the start of his career, he is also a popular figure across South America. On the international stage, he scored a phenomenal eight goals to seal gold medal victory for Argentina at the 2004 Olympic Games, and is a regular in the Argentina side.

A History of the University of Manchester, 1951-73

Author: Brian Pullan,Michele Abendstern
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719056703
Category: Education
Page: 281
View: 8223

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Frank and entertaining account of the University of Manchester's struggle to meet the Government’s demands for the rapid expansion of higher education in the 1950s and the 1960s. Looks at the University's ambitious building program: the controversial attempts to reform its constitution and improve its communications amid demands for greater democracy in the workplace, the struggle to retain its old pre-eminence in a competitive world where new ‘green field’ universities were rivalling older civic institutions. Tells the story, not just from the point of view of administrators and academics, but also from those of students and support staff (such as secretaries, technicians and engineers). Uses, not only official records, but also student newspapers, political pamphlets, and reminisences collected through interviews conducted by an experienced oral historian. The only book on the University of Manchester as a whole.

A History of the University of Manchester, 1973-90

Author: Brian S. Pullan,Michele Abendstern
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719062421
Category: History
Page: 334
View: 9321

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This is the second volume of history of the University of Manchester since 1951. It spans 17 critical years in which public funding was contracting, student grants were diminishing, instructions from the government and the University Grants Commission were multiplying and universities feared for their reputations in the public eye. It provides a frank account of the University's struggle against these difficulties and its efforts to prove the value of university education to society and the economy. The volume describes and analyses not only academic developments and changes in the structure and finances of the University, but the opinions and social and political lives of the staff and their students as well. feminism, free speech, ethical investment, academic freedom and the quest for efficient management. The author draws on offical records, staff and student newspapers and personal interviews with people who experienced the University's very different ways. With its wide range of academic interests and large student population, the University of Manchester was the biggest unitary university in the country and its history illustrates the problems faced by almost all British universities. 1951-73, should appeal to past and present staff of the University and its alumni and to anyone interested in the debates surrounding higher education in the late 20th century.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

A Cultural Analysis of Manchester United
Author: Søren Frank
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408187434
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 5270

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A unique thematic history of Manchester United from the club's creation as humble Newton Heath in 1878 to its status as the world's greatest football brand, this book gets to the essence of the heart and soul of the club. Key topics explored include the club's ability to rise from the ashes, commitment to youth, propensity for an adventurous style of football, glamour, and commercialization and aggressive marketing. An intelligent and thought-provoking narrative of Manchester United exploring its cultural history within the broader cultural framework of globalization, working class traditions, mythology and the Munich Air Disaster, and pop culture. Søren Frank introduces a football aesthetics that examines and discusses what sets Manchester United apart in regard to football philosophy. It contains microanalyses of some of the most fascinating matches or moments, as well as original portraits of some of the club's greatest players, all of this peppered with fascinating statistical facts in the club's history.

Manchester - The City Years

Tracing the Story of Manchester City from the 1860s to the Modern Day
Author: Gary James
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780955812774
Page: 608
View: 1174

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Renowned Manchester historian Gary James reveals all the highs and lows of the Blues 130 years plus story. James tells City's story with a season by season approach and provides exclusive information throughout. He brings the story right up to date with recent successes culminating in the Premier League title. A fully illustrated 608 page read.

A History of Manchester College

From its Foundation in Manchester to its Establishment in Oxford
Author: V. D. Davis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315444267
Category: Education
Page: 222
View: 4740

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This book, first published in 1932, tells the progress of Manchester College, founded in Manchester in 1786, and since 1889 established at Oxford, as a postgraduate School of Theology and place of training for the ministry of religion. This title will be of interest to students of history and education.

You Can’t Win Anything With Kids

A History of the English Premier League Told Through Quotes
Author: Gavin Newsham
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472946928
Category: Reference
Page: 240
View: 3964

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For this unique gift title, the history of the Premier League is told through the words and quotations of its players, managers, their contemporaries and the media. This is the English Premier League in the words of the people who helped shape it into the world's most exciting league competition. From Alan Hansen's infamous "You can't win anything with kids†? and Roy Keane's "prawn sandwich†? rant to Kevin Keegan's "I will love it if we beat them...†? meltdown and Sir Alex Ferguson's famous "[It's] squeaky bum time†?, this beautifully packaged book captures the highs and lows as well the fun and theatre of 24 seasons of the Premier League. Branded by the National Football Museum, the world's leading football museum, the oral history approach makes for a fun and accessible book, telling the story of all of the important Premier League moments – as well as the outcome of each of the seasons – in a unique and absorbing way.


Learning from Life and My Years at Manchester United
Author: Alex Ferguson,Michael Moritz
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 0316268097
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 288
View: 895

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From the winningest soccer coach ever, best known for 27 triumphant years with Manchester United, comes the book that decodes the key tools he used to deliver sustained success on and off the field. After an astonishing career-first in Scotland, and then over 27 years with Manchester United Football Club, Sir Alex Ferguson analyzes the pivotal leadership decisions of his 38 years as a manager and, with his friend and collaborator Sir Michael Moritz, draws out lessons that anyone can use in business and life to generate long-term transformational success. From hiring practices to firing decisions, from dealing with transition to teamwork, from mastering the boardroom to responding to failure and adversity, Leading is as inspiring as it is practical, and a go-to reference for any leader in business, sports, and life.