2004 FIA Formula One World Championship

Author: Bruce Jones,Martin Brundle
Publisher: Carlton Books Limited
ISBN: 9781844428113
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 112
View: 3941

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This is an indispensable guide for all motor racing fans. Combining a preview of the forthcoming year with a race-by-race account of the 2004 Grand Prix season, it gives information on all the top drivers, leading teams and significant technological advances. Martin Brundle provides the foreword.

Performance at the Limit

Business Lessons from Formula 1 Motor Racing
Author: Mark Jenkins,Ken Pasternak,Richard West
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521844000
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 225
View: 8068

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Performance is the central focus of every organization, and yet for many how to achieve this remains unanswered.

Making Media Work

Cultures of Management in the Entertainment Industries
Author: Derek Johnson,Derek Kompare,Avi Santo
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 081476455X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 336
View: 3800

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The management and labor culture of the entertainment industry. In popular culture, management in the media industry is frequently understood as the work of network executives, studio developers, and market researchers—“the suits”—who oppose the more productive forces of creative talent and subject that labor to the inefficiencies and risk aversion of bureaucratic hierarchies. However, such portrayals belie the reality of how media management operates as a culture of shifting discourses, dispositions, and tactics that create meaning, generate value, and shape media work throughout each moment of production and consumption. Making Media Work aims to provide a deeper and more nuanced understanding of management within the entertainment industries. Drawing from work in critical sociology and cultural studies, the collection theorizes management as a pervasive, yet flexible set of principlesdrawn upon by a wide range of practitioners—artists, talent scouts, performers, directors, show runners, and more—in their ongoing efforts to articulate relationships and bridge potentially discordant forces within the media industries. The contributors interrogate managerial labor and identity, shine a light on how management understands its roles within cultural and creative contexts, and reconfigure the complex relationship between labor and managerial authority as productive rather than solely prohibitive. Engaging with primary evidence gathered through interviews, archives, and trade materials, the essays offer tremendous insight into how management is understood and performed within media industry contexts. The volume as a whole traces the changing roles of management both historically and in the contemporary moment within US and international contexts, and across a range of media forms, from film and television to video games and social media.

International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Corporate Law 2004

Author: Barry E. Hawk
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1578232074
Category: Law
Page: 795
View: 8047

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"This volume contains articles and panel discussions delivered during the Thirty-first Annual Fordham Corporate Law Institute Conference on International Antitrust Law & Policy in New York City on October 7 and 8, 2004".

Relevanz von Naming Rights für die identitätsbasierte Markenführung

Eine Analyse der Ökonomisierung von Naming Rights dargestellt an einem Beispiel aus dem Sportsponsoring
Author: Fabian Stichnoth
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658222905
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 279
View: 3411

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Die stetig steigende Relevanz von Sportsponsoring und die damit einhergehenden Milliarden-Budgets generieren einen größer werdenden Rechtfertigungsdruck der Sponsoringverantwortlichen gegenüber der Unternehmensführung. Fabian Stichnoth nimmt zunächst die Einordnung, Relevanzbestimmung und Integration von Naming Rights in den Kontext der identitätsbasierten Markenführung vor. Er entwickelt einen Ökonomisierungsansatz zur Bewertung von Naming Rights von Sport- und Veranstaltungsstätten sowie Events. Dabei erfolgt zum einen die Aufarbeitung des aktuellen theoretischen und empirischen Forschungsstandes zu Sponsoring und Naming Rights, zum anderen die praktische Anwendung des Ansatzes anhand eines Fallbeispiels.

Who Works in Formula One 2006

Author: Francois-Michel Gregoire
Publisher: Who Works Sports Publications
ISBN: 9781901711424
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 515
View: 2399

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This title lists everyone and everything in Formula One for the 2006 season. It contains information on drivers, team principals, cars, engines, mechanics, engineers, key people, sponsors, suppliers, photographers, officials, tracks and more.


Sinnvolles Selbstmanagement für ein Leben in Balance
Author: Lothar Seiwert
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593367076
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 244
View: 5271

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Heute kann es nicht mehr Ziel sein, immer mehr in immer kürzerer Zeit zu bewältigen. In diesen beschleunigten Zeiten suchen die Menschen nach einer gesunden Balance, um allen wichtigen Lebensdimensionen gerecht zu werden. Lothar J. Seiwert entwickelt dazu das Konzept des Life-Leaderships. Es ist die Kunst des gelungenen Selbstmanagements und die Antwort auf die Frage, wie ich mein Leben selbst in die Hand nehme, um nicht in die Burn-out-Falle zu geraten.

Formula One Racing For Dummies

Author: Jonathan Noble,Mark Hughes
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0764570498
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 352
View: 7519

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Get to know what Formula One racing is all about This book delves into the strategy, technology, and spiritneeded to win a Formula One race. Every angle of a race weekend iscovered in detail, from scrutineering to pitstops to podium.You’ll also read about the rivalries and politics that haveturned the sport into a global televised drama. Illustrated withblack and white photographs, Formula One Racing For Dummies willserve the die-hard spectator or armchair fan alike. Discover how to: Identify race strategies Understand the role of each team member Master the latest rules and regulations Appreciate a Formula One car’s cutting-edge design Enjoy Formula One from the stands and on TV The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English "Get in, get out" information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humour and fun

Der unbekannte Kimi Räikkönen

Author: Kari Hotakainen
ISBN: 3732571378
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 6386

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Kimi Räikkönen wollte immer nur fahren, und zwar schnell. Bloß nicht lange reden. Der Finne ist berüchtigt für seinen rasanten Stil auf der Rennstrecke und seine Coolness - nicht umsonst wird er "Iceman" genannt. Neugierige Fragen beantwortet er einfach nicht. Bis jetzt: Der Bestsellerautor Kari Hotakainen ist Kimi Räikkönen nicht von der Seite gewichen. Ob im Ferrari-Rennstall, im Kreise der Familie oder beim Jetset, überall war er mit dabei. Herausgekommen ist ein unverwechselbares Porträt, das den Menschen hinter der Fassade des kühlen Rasers und die Gepflogenheiten des Rennsports aufs Lebendigste zeigt.

Frommer's Australia 2004

Author: Marc Llewellyn,Lee Mylne
Publisher: *Frommers
ISBN: 9780764538728
Category: Travel
Page: 675
View: 1709

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You'll never fall into the tourist traps when you travel with Frommer's. It's like having a friend show you around, taking you to the places locals like best. Our expert authors have already gone everywhere you might go—they've done the legwork for you, and they're not afraid to tell it like it is, saving you time and money. No other series offers candid reviews of so many hotels and restaurants in all price ranges. Every Frommer's Travel Guide is up-to-date, with exact prices for everything, dozens of color maps, and exciting coverage of sports, shopping, and nightlife. You'd be lost without us! Completely updated every year (unlike most of the competition), Frommer's Australia features gorgeous color photos of the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife that await you Down Under. This extraordinary and opinionated guide is personally researched by a pair of lifelong residents, who'll show you how to discover the real Australia. We'll start off in Sydney, then head off to the Great Barrier Reef, where you'll find complete details on the world's most beautiful beaches, magnificent snorkeling and scuba diving, and other eco-adventures. From the urban pleasures of Melbourne to the rustic, untamed Outback, Frommer's Australia covers it all, with all the advice you need to make the most of your time and money. Whether you want to stay in mom-and-pop motels, wildnerness lodges, elegant B&Bs, or luxury beach resorts, this guide will help you design the Australian adventure that's right for you.

Hitlers Rennschlachten

die Silberpfeile unterm Hakenkreuz
Author: Eberhard Reuss
Publisher: N.A
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 8186

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"Reuss geht es darum, die Geschichte der Silberpfeile von Mercedes-Benz und Auto Union in der NS-Zeit darzustellen. Er lässt dabei vor allem einen Schluss zu: Rennsport war in diesen Jahren niemals unpolitisch... Der Mythos der 'Silberpfeile' lebt - verdrängt wird jedoch ihre Geschichte. Bisher kaum bekanntes Material aus den Firmenarchiven von Mercedes-Benz und Auto-Union. Ein einmaliges Porträt des Rennsports während der Nazi-Zeit. Hervorragend recherchiert, glänzend erzählt und reich bebildert: Dem Journalisten Eberhard Reuss gelingt ein einmaliges Porträt der Anfänge des deutschen Rennsports, in dem er die Verstrickungen der Autoindustrie mit dem NS-Regime aufzeigt und die Mythen entzaubert, die sich um Hitlers Rennschlachten ranken. Mit vielen unveröffentlichten Fotos aus Firmen- und Privatarchiven. Die Nazis förderten den Rennsport unmittelbar nach der Machtergreifung mit immensen Summen. Die Vorstände der Autofirmen taten das Ihre, diesen Geldfluss nie versiegen zu lassen. Grand-Prix-Rennen waren das ideale Vehikel, die vermeintliche deutsche Überlegenheit weltweit zu demonstrieren. Und im Inland galt es, die Massen zu gewinnen. Bernd Rosemeyer, damals neben Max Schmeling das grösste Sportidol der Deutschen, war SS-Mitglied, Hermann Lang gehörte der NSDAP an, während Manfred von Brauchitsch und Hans Stuck ihre schon vor 1933 geknüpften Kontakte zu nutzen wussten. Mehr als fünf Jahre rasten die 'Silberpfeile' konkurrenzlos von Sieg zu Sieg: zum letzten Mal am 3. September 1939 in Belgrad, drei Tage nach dem deutschen Überfall auf Polen. 'Hitlers Rennschlachten' ist die bislang einmalige Aufarbeitung eines dunklen Kapitels des deutschen Motorsports mit einem Ausblick auf die bruchlos fortgeführten Karrieren so manches Managers, Funktionärs und Sportidols nach 1945"--(From publisher's web site)

Forza Minardi!

The Inside Story of the Little Team Which Took on the Giants of F1
Author: Simon Vigar
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845841603
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 160
View: 5601

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After 20 years of glorious ‘failure’, the best-loved team in Formula One is consigned to the history books, and it deserves one of its own. Minardi had a successful time in Formula Two until the tiny Italian outfit was ready to hit the big time in 1985. It somehow survived in F1’s shark-infested waters as bigger teams (Lotus, Arrows, Tyrrell) were dragged under. They have a truly international fan-base and are the ‘second team’ of most F1 devotees. Minardi is held in such affection as everyone loves the plucky underdog – Minardi’s annual budget would have lasted one month at the other Italian team up the road. Yet, from its plant in Faenza near Bologna, Minardi has produced cars that qualify, sometimes score points and often lead the way in their technology. Gian Carlo Minardi also developed a reputation as a fabulous talent-spotter – Fisichella, Trulli, Webber and the youngest ever World Champion Alonso all started their F1 careers with Minardi. For the last five years, Minardi was owned by controversial Australian tycoon Paul Stoddart. Cast as David against the Goliath of F1’s governing body, Stoddart constantly hit the headlines as he tried to get a more equal share of the sport’s billions. Ultimately, he failed and Red Bull has now bought the team. Despite a petition of 15,000 names, the Minardi name has vanished from the F1 grid and true motorheads miss it. This is the one and only inside account, with exclusive, comprehensive interviews with bosses, drivers and engineers. 140 unique photos complete this revalationary tale.

Sports Market Place

Author: Grey House Publishing
Publisher: Grey House Pub
Category: Sporting goods industry
Page: N.A
View: 9770

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